About Me

I’m no one special, just an ordinary human being….who happens to have experienced a few extraordinary things in my 40+ years on Planet Earth. Possibly one of the most interesting – and rare – habits I have is the need to log my life. It began in my early teens and to this day, I am not sure why: why I started, nor why I continued. And continued.

‘Diarising’ for me is like…like breathing. I can’t NOT do it. Every year I buy a Day-to-a-Page diary and every calendar day or night I log my day, and if I’m too tired I fill it in on the following day. Yes, it is weird. But I just can’t stop.


Following the recent passing of my Mum (the dearest person in my world) I had an epiphany and – bravely or stupidly – I have decided to transcribe my diaries, day by day, from the very beginning. The pages on which I wrote will disintegrate in time so the words need to be rescued – for posterity, for genealogical purposes and hell, why not for public entertainment? This is a real-life serial.

At this very point in my life, I am a fitness therapist, single and childless, living a very simple life. I love reading, learning, movies, health & fitness, good food, travelling, science & spirituality, surfing, my family and friends. I have experienced love and loss and am conscious of how these have shaped Me.

I am somewhat shy and definitely a homebody, but at the same time, I’m an ‘open book’ and love connecting and sharing with people. I really look forward to ‘spilling my beans’ and am open to whatever this brings back 🙂