…the Rest of 1983….

Clearly, it all got too hard for this busy little twelve-year-old. The following entries are all that remain in this particular diary:

Sunday 3 April EASTER

Went to the- Tablelands with Figgy”. I was allowed to take Fi. I ended up staying tonight! Treadly eh?!

Monday 4 April EASTER

3 April – Saw Joss House. Was quite interesting, really, Scary, too! Today Fi & I started off by riding, with Martin & Stewart in the cane paddocks, looking for sand dunes. There weren’t any at all! All were thirsty so found our way and swam (& drank) at Lower Freshy. Went to C. Cascades in the Arvy. Mr D. fell down that rough concrete – Och! Staying at Fi’s again!

A Life In Words

Tuesday 5 April

Last night, came home because I was feeling really ill. Saw Pirate Movie today with Rebecca, Julia, Petra & me! (That was one of Fi’s & mine plans) Didn’t take Fi, I’m embarrassed about leaving last night! Anyhow; Pirate Movie is the best, better than ET! Kristy McNicholl is so pretty! C. Atkins is so spunky. I’d love that movie to happen to me! Truthfully!

Wednesday 6 April

Went a-shopping; saw a-Buckley; saw a-verevis; Sarney came a-too-a! Got really dressed-up just for shopping.

Thursday 7 April

Went to beach with Pellings – 9:45. Rebecca, Me, Petra, Julia, Lysarne, Cameron & Droog & Mrs ‘P’. went. Saw Tyler, Robert L & that girl who plays with Putsy. Also saw Putsy & Verevis. Cathy from 8C & some Y9 girls. Was going to stay at Rebecca’s the night but didn’t want to. At her place in PM, did aerobics with Jane Fonda’s WORKOUT!!! Record. “Are you ready to do the workout?!!” Lysarne is sleeping here.

Friday 8 April

Yesterday Nana gave me some of her shoes! are quite nice! Fit & look fantastically & perfect

Wednesday 13 April

To tell you the truth, I’m sick of filling this diary in. Practiclly every day is the same & it’s boring. Really, you can tell I am sick of it – the spaces! Anyhow, yesterday Shane asked me why I got on at this stop & I told him, then he asked me for a patty-cake (that I made in Home Ec) Fool, Elissa! I said no! Today was the worst day ever.

Thursday 14 April

Today at big lunch, girls started playing ‘force’m backs’ and the boys ended up playing. Shane was on our side. He took a lot of catches and I think he likes me. I think he deliberately tried to walk into me accidently. I missed by an inch! Pity.

Friday 15 April

Away, sick today supposed to go to  Midsummer Night’s Dream Play tonight but couldn’t cause I had this wog!

Saturday 16 April

Went to Mid Summer Night’s Dream Tonight instead – lucky I got better – was 2nd last night.

Tuesday 14 June

Brendan told me today – Shane loves me! I don’t believe it! I’m so happy! (He didn’t tell me how he found out) It’s the best day to-day! FOREVER!!! I’m SO Happy!

Wednesday 15 June

Yesterday was a complete JOKE. I could kill Brendan.

Since 1984 began on a Sunday, there was opportunity to record something about New Year’s Day….

Sunday 1 January 1984

Drank Champagne! (Okay!) Today – played scrabble & records – Geoff stayed last night & all today.

And an extra inscription in this diary, found at the front in the ‘Notes’ section: 

About this year – My entry into high school was smooth but scary. I find it fun now, though.

I Loved It.


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Week Thirteen – Interest Waning…

Saturday 26 March

Daddy & Nana came back bringing our easter eggs from dad. Went to Lake P. again. Karen wasn’t home, so left without her. Kaye M.’s garage sale was good (this morn.) bought some clothes. Dad came for tea.

Sunday 27 March

Boring Day. Went to dump – thought I saw Martin P. with Shane:- was right! he’s back! Called to Rebecca’s but she wasn’t allowed to play.

Monday 28 March

Was right about Martin  – on the way home on the bus, he was spotted at Lorelle & Katrina’s bus-stop, going in to the service station

[Tuesday 29 & Wednesday 30 March not completed]

Thursday 31 March

Had our Easter party (only for 8B). Went off quite well! I bought home 4 pieces of cake (banana cake) for Julia, but mum thought it was uneaten lunch & she threw it out. Went to see ET & Little Miss Marker with Figgy at Drive-In. Had a Paradise Pack from ‘Big Rooster’ for tea. Was treadly delicious Four people; so we got 4 easter eggs. I had 3! Figgy had 1 Don’t forget: Back to School: DAY 6


Week Twelve, 1983

Saturday 19 March

Am staying at dad’s tonight cause he’s going to Brissy on Mon. Anyhow, saw American Werewolf in London (3 time!) with Pellings video. Then later in the arvy after lunch of pizza (yuk!) we made; all went to Freshy Creek!

A Life in Words

Sunday 20 March

Saw ‘Can’t stop the music’ on Pellings video (2nd time!) Later (again) in the arvy, went to Karens for a swim. Weren’t allowed so went to Lake Placid! is TREADLY!

Monday 21 March

Day 3 at school today! My favourite day! German! Typing! Home Ec! double English! Art! Maths! TREADLY SUBJECTS! Today was lengthened as parade was extra long & we missed out on half a period – was Typing too! In art started the body. I have a record so far – my face drawing was picked to go up & so was my space landscape one. Hope I have luck with my body.

Tuesday 22 March

Had a trim – fringe. Cut so short. Lucky no-one teased! Had Mr. Roff [our school principal] for Typing. – was TREADLY! At first he gave us a lecture on our uniform – a disgrace! Then when we were typing, we could do whatever we wanted because he didn’t understand. I went back tot he very first things we learnt – fff space jjj space fff space etc! !!!

Wednesday 23 March

Mum went shopping. Bought Mars Bars, heaps of biscuits and icy poles. After school, about 7:00 went to Leonie’s to swap dad’s car for ours while ours had service by Roger. Played tiggy around the courtyard. Stopped and I was sopping wet with sweat! Not to worry I hadn’t had a bath anyway. Didn’t have one when got home either. Will have it in the morning.

Thursday 24 March

Finished our geography unit & started history. Is so boring. I hate it. Going to speech for the last time. Have decided to give it up due to the amounts of H.W. Got Nana’s cartons from the railway (Figgy did). [Nana – mum’s mother – moved up to Cairns from Brisbane, and in with us…] Big heavy, things! But shouldn’t be mean. Mum had the car serviced. Didn’t do much. She also cleaned Leonie’s place, bringing in $40.

Friday 25 March

Last night, started reading the Bible. Is quite interesting. Today made my jam drops. We had a different teacher so she didn’t notice us eating the mixture. Yummy (when done) but makes you thirsty. Went out with Figgy to his boss’s place for a French Party. Made us wear a frog. Got my new things today. Shoes = mum & me, silvery metal colour low heel / Top = black & white stripe, sleeves adjustable. Good for win. or summer. And black tights for me.

Week Eleven, 1983

Saturday 12 March

Went to Lucy’s early. Adrienne M. came over & we played. Am going to sleep at Lucy’s and go to see ‘We of the Never-Never’ accompanied by a pizza. Also mum bought a 2ndhand washing machine

Sunday 13 March

Ended up not staying the night at Lucy’s cause I got sick and came home. AM – Went to look for a d. table [dining room, my guess] not lucky.  PM – Mum went with ‘Figgy’ to his Joshouse while I spent the whole arvy at Karen’s.

Monday 14 March

Boring school (As usual) Went without Toni. Thought she was sick or something but, it turned out she was waiting for her mum as she was going to go to work & said she’d drive toni to the bus stop. Julia is staying at dad’s tonight. We saw him today and I realized how much mum’s been seeing ‘Figgy’. Heaps more times than seeing dad.

Tuesday 15 March

For PE today we started the Aerobic Dancing Unit. Was treadly fun! [oooh! Maybe this is where my fitness passion germinated?!] Forgot to take a long T-shirt, so ran home (from bus-stop) and grabbed my blue & white striped big-shirt. (Found out it had yellow paint dots on it)!!! Later in the day, Quoggie (Grade 9) asked me where I got it! I said it was dad’s. Sound like she liked it! Boring School Day otherwise. Mum went to ring Nin at 6:45 came back at 7:30. Heart attack!

Wednesday 16 March

Thought I would fill in my diary before the disco, can’t waite! I haven’t told you about it yet, have I? Anyway this is just our school social these are the dates that were supposed to be the ‘big night‘ – 2nd then the 4th then the 9th. now 16th! Boring day again. Nothing seemed to go right. When I wore my Big T-shirt yest., I felt it comfy so I  wore my brown & white striped top today. Will report about disco after I get home. Page – 17th Mar.

Thursday 17 March

A Life In Words
This was the hairstyle of Mindy’s we emulated: centre-parted “half-pigtails”, pulling hair back from the face but leaving the bulk of it down.

Last night’s Disco – Was treadly deadly & broiling hot! Today had a double Home Ec. Made scones. Didn’t forget my apron this time. One thing – forgot to put my hair right up. So took out my mindy’s [a hairstyle – see pic – taken from the character Mindy in the TV show “Mork & Mindy” which starred Robin Williams as an alien visiting planet Earth] & roughly tied my hair back. Gave the other band to Karen – she forgot too! Anyhow, I ended up eating 3 of them at school – umah! Then mum & I scoffed some more: – so we gave 4 to dad with 2 left for us! I made 16!


Friday 18 March

PE again! This time in aerobic dancing, we have to get in groups And make up and ‘exercise’ number/show. ‘Figgy’ is taking us to see On Golden Pond and Man From Snowy River. That will be accompanied by Kentucky Fried (not BBQ) chicken before the movies. Boring Day of School  besides everything else. Oh! we did our conflict sketches ours would have to have been the worst! Rebecca blames us. – We couldn’t hear her.

Week Ten, 1983

Saturday 5 March

Took Fi & Lysarne to Esplanade to give Astro a run. Rained – extra good fun. After, made a clay road on the new road! Fi sleeping. All went to the Pizza Hut with ‘Figgles’. Met Natalie C. other party there! Discovered how to decorate balloons professionally (from Fi)

Sunday 6 March

Played with Fi till she went home, really have started wet season. Went to dad’s after fi went. Stayed for tea. Robbo’s came you see! All helped Julia with a project due tomorrow!

Monday 7 March

Boring day. HW – usual. At the bus stop, was overcast and breezy. No rain untill the afternoon. When I got home, Genelle was here. Apparently she was complaining that she was sick at school and meantime mum was cleaning Leonie’s. She got a ring from Leonie saying to pick up Janelle. Mum got her and she said after Janelle left at 6 o’clock that Janelle didn’t look or act sick at all. Bit fishy, eh?! [No idea why I spelt Janelle as Genelle in the first instance] Uniform has changed. See 8th!

Tuesday 8 March

Now the uniform is a blue (dark) skirt and a Peter blue or Bird of Paradise Print blouses! Yay! Anyhow, today, we made Honey and Nut Crunch in Home Ec! Was treadly fun! Astro came here, and we had to keep him quiet so Mrs Pajaya did know he was here. Pets aren’t allowed at our flat you see! Oh! Here’s the Address – Flat 2, 25 Old Smithfield Road Freshwater Cairns, QLD 4870! Today was 8.3.83! Funny eh! Rain has continued tremendously!

Wednesday 9 March

Yesterday & today at the bus-stop it has been pouring. Still the rain continues. Went to Toni’s this arvy – Kylie came too. Laughed our hearts out! Anyhow, Julia is staying the night at Dad’s. I went with him & Julia just for tea at the Robbo’s, but decided not to stay the night cause of HW. Figgles came (That’s why I went!) Anyhow, Mum went shopping and bought new things – toater[? can’t decipher my handwriting] self -polish shoe polish, Snickers, Violet Crumble bars, ice cream, utensils & umbrellas

Thursday 10 March

On Tues – Picked up my paper-bag pants from brewers. Wore them to Robbo’s on Wed!

Today started with a bang! Mum woke me and told me the bridges were over so I couldn’t go to school (Thomatis & Freshy). Later on, after Julia left for school, a garden drain next door ended up flooding Old Smithfield Road! (Or Changing it into a BIG Puddle!) Julia got a new Barbie – Golden Dreams! We both got a dress to go on our barbies

Friday 11 March

Boring school day. Though Lucy asked me to sleep the night. We were to go out with Anthony for a pizza or something, then to the movies, but mum didn’t let me go. She said Anthony couldn’t be trusted. So, it ended up that Lucy slept. ‘Figgles’ came over with some Tucky-fried chook (BBQ) for tea. Went to town and bought 2 new, yellow comforatable canvas chairs. Petra couldn’t sleep. (Julia asked her also)


Week Nine – The Family Split

Saturday 26 February

Am making a book about ‘the New Price is Right’ got up to the “(so & so) come on down” with an audience. [‘The New Price is Right’ was a TV game show I was enamoured with] Anyway did that all morning, then went to Freshy Creek with Pellings. Petra & Doug went too. David L. was there. Am sleeping at Petra’s tonight!

Sunday 27 February

Pazz-azed up my cover page in my book but spent most of the day shifting in, is surprisingly nice & comfy! Couldn’t reach Karen to tell her, so I got toni instead.

Monday 28 February

Didn’t sleep well last night. Kept waking up and cause of the full moon, the sky was so light that I kept thinking it was morning. Toni walked me to the bus stop. Met Joanne, Julie, Lyn and Sandra. Talked & I told them about it all as I did to everyone else during the day. [By ‘it’ I think I am referring to my parents’ separation & our resultant weekend move] Did cooking first lesson/time today. Made a salad of cheese, tomato & lettuce with crackers & Punch (orange cordial (rich yuk!) with diced up apple in it)

Tuesday 1 March

Quite boring today. Rebecca broke-up with Natasha. Got (finally) 1 textbook. (the one I wanted mostly) Maths! Fi came this afternoon. Had a drink and a snack, then went walking & talking. Showed her my New Price is Right Book and she (like everyone else thought it was good!) Julia went riding again (on bikes) today. Yesterday she went into Shane’s bedroom. He hasn’t hung up the fancy name I did for him last year. He said he would. [Aspiring entrepreneur in primary school, I did drawings and artsy-farsty name ‘signs’ for a small fee!]

Wednesday 2 March

Today the teacher/student debates started Team 1 (students) was Fran, then Justin then Angela. Team 2 (teachers) was Mr Stephens, Mr Tunley and Mr Wrench. Angela & Mr Wrench didn’t have time so they’re on tomorrow. I was timekeeper and I will be tomorrow ‘Figgles’ came for tea last night. Tried not to notice him. Got new lime green 4-door Centura Corolla! Good but – engine whirry and back doors stiff to open. Got it Mon!

Thursday 3 March

Speech – had heaps of HW! Nothing much in the way of HW for high school. Shane B. sat right next to me, just to see my book. Disappointing! Shane hasn’t paid much attention to me. I ♥ him! Not puppy-love either. I have since Grade 5. And I always will. Am still having trouble in the way of sleep. Am so tired. Before I had growing pains, Hayfever, Suffering from lack of sleep and Twisted Ankle in one go. Had that ankle twisted since Mon.!

the energy drink that helped me sleep…?!

Friday 4 March

Last night was pretty good. Hopped up at 2:00 to have some Ak-tavite to help me sleep. It worked! Tiresome day. At PE John was upset about all the mistakes in square-dancing everyone was making & he said “I want my Lissa back!” to me! Shane S. punched my leg and told me to move as I had it on his seat in the bus. I did, obediently! ‘Figgles’ again came to tea, with his new car. Mum & him went for a drive in the lovely rainstorm (finally!) & took ages to return…

Week Eight, 1983

Saturday 19 February

Slept well. boring morning though the arvy was packed! Went to the Crystal Cascades (CC) just with Dunphys then made a cake. Mum came to pick me up, but Fiona asked me to stay again and I did of course!

Sunday 20 February

Went to CC again (Cake has almost gone) This time with Liam, Niree & Ryan. Came home around 5:15-5:00 Early night!

Monday 21 February

Got the news last night – mum’s going. My heart is stone for her sake. I vow never to be kind again. She really hurt me. Onto happier matters – Got another book today from Kylie called ‘Little Sister’ (Peta has it too!) I finished reading ‘Ten-boy Summer’ only a couple of days ago! The prickle I got in my foot at Fi’s on the weekend isn’t out yet! Lost 1/2 a pound. Am now seven stone and 1/2 a pound. Still am overweight. will have to do something.

Tuesday 22 February

Got our lockers today! I’m number 24 with a blue key tag. I’m not going to take a port to school anymore now, I’m going to take a shoulder bag – it’s easier. Started my third ‘Sweet Dreams’ Book, called Falling in Love Again. Not really interested because it’s the second book (Part II) of 2 books, the first one being ‘PS: I Love You’ & I can’t latch the story. One thing about lockers, the keys and locks are the same. People can easily break in.

A Life In Words

Wednesday 23 February

I now have a yellow keytag! I swapped with Fran! We took the key off and the number paper out and swapped tags! The book I’m (or should I say ‘was’ reading) is too complicating and misunderstandable, so I gave it back to Lucy. instead I got a ‘Footrot Flats’ Comic from Fran. Lost my map for Geography today! Oh what trouble! Also had English instead of Geo, so I bought the wrong books!

Thursday 24 February

23th: Swimming Carnival yesterday arvy/night. Hope we win (interschool!)

Today – Did we win? Nope came a tie fourth with TAS! Jemima’s got a boyfriend she won’t shut-up about and I told Fi the whole story about I.’s crime, N.C. going bust and us splitting up. Nin [what we sometimes called our Nana] came today. Went late night shopping right after Speech Got home 8.00. Dad wasn’t home. Still isn’t: 9:15! Hope he doesn’t die on the road – drunk.

Friday 25 February

Dad got home alright. Mum told me he was at the pub with D. drinking & telling her everything. Got home and dad was home. Wondered why until went inside. Talking about how to arrange transport to our flat! We actually got one finally! Better still, Karen’s close. Yes! In Simon St. oppo. Melinda S.’s house in Freshy. Moving in tomorrow arvy. Will ring Karen in morning and get her to meet me at Melinda’s place after lunch. Will tell her everything.

[My memory is actually quite clouded when it comes to the demise of my parents’ marriage – it seemed to take a few years. There must have been a period of indecision on both of their parts – all of which Julia and I were unaware – because I vividly recall being eleven (late ’81?) when there was the  first mention of a permanent split (I wrote an essay about it in Grade 7, which was so emotive my teacher read it aloud to the class). But clearly, according to this diary, we didn’t actually “leave Dad” until I was twelve…]

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Week Seven, 1983

Saturday 12 February

Went to K-Mart again with Petra & Mima. Mima & Polly ended up staying tonight. Went to the Rocks. Took Petra, me, Julia, Lysarne, Mim, Rebecca, Polly & Atrso (Dad took us)

Sunday 13 February

Stayed up late and I’m very tired. Julia went sailing with Petra so I went to Mim’s & spent the day there. Sent love notes to Philip and mathew.

Monday 14 February


Got hay fever (or something like it) yesterday. Didn’t get anything done over the weekend (HW I mean) today the Anti-Histereen [! histamine] tablet showed its effects. I was asleep on my feet all day except on the bus & the afternoon – I had a splitting head-ache. Sons & Daughters is coming on tonight! Just before “The US Hero”. Went to Rebecca’s. Natasha was there & she tried to help us on our project.

Tuesday 15 February

PS 14th: Didn’t get to give Shane a Valentine’s card!

Nothing much today. Got in sport houses 8ABC & 9A are Trinity [sport houses were named after local northern beaches] & we’re red. I’m not in one race at all. It’s not fair. Got project done, only just. Lost the info, so we had to write down some other garbage. Speech was okay. I was best behaved! Am going to show Mrs McI. my poem about the Hawk! Went to Rebecca’s after. Decided on a new instrument:

A Life in Words
Diagram of ‘The Instrument’
(we had to design a musical instrument)

Wednesday 16 February

PS 15th: Yesterday was quite crowded after all and Mr V.S. didn’t even look at our lovely, tinsel-covered project. After we rushed to finish it. Not one look!

Changed now! I’m first on the list of relay 1! Am happy! 9B, 8DEF (Fiona’s) Eliss [misspelled ‘Ellis’ as in Ellis Beach]. 9C GHJ Clifton – green. Elliss – gold. Kurrwurra [Kewarra] – 9DE 8KL – black & white! Young Frankenstein was fab! No HW due to the carnival tomorrow. Thank God!

Thursday 17 February

We won! Trinity won – 668! I didn’t win my relay though because Melissa and Cathy weren’t fast enough. Connie started beautifully, Melissa went second, fairly well, Cathy went third losing the race for us then I went last (not boasting) pretty good. Ellis were second, Clifton 3rd, Kewarra 4th. Almost forgot my bus money this morning but managed to get it in time. Today wasn’t a Day 1 unfortuneatly. Special Occasions like today are called Day 7’s. [From memory, at Smithfield High our class timetables didn’t follow a typical working-week calendar…we had 6 timetabled ‘Days’ which meant the timetable made a full rotation in 6 weeks…unless of course there was a Day 7 thrown in ‘for special occasions’. No idea why this system was adopted..to keep us on our toes?!]

Julia and I with our only female cousin, Jodie. Peregian Beach, early 1970's
Julia and I with our only female cousin, Jodie.
Peregian Beach, early 1970’s

Friday 18 February

Today Auntie Bev had a baby boy! They might call him Anthony or Timothy! One problem though, I wish it was a girl. I only have 1 female cousin – Jodie. Fi came over. Wanted her to sleep but I ended up staying at her place. Not much HW I need to take. In fact – none at all! Home Ec on Mon. Oh no! Not fussy Cassy! (Caswell) Started Geography today. We’re not doing History this semester now. Pooey!

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Week Six, 1983

Saturday 5 February

Karen came to Rebecca’s & we all did the project. Had a swim and played and ate all afternoon untill we went home to get ready to go to the movies with Pellings. Raiders of the Lost Ark & Rocky 3 [aaah, those were the days… of ‘double-billings’ at the cinemas!] indiana-jones-and-the-raiders-of-the-lost-ark-1981

Sunday 6 February

Went last night with Petra, Droog, Cameron, Lysarne, Rebecca, Mr & Mrs P. Jules & me. Today stayed all day with Petra. Made cakes looked at Playboys. [uh-huh! That IS what you’re thinking!]

Monday 7 February

Another boring day. On Saturday Dad had a rusty nail in his foot. I was scared but it ended up okay. It went into his vein cause: the mower blade bent it and sent it flying into a vein on the top of his foot. Anyhow, tonight Julia fell on it & Dad let out a yelp but it was alright. Thinking of sending Shane a Valentine Card or sewing a small cushion in the shape of a heart (stuffed) So much HW!

Tuesday 8 February

This afternoon was packed! Got home, rushed out to ‘Sherez’ lady’s place to try on a size 12 because 14’s were far, far too big. Rushed home, had a quick bath and went to Speech. After that, came home and Amanda, Janelle & Leonie came for tea. I didn’t play. Cause I had all my books and was busy transferring all my work into them. finished just when they went home! Justine said Shane still loves Lorelle. Hope not!

Wednesday 9 February

Had to start project again because my books in my port [‘olden day’ term for schoolbag!] squashed it. Better luck though, because we’re allowed to have untill Mon! Pretty much a boring day with heaps of homework. Rebecca came this afternoon to help me start the 3rd piece of cardboard got the border, 1 man & 2 ladies done though I did more when she left. Hope we get it done. Looks good now! Thinking of sewing another heart for mum!

Thursday 10 February

Stayed up and watched “Blazing Saddles” a “Mel Brooks” movie in the February festival of Movies. Last week, saw High Anxiety. Both movies so far have been hilarious. After school, got home only to find we’re going to get our hair cut. I got my fringe done only + a little bit off the back. Also went to Allure Lingerie and was measured for a bra. I am size 8A. Got 1 bra. Doesn’t quite fit me. Need to grow a bit more.

Friday 11 February

This arvy was packed again! I got home, had 1 second shower, got something light on, then we (Petra, Julia, Mum & I) rushed into (& Lysarne) KMart. Pretty good, I reckon. Have afternoon tea there, dounut, thick shake and an ice-cream. Came home, Played on the street with Matthew. Lysarne left. Petra is sleeping. Played with dogs, after. Now have had shower & it’s dusk.

Week Five, 1983

Saturday 29 January

Today we played with everyone (the gang our gang) Made toffee when Pellings went at 4 for a party. Watched TV cricket. Petra went – Robbo’s came for tea. Sleeping at Peta’s Now. Goodnight!

Sunday 30 January

Mum & Dad came to Robbo’s had lunch with a game of cricket. Then went to beach for BBQ tea. Girls are staying tonight (Again!)

Monday 31 January – Australia Day Holiday

Peta & I played dress-ups then Peta & Marney went home. We went down to Petra’s to make a cake. 1st time Petra misread the recipe so we had to start again. When we came home Robsons were here. Watched TV had a bath, watched it again while having dinner. Mum got uniforms – far too big. Aussies tying 2nd Eng 8 Aus – 8 NZ – 10. NZ’s in the finals.

Tuesday 1 February

A Life In Words
SSHS Student Card

Went to Speech with Mim & Elisia at 4:45. [‘Speech’ refers to ‘Speech & Drama’ lessons. I originally took them for elocution training for my nasality, read: I “talked through my nose” – which I still can fall back into nowadays. It was apparently due to a ‘lazy soft palate’ and I had to enunciate “Go – Ah – Egg – Ah – Get” repeatedly, for homework!]  Also got books. Mum hasn’t fixed dresses, oh no! Had to have Promite sandwiches instead of ham because there wasn’t any! Told Mima about Beka taking Fi off us. She doesn’t mind. From what I understood she hates both of them. [hate? such strong words used in our youth!] In her form she’s got Elisia, Jay & Anthony. Lucky! I wonder how Jason feels about being alone?

Wednesday 2 February

Got good pictures for History Project. Lucy was away yesterday but came & got sick again today. Changed forms again, though Karen & I were together. Rebecca is in 8A so we’ll be doing all our lessons with her. Went to her place to get pictures. Have History tomorrow – hope Karen brings everything! Lorelle & Shane fighting. See 3rd

Thursday 3 February

Now Lorrelle is going with “Gordon” and has dropped Shane. They’re fighting, see? I think Shane has a crush on me, at least I hope so. He seems to hang around. Instead of Maths in Period 7 today, we unpacked al the new Home Ec. Utensils & Things. Was fun! John L. thinks Carmen is a spunk. So does Shane B. I think. Scott does too! Doble Period History. Got more pictures for our project. Karen forgot everything again.

Friday 4 February

Am quite friendly with Natasha sat in front yesterday (going home) we talked and laughed (Inger, Rebecca, Me & Natasha) Shane sat in front of me! This day was packed! HW – Essay, Project, Instrument, Rules Poster. Had a swim at Petra’s then Lysarne stayed the night. Might have Lucy & Mim Saturday night, though Karen & I are going to Rebecca’s in the morning to do the Project. Have to do essay soon. Maybe tomorrow.