19 April 1984

Thursday 19/4/84

Went to Earlville – UNREAL! Fi, me, Da (Fi’s Grandpa), Mrs D. Jules & Stu. Whilst Da was at the Doctor’s we browsed in a newsagency next door. This lady watched us, then said (cause we’d been looking at the books for ages) “This isn’t a library, you know.” We all stormed out! Had hot chips for lunch & looked around at Earlville. We even worked out a way to nick the bubble gum out of those machines! At Fi’s helped clean mima’s pool (I mean – Oh, you know) [ah, I’m sure YOU don’t, so I’ll explain: Fiona was caretaking the pool at mima’s whilst the family were away on holiday] At home, wrote a letter to mim (yesterday sorry!) She’s at her aunt’s. Fi & I have agreed tomorrow is a day at home. Early night tonight. Am dog tired!

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