Tent Erection & Pill Popping (31 January)

Saturday 31/1/87

Boy, has it been one hectic day. Dad came round, about 8:15 I think [with the tent]. Fi was the only one who came. [Um, not according to your scrapbook…] We put it up quite easily. I was sweating – Dad said that’s a fast cure for a cold [actually, no: that’s an old wives’ tale] – I’m feeling better now; not coughing anymore; just mainly dripping nose. A few sneezes & of course, mucus-but not quite as bad.. Tonight I [will] sleep without the fan . . . sweat it out for the last time. Gosh it’s hot, but I must ‘hack’ it! So many people called and came over today. A Life in WordsDad, Fi, Monique, Jemima, Sharon Erica & Brent. Finally everything is organised (I popped [cold & flu] pills almost all day) Oh. yes – I’m boiling. wanted to ring Mark but – too late. No real need, really. I must be better for tomorrow. Fuck – this ‘tickle’ in my throat is making me cough – but I can’t stop it – the tickling. [Why don’t you just drop some cough medicine? You’ve been downing a truckload of other pharmaceuticals…] Better get some sleep. 9:20

[And the scrapbook record:]

A Life in WordsPersonal preparations for the camp today, mostly. Monique & I (& Fiona who came down quite early) were taught how to put up our monstrous 5 man tent (with fly-screened annexe) by my father [I’m not sure how clear it is, but you may be able to discern a sketch I did of it, underneath the word ‘Saturday’] . . was hot, but rewarding ‘work’. Also began packing food into cardboard boxes. Monique (too tired to ride home) [no doubt, heat fatigue] got a lift around lunchtime. The afternoon was spent packing my bags & on the phone to either Fiona, Monique, Jemima or Erica and even Sharon & Brent. I popped pills all day to try & rid myself of my cold. [except that pill popping fixes nothing; simply masks the symptoms…]

A Life in WordsMy handiwork during the packing of food . . labelling each and every item in case of theft!!!

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