Welcome to My Life

This first post is basically a primer: a little pre-history to give you an idea of where and who I was when I began this journey, and a couple of ‘disclaimers’ of sorts…A Life in Words

Firstly, I’d like to stress that, while everything I have written actually happened and involves real people (whose names have been reduced to initials in an attempt to somewhat disguise their identity), my descriptions are entirely subjective. This is the nature of a diary. My personal take is just that, an opinion. To any reasonable mature adult, it should be completely clear that my subjectivity does not define other people and events – these are simply experiences you will view through my eyes… my 12 year old eyes, in the beginning. I will be the main bearer of any embarrassment, believe me!

1983 meWhich leads me to my second ‘disclaimer’. The opinions, feelings and such that I express in these journal entries are historic. Three decades have passed, and I have matured and grown considerably (well I’d hope so) so those opinions – in most cases – will not reflect the person I now am and the beliefs I now hold. This is one of the main reasons I am putting everything out there: to wear some responsibility for my Life, and to be as open, and true to Me as I can be.

Born in ‘BrisVegas’ in 1970, we moved to Cairns (the Far North) when I was five because my father was appointed to manage the dying Chrysler car dealership there. We lived in a beautiful north-western suburb, Freshwater, close to our primary school and some of the girlfriends I still have to this day.

Unbeknownst to me, Dad lost his job, but began a ‘family’ business in commercial cleaning (which ultimately led to the cleaning supplies business he still owns to this day). Whilst our new house in Freshwater was being built in 1980, my parents’ relationship began to encounter difficulty and when the inevitable split finally occurred, my sister and I chose to live with Mum, who set about living her life for us: working, building (yet another) A Life in Wordsnew home as well as lovingly doting on the two of us.

I did well at primary school academically, though physically I was neither athletic, nor beautiful. I was chubby and had buck teeth (from nocturnal thumb-sucking) with the added charm of a huge gap between the front upper incisors, so open-mouthed smiling was almost torturous for me. I always lucked out at parties when Catch’n’Kiss or Spin-the-Bottle games were played. My primary school crush was long term, and he never knew I existed.

The diarising began with a crazy ‘calendar planner’ I’d bought from our school book club at the end of Grade Seven (1982).

It had stickers and lots of silly trivia, but I realized soon enough that it didn’t really give you much space to write a lot in each day. So I sought out a proper diary.  At twelve years of age and about to start high school, I didn’t yet have enough self-discipline – or drive – to stick at this new ‘hobby’, so there are a great many days missing from my life in 1983.

From 1 January 1984 there are very few days missing, right up to this very point in time (and most of those were the result of excessive partying in my late teens) so very little of my time on this planet remains unrecorded. Please, enjoy the ride…

11 thoughts on “Welcome to My Life

  1. Hi Elissa

    From someone who was a year older than you in primary school, in my eyes you were very pretty, cute and adorable and are still this in my eyes today, well maybe not cute but definately pretty and adorable.

    I am so looking forward to your updates.



    1. thanks Kylie, there’s evidence right there of how self-image controls (and can inhibit) us. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any posts! x


      1. To true Elissa, I was usually the same height if not taller than most of the boys in my class, with curly hair that I hated, slightly buck teeth (same as you from sucking my thumb as a child), and I was always a little on the chubby side. I didn’t consider myself ugly but definately not one of the prettier girls from my grade, but I am truly thankful for attending Freshwater as it was such a small intimate school that there wasn’t really any select groups and we all hung out together and all went to each other birthday parties but like you the one boy I did love had no idea.

        The defining point for me was at our 30th reunion 2 years ago when my best friend Kym told me that quite a few of the guys and some of the girls commented to her that they thought I was going to be a lot bigger than I actually was. Thankfully I did a lot of personal growth and discovery in my early 20’s of who I was and a wonderful phrase that my Nana said to me “What other people think of you is none of your business”, which is how I have tried to live my life since then.


  2. Excellent! Loved reading it Elissa. We shared a lot in common, including the gap between our front teeth. Cute photos. Xoxoxo


  3. ooohhh now your diaries will be revealed to me and everyone else,hope you’re fairly kind to your little sis! xx


  4. Hi Elissa,
    Well so far im enjoying this read and it is going to be great, looking forward to more reading you have already got me wanting more. I love autobiographys of people and what makes their mine tick so this will be good and I can related alot to it. 🙂


  5. Elissa! That’s Sooo cool!!! I too keep a diary which I also started around the same age and still have a compelling need to continue! I missed some spells….wish I hadn’t because they were probably some of the most defining years….so now I never miss a day! My diaries have saved me from some awful outcomes as they have twice been used as evidence in legal matters..(they are deemed as ‘admit-able’ in a court of law).
    I have frequently gone back through them to confirm dates, times, events, and to remind me of things that I need to recall sometimes…not always pleasant things but too often things I need to recall for some reason!
    I wish I had the time to read all of your ‘blog’ but I will try and ‘dip’ into them occasionally. Its interesting for me to compare your life growing up in country Australia with mine in an English city.
    Your page looks great and very professional…..maybe one day ill take your lead….if I ever get they time!
    See you soon,
    love Rach xxxx


    1. It’s fantastic to hear I’m not the only one with this ‘wierd’ habit! I have found similar uses for my diaries, other than the legal (thankfully!) and yes, it would be a great study – the comparison of our experiences! x


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