And the Serial begins…in 1982?

So I began with a Week to an Opening Diary and since 1983 began on a Saturday, there was an opportunity to fill in the final days of ’82. I only opted for a couple.

Week-to-an-Opening diaries don’t provide much room to write a great deal, but more space than the old Calendar Planner had. I guess I didn’t realise at that stage how much I’d end up liking this gig.

Before I expose you to the intricate goings-on of my twelve year old brain(!) I’ll just point out that I will most likely need to interject (in order to provide more detail or explanation) so these interruptions will appear in italicised text.  Also, for all you Spelling & Grammar Nazis out there (one of which I am myself) please bear in mind, I am transcribing these entries AS THEY ARE…which means there will certainly be spelling errors (hey, I’m just twelve here) and punctuation anomalies etc along the way.

And without further ado…

Thursday 30 December 1982

8am Woke up

9am Packed up

10-11am Had our last swim and said goodbye to everyone

1pm Home from Port Douglas

2pm Finished unpacking and having lunch

3-4pm Watched cricket

5pm Had a bath, dinner and watched TV

(this particular diary had hourly appointments marked, so I dutifully logged what happened, when…)

Friday 31 December 1982

8am Woke up

10am Went shopping

(My, that must have been an exhausting day…)


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