Week Two, 1983

Saturday 8 January

Clare, Jo & the boys came over last night cause Jo was lonely minding them. Astro couldn’t stand properly so took him to the vet. Even though he’s better now, he may not live. Robinsons came over for BBQ dins – Vikky too (the baby)

Sunday 9 January

Leaving for Russell Heads today. Packed & ready to go to Mulleys. RUSSELL HEADS – Not what I expected, terrible boys see 10th

Monday 10 January

Janelle said she told one boy Eric, 13, that I was beautiful & sexy & spunky. I’ve seen & met Eric & to me he’s an idiot, and ugly freak & a dickhead, smart-arse. I’m angry with Janelle because now he’s seen me in person, she & Julia say he loves me – that’s worse. Anyhow, went swimming and surf-skiing all day, on & off. Had a bonfire (very, very small) and played tackle with the boys. (Hated it) and I went to bed earlier

Tuesday 11 January

Last night was so hot that Amanda and I couldn’t sleep, we tried everything plus trying to squeeze cool water on us. Finally, we ended up taking the mattress & everything outside, cause Leonie was mad at us for sneaking around in the dark. She ended up staying out there with us & we all sang & talked & laughed & looked at the stars to try and find the Southern Cross & Saucepan etc. Mum came with Astro today. Lazy day again (Am glad)

Wednesday 12 January

Last night, slept in normal bed & temperature was just right! Slept well. Going to The “Islands”  for a picnic today – (Was very hot & we all got burnt. Janelle and I complained of burning faces & it was that the glare of the water & the “Sundown” [brand of sunscreen] made it sting.) Came home and Manda and I slept the afternoon away because we were tired from the heat, sunburn & mozzies. Dad comes tomorrow!! Can’t wait!

Thursday 13 January 

Yesterday the boys made a terrific bonfire (at night) and a good one today (at night) Went in & out of the water constantly & even swam in the sea without stockings. (Leonie & Mum weren’t pleased) [Because Box Jellyfish – deadly species – habitate estuaries and coastline of North Queensland from approximately November to May every year, it is highly recommended that you avoid swimming at beaches unless there is a ‘stinger net’ enclosure or you don some kind of stinger suit. So we improvised with pantyhose; one pair protecting our legs, and the second with holes cut in the crotches – to make ‘tops’] Dad came and bought us all a Bubble Stick. When we got back (we were all on the front) I walked on the side to get off and next thing I know I slip off the side and land on my tummy! [refers to manoeuvering around a small boat]

Friday 14 January

Today, went to Harvey Creek for a swim and while we were there, we also collected some rocks for erosion. Got back about 11 o’clock. Before we went, Janelle fell in off the boat like me, though she landed on the jetty, then slipping off. Painful! She said it wasn’t but I think it was! Finally some rain & thunder! Not much, but enough to cool us down & help flora & fauna / Now there’s lots & it’s very cold (Mum fell over on boat, almost sprained ankle)

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