Week Three, 1983

Saturday 15 January

Want Shane. Eric is 1 of those boys who you forget what he looks like, yet when you look at him, it seems as if you’ve seen him all your life; I think I feel something for him. Gone to islands for Dad but the weather stopped us. Clean-up day (Getting rid of the main Lino!)

Sunday 16 January 

Going home today. Had wonderful time. Only wish I bought my camera. Will miss Des[? can’t read the original handwriting] & Eric a bit cause they’re nice. Fought with ’em bout bonfire last night & they made their own (taking our boxes)

Monday 17 January

When came home yesterday, found Petra was back from her trip around Australia. She came back on Thurs 13th. We met Pellings and scrubbed out Petra’s pool then started to form the “Odd Job Mob”. Petra slept over & thought about how to deal with the money. Getting measured for school uniforms today, going shopping & looking for my shoes & accessories. Westcourt Plaza opens today (K-mart) but not allowed to go. Petra came. Got home & swam in her “now-filled” pool!

Tuesday 18 January


Rang Mim yesterday. She said when we were at Russell Heads, she was at her block but I think she lied cause the Pellings saw her & Beka at Crystal Cascades. Anyhow, cleaned out drawers today & Petra came up (when mum went out to town) & asked us for a swim, then we went to see E.T. it was absolutely, wonderfully moving story of a cute animal from outer space. After that we went to Pellings & all had a swim at Petra’s.

Wednesday 19 January

Going to go to Westcourt Plaza, but not now. Going to get school things instead. (The uniforms are nice but we didn’t get time on Monday to buy shoes etc) Couldn’t get socks today, maybe tomorrow. Had a soft-serve yogurt for a “treat” lunch. Came home & painted bee & flower on my lampshade while mum & Noela had coffee at Northern Heritage. Then met Pellings & we all swam away the afternoon.

Thursday 20 January

Went shopping and saw “Max” Shirley L.B. baby boy (so cute)!! (At home) came back and took Astro for a walk on his new leash to Pellings. Petra came up 5 mins after and we all went down for a swim at Petra’s. Got out and changed had a snack (honey & peanut butter sandwich) then came home, got everything for spending the night at Rebecca’s. (Lysarne told me Petra was constipated)

Friday 21 January

Were going to go shopping with Mrs Pelling but Mrs Hayles came round and took us roller-skating. After that, we had lunch of sandwiches, played a few games of cards, then spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool. Spunky boy at skating (like Martin D.) Really nice! Today was probably the last day I’d ever see Julie again, for a long time. Came home at 6:00. She taught me how to play Polka & Coon Can.


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3 thoughts on “Week Three, 1983

  1. good old westcourt plaza. spent alot of my childhood there, playing hide and seek with the plain clothes shoplifting prevention people. (i’m sure they have a better name than that but cant think of it right now, also i never did shoplift – i just have one of those faces) was this when it first opened? i grew up in the 90’s. 1983 baby. this blog makes me a little homesick haha.


    1. LOL this is exactly what diaries can be great for…I’d’ve had NO idea when Westcourt Plaza was opened but have just ‘re-discovered’ that bit of trivia myself! 😉


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