Week Thirteen – Interest Waning…

Saturday 26 March

Daddy & Nana came back bringing our easter eggs from dad. Went to Lake P. again. Karen wasn’t home, so left without her. Kaye M.’s garage sale was good (this morn.) bought some clothes. Dad came for tea.

Sunday 27 March

Boring Day. Went to dump – thought I saw Martin P. with Shane:- was right! he’s back! Called to Rebecca’s but she wasn’t allowed to play.

Monday 28 March

Was right about Martin  – on the way home on the bus, he was spotted at Lorelle & Katrina’s bus-stop, going in to the service station

[Tuesday 29 & Wednesday 30 March not completed]

Thursday 31 March

Had our Easter party (only for 8B). Went off quite well! I bought home 4 pieces of cake (banana cake) for Julia, but mum thought it was uneaten lunch & she threw it out. Went to see ET & Little Miss Marker with Figgy at Drive-In. Had a Paradise Pack from ‘Big Rooster’ for tea. Was treadly delicious Four people; so we got 4 easter eggs. I had 3! Figgy had 1 Don’t forget: Back to School: DAY 6


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