…the Rest of 1983….

Clearly, it all got too hard for this busy little twelve-year-old. The following entries are all that remain in this particular diary:

Sunday 3 April EASTER

Went to the- Tablelands with Figgy”. I was allowed to take Fi. I ended up staying tonight! Treadly eh?!

Monday 4 April EASTER

3 April – Saw Joss House. Was quite interesting, really, Scary, too! Today Fi & I started off by riding, with Martin & Stewart in the cane paddocks, looking for sand dunes. There weren’t any at all! All were thirsty so found our way and swam (& drank) at Lower Freshy. Went to C. Cascades in the Arvy. Mr D. fell down that rough concrete – Och! Staying at Fi’s again!

A Life In Words

Tuesday 5 April

Last night, came home because I was feeling really ill. Saw Pirate Movie today with Rebecca, Julia, Petra & me! (That was one of Fi’s & mine plans) Didn’t take Fi, I’m embarrassed about leaving last night! Anyhow; Pirate Movie is the best, better than ET! Kristy McNicholl is so pretty! C. Atkins is so spunky. I’d love that movie to happen to me! Truthfully!

Wednesday 6 April

Went a-shopping; saw a-Buckley; saw a-verevis; Sarney came a-too-a! Got really dressed-up just for shopping.

Thursday 7 April

Went to beach with Pellings – 9:45. Rebecca, Me, Petra, Julia, Lysarne, Cameron & Droog & Mrs ‘P’. went. Saw Tyler, Robert L & that girl who plays with Putsy. Also saw Putsy & Verevis. Cathy from 8C & some Y9 girls. Was going to stay at Rebecca’s the night but didn’t want to. At her place in PM, did aerobics with Jane Fonda’s WORKOUT!!! Record. “Are you ready to do the workout?!!” Lysarne is sleeping here.

Friday 8 April

Yesterday Nana gave me some of her shoes! are quite nice! Fit & look fantastically & perfect

Wednesday 13 April

To tell you the truth, I’m sick of filling this diary in. Practiclly every day is the same & it’s boring. Really, you can tell I am sick of it – the spaces! Anyhow, yesterday Shane asked me why I got on at this stop & I told him, then he asked me for a patty-cake (that I made in Home Ec) Fool, Elissa! I said no! Today was the worst day ever.

Thursday 14 April

Today at big lunch, girls started playing ‘force’m backs’ and the boys ended up playing. Shane was on our side. He took a lot of catches and I think he likes me. I think he deliberately tried to walk into me accidently. I missed by an inch! Pity.

Friday 15 April

Away, sick today supposed to go to  Midsummer Night’s Dream Play tonight but couldn’t cause I had this wog!

Saturday 16 April

Went to Mid Summer Night’s Dream Tonight instead – lucky I got better – was 2nd last night.

Tuesday 14 June

Brendan told me today – Shane loves me! I don’t believe it! I’m so happy! (He didn’t tell me how he found out) It’s the best day to-day! FOREVER!!! I’m SO Happy!

Wednesday 15 June

Yesterday was a complete JOKE. I could kill Brendan.

Since 1984 began on a Sunday, there was opportunity to record something about New Year’s Day….

Sunday 1 January 1984

Drank Champagne! (Okay!) Today – played scrabble & records – Geoff stayed last night & all today.

And an extra inscription in this diary, found at the front in the ‘Notes’ section: 

About this year – My entry into high school was smooth but scary. I find it fun now, though.

I Loved It.


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