April 1984 – “to date”

The final ‘bulk’ post. Following this, posts will drop back to one entry per day, as is customary for me, and  to correlate with current dates.

Sunday 1 April

Slept in, but got up to do Maths HW & joke Julia – sponge cake & lemon sauce was her breakfast of “bread & lemon spread”. She tasted a little bit & said, “that’s not lemon spread!” I said, “APRIL FOOL!” Went to mim’s to do HW, Fi’s for lunch (Martin’s girlfriend, Karen, was there & we teased them, UMAH!) Went & played some tennis, with Jay. (I did some really great serves!) Then we all cleaned mim’s pool; At 5:00 had a maths competition (in preparation for our maths exams, coming up in about a week). Went home at 6:00

Monday 2 April

Bad day at my schoolwork, but at lunch, they showed Michael Jackson’s ‘THRILLER’ (10c entry fee). Melissa C. paid for me. Mr Stevens said it was “experimental” ie “if it works, it will continue every week”. I’ll watch it again on Friday. Played tennis at the courts today. Pretty good playing from me! (Unbelievable!!!)

Tuesday 3 April

1st USA Jumbo came in at 7:15am, but we were still asleep. Today had a (hard) English Exam. Highest possible mark I’m able to get: 10/10; lowest ½/10  I hate those bus drivers who don’t even check now & then on the smokers. Cameron came to Mandy’s & Julia went beserk!!! I don’t think I love Shane anymore, but there’s one thing that drives me crazy – his brown eyes do it to me! They’re sexy! Really dark ‘LIQUID BROWN’.

Wednesday 4 April

SHANE’S BIRTHDAY. I still feel a little “OOMPH!” when I look at Shane. Physically 99% (the 1% being white as Snow White!) Mentally a dickhead! Dentist told me I’ll have to wear my brace about 3 more months! OH NO!! Tennis was fun – but I couldn’t return any serves or receives (cursed myself). Mima was going to a disco, so didn’t go to speech. She rang to ask if she could borrow my white double belt. I let her!! (Of course!

Thursday 5 April

A Life in Words

Toni & me got driven to school today cause mum had to deliver some goods to the school. Wayne C, Michelle H & I missed out on an English test yesterday, so had to go to Library while the class marked theirs. Ate all my lunch at little lunch cause watched “GANDHI” (with Mr Addison’s class, too) in big lunch & periods 6 & 7. (Missed out on Science!!) Great movie. Didn’t get to see it all, though. There was a powder fight on the bus & Martin (& others) were sliding down the aisles knocking over people who were getting off. After, went to Simon St Park & played french cricket. Had tea & went to K-Mart. Julia got some jeans. Saw Trudi, Shane (with Todd T’s brother) Clare McK & Melinda S.

Friday 6 April

Maths Exam was quite easy, though I know I won’t get 100%. Didn’t have to do English listening test, cause we all had to do our Comprehension Test! Had to take model home today. Almost wrecked!! Free BP lesson today. Got a new WATCH!! It’s white digital with – time, alarm, seconds, date & hourly chime. Is water resistant to 100 feet. Went to mim’s. Ate lollies & lazed around. Watched the Logie Awards. GOOD!

Saturday 7 April

Tennis was good. Fi & me won 2/3 games! Had hot dogs for lunch, sunbaked for 15mins, did science HW, then went to mim’s. Helped clean her room then spent the rest of the day in the pool. Staying at Fi’s. Polly is staying here & she, Jules, Mum & Geoff are going to the drive-in.

Sunday 8 April

Did some good shots on the paper run! Mum, me, Jules, Fi, the Brewers & the Bankses (minus Pat) went on the Brewer’s yacht today. At first was hot, boring & no breeze, but things soon picked up. Anchored in a little bay for lunch. At home, did my HW, then went to see mima play in the Cairns Youth Orchestra, with Brewers & Fi. Was BORING!! (Not mima’s piece)

Monday 9 April

Kim, Tina, Melissa B & me got into trouble for being late to form class – no detention, luckily. Forgot to wear my PES uniform!! Mr Van Slooten didn’t blow me up about not doing my History HW. Had Ms Schmiemen today in BP Ms Chant was away. Did 2 experiments in Science (I nicked two paperclips & hung them on my earrings all day!) Didn’t get a seat on the bus. Early night. Am tired. Oh! Mim & Fi came around & we rode on the empty allotment, (where the flats are going) having races & lotsa TREADLY FUN!

Tuesday 10 April

Got maths mark 27/30!! Not bad!! English- 5/10!! Bad!! >Sigh<!! Did role play in double German. Shane clapped really loud after (probably not for me, but just to be stupid) Mulleys came for tea. Late night.

Wednesday 11 April

Julia went to a party last night and got in a tantrum when we picked her up saying we came “too early”. Got a seat on the bus, today. Begun perimeters in double Maths “OH NO!!” In Art, Mrs Anderson said she’ll collect our folders when we’ve completely finished this unit, ie next term sometime. I knew, when she showed me Natasha’s drawing of a cat, that she’d say “See how good it looks? Your dog would look better if you drew in the hair.” Did lots of improvisations in speech. No HW!! (Except speech!)

A Life in Words
So, I took my art teacher’s advice and filled in the dog’s coat

Thursday 12 April

Toni, Rebecca, Karen & I have formed a new Bus Stop!! (cause we got on at the bottom of New Cassowary St) Got my Science test back 15/25. 10 wrong. BAD. Patrick, on the bus, said to me out of the blue, “why don’t you get braces?” I said “I am”. He said “You shoulda gottem’ when you were two years old.” But he turned to talk to Martin before I could answer. Julia went to a Disco 7:30 to 10. I did some hairplaits for her. She said it was fun. (The disco)

Friday 13 April

Holidays tomorrow! FREE DRESS day! I wore my blue skirt, holey top, bangles, holey shoes, vinyl belt & white scarf. Took mum’s BIG white jumper. Spent $1.00 (Pimples!) Shane wore spunky Billabong shorts & black (sweat)shirt. Fi came to my place after. Had a thick shake, walked to Fi’s, then rode to shop. Bought meat then played “Follow the Leader” on bikes. Bought ice-blocks then went home.

Saturday 14 April

Bad day at tennis. Lost all 3 games and hurt my bum. Standing with my legs crossed, began falling back. My legs wouldn’t “un-cross” & I landed HARD on my tailbone. Fi & Beka came to Westcourt after (cause mum had to sell raffle tickets). Fi came for lunch, went to her house; lay under a sprinkler. Went to the shop, got my gear & got to bed 11:00 at Fi’s

Sunday 15 April

Did paper run again. Was UNREAL! Got $4, but spent 55c when Fi, me, Stu, Brad, his mum & Mrs D. went to the Kuranda Markets. Was great! Saw a studded (black) leather belt $15. Good?! Fi got a dress which she’s gonna wear to town tomorrow. Scones for lunch. Went under the sprinkler again, then played chasey games with Stu & Brad. Home at 5pm. Jodie C-S. is staying tonight. (Julia’s friend.)

Monday 16 April

WENT TO TOWN!! Was fun!! I wore my greeny-blue dress: Toni came with us. Overcast, then rainy. Bought my sleepers NEAT!! Asked about my pinafore at Rockman’s. They’ve ordered more!! The lady wrote up a “hold” for me. SIZE 8 WHITE! Home at 3:00. Lazed & fooled around. Latish night – 9:30 (about)

A Life in Words

Tuesday 17 April

Stuart did go on the bus tour, so I couldn’t get his seat. Instead, saw “BMX Bandits” with Toni, Angela & Helen R. (sister) Was TREADLY! Wore white jumper, blue skirt, mauve stockings, white shoes hair rag & earrings. AM: vacuumed, washed & dried dishes, wiped benches made beds & put away. At movie saw Beka (who was very snobby), Justine, Deyanne H. & Kim G. At home mucked around. Ears are still good!

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