It’s a Mean World (5-11 November)

Monday 5/11/84

Extremely hot, tiring, boring day. AM SOOOO TIRED. All talking about J’s party. Was TOPS!! Lucy’s having one now, but the boy’s’ll sleep over. Did no HW. Rained this arvy. Presentation Night – the 13th. Did I tell you, I got a merit award?? Whoop-ee-do! who cares?? [There’s that perfectionism rearing its ugly head again: knocking an achievement for which I didn’t even work hard to earn.]

Tuesday 6/11/84

Another boring day. Was upset all day about Mark cos’ Fiona told Jemima & all mim said was “isn’t that nice!” She didn’t bother to say anything about me like “tell Liss not to worry”, etc. Anyway, Fiona said she thinks something will happen for me at Lucy’s party so I’d better hope. Early night.

Wednesday 7/11/84

Another BORING DAY in the MEAN WORLD. A stupid day of school & school work. Came home, had bath, went to speech. Mima & Elisia set up something about a phone call that Mark made to mima (just to stir me up) I Bet. Jemima doesn’t like me. Had a terrific storm afterwards – rain, sqwalling winds, thunder & lightning (the Lot). After trudged with mum to check on the house. Looks OK. Early-ish night.

Thursday 8/11/84

No storm – hot & still day. Fiona told me that what happened yesterday was a joke but they weren’t going to do it  because they knew it would hurt me. Elisia did it tho! Orthodontist said I’ll need these on for another 6 months at the most. After, went with mim, Fi & Jay to Freshy tennis courts. Mim met Glenn (he rode out to see her) she was with him most of the arvy. I didn’t mind. Polly, Fi & I still had fun.

Friday 9/11/84

Kept forgetting it was friday. Such a slow week that I didn’t know it was coming to an end. Staying at mim’s cause Geoff & Mum are going out to dinner & Nana’s not home.

Saturday 10/11/84

Ever since my braces were tightened on Thursday , they’ve been giving me hell. Woke early but got up about 9:30. Mim & Pol had to go to music (lessons) so Mrs Brewer dropped us home. Tried on all mum’s clothes till went back to mim’s at 12:30, called Fi & spent all arvy  on the trail bike. Glen came but wouldn’t get on the bike. At home 5:00 played french cricket with Petra & Julia. Read “home” magazines & went for a walk after tea. A Life in Words

Sunday 11/11/84

Petra left early. Had pancakes for brekky, lazed around. At 12:30 Dad & Jenny came – went to little Di’s for lunch. Kim N. & Paul P. were in the park. Late night. REMEMBRANCE DAY.

Jigsaw Puzzle Panic (3-9 September)

Monday 3/9/84

Toni didn’t pick me up today thank god. She got ‘the message’. Karen is upset about our thinking they’re immature so now she gets on at our stop, before me, and gets the seats closest to the back (cos’ she knows I like to sit there)

Tuesday 4/9/84

Haven’t fought once with Julia since Friday! Good, huh?! Mum is going strong on the nicorettes. Am VERY PROUD of her! It took a lot of willpower & she’s done it, alright! [Hmmm, it’s only been a week Lissy…!] Am still very tired. Worked on the jigsaw puzzles again. Did no HW. Got a terrible headache – worse – I got a few more during the rest of the day.

Wednesday 5/9/84

In speech, we asked Mrs McI. if Fi could come to class (we weren’t doing work cos’ exams had finished) so Luc & I got Fi worked up – she was worried all day – thinking it was something bad! Had fun! In Double Science, we swapped rooms with 9B. We had B1 & they went to F1². PES mucked around Got some more headaches today.

Thursday 6/9/84

Woke ‘automatically’ early (6:00). Slow day. Started gymnastics puzzle & finished it this arvy. Fooling around, I bruised my arm – the bone. I was using my right arm for support on the floor, when Julia pushed me, I fell on it & so did she. I panicked – thinking at first it was broken but (un)fortunately it wasn’t. [I’d fractured my right wrist when I was about 10 years old – landing on it after a failed high jump attempt – so I knew the pain of a broken bone. UNfortunately meaning, time off school and/or the excuse that I’d be unable to write…] Early to bed – but I can’t sleep.

Friday 7/9/84

A Life in Words

Woke again ‘automatically’ around 6:00. Didn’t learn for maths & I think I’ve failed (or close to it) but – german was a SYNCH. Took $5 to school – $2.20 for German BBQ on Wednesday & 50c for pizza lunch. Watched movie “Can’t Stop the Music” & it’s now the 4th or 5th time I’ve seen it.

Saturday 8/9/84

Did go to tennis finals cos’ didn’t know where it was held/or what time etc. When I rang Fi she said she wasn’t going either cos’ she didn’t know enough about it either. Lazed around. Got words for songs, while listening to a tape. ATE UMAH After yummy salad sammy, went to help mum paint house but Jules & I ended up playing hopscotch, catchey & water fights. A Life in Words At flat – washed my bike for the 1st time EVER! BOY was it DIRTY! After tea watched the movies. Late one “No Sex Please, We’re British” was HILARIOUS!!

Sunday 9/9/84

Woke at 8:30. Had pancakes for brekky. Got dressed, sat down & did HW. Dad came at 10:00 and at his place (took him 2 GIANT pancakes) went to beach & did HW till Jill & Barry came. Looked over their house, then went for drinks to the ‘San Remo Hotel’ Pub. Watched movie and am pooped!

Growing Pains at the Cairns High Fete (13-19 August)

Monday 13/8/84

Practically asleep on my feet today. Not a good day – slow & boring. Mick came late, so we were the 5th bus to leave, instead of 3rd. Got a book out of the library called Manx Mouse – haven’t started reading it yet. At home, rode to shop & bought a ‘Cool Shark’ for arvy tea – there is NOTHING & I mean nothing to eat in our house. [I tried to find a picture of the old ‘Cool Shark’ ice blocks but to no avail. They were literally blue in colour and the thought of that toxic colouring now sends shivers down my spine]

Tuesday 14/8/84

A Life in Words
…and in case you didn’t know what the knees were…

Asleep on my feet again! Am SO TIRED lately! Slow day. Shamed Sharon M. today. She likes John C. & when he walks past our stop in the mornings, well today we yelled out things like “Sharon loves John” etc. Still haven’t started “Manxmouse” yet. At last year’s speech concert, I had to wear a black cotton dress. Today I cut it into a tube. Just belt it at the top & it makes a great skirt!! [My mum didn’t think so. “I wish you wouldn’t cut everything up” became words I got too used to hearing. But I was a budding fashion designer…what did she expect?]

Wednesday 15/8/84

ANOTHER slow day! Went to the dentist: he said I’m his no°1 toothbrusher (with) braces) & I’ll have to have these shitty braces on for 18 months. Stayed in at art in Big Lunch. After speech went to shop & our tree. Ate & got home on dusk! Supposed to get my ear repierced (the right one – the one I couldn’t get an earring into) Pat said it was too small so I’ll hafta go back & get him to do something.

Thursday 16/8/84

Didn’t go to Kevin Shorey today – just forgot! STUART d. has sugar DIABETES. [Type 1, unlike the majority of  children these days, sadly] Fi said he went into hospital today [I have omitted a potentially sensitive statement here] she’s really upset – cries & everything. Mim & I wanted to go & see him but couldn’t. Today was boring – watched high jumps again. Phillip & Matthew were around asking Julia to go for a walk. Kept bugging us but was fun!

Friday 17/8/84

Dunphys may be buying the Sheridan St Newsagency!! And Fi said I could do the paper run but Nana is against it. UP HER ARSE!! Today was also .. Boring. In Double Science ½ of 9B had to come into our class because their teacher was absent (& there were no relieving teachers) but Fi went into 9C. Went to High Jumps AGAIN. A Life in WordsWatched the movie “the Big Bus”. Was meant to be funny, but wasn’t that good. In fact, it was pathetic.

Saturday 18/8/84

Am bugared. Mrs H. drove us to & from tennis. Got home, showered & had lunch. Made my black skirt, dressed & met Karen to go to the Freshy fete. Stayed for ½hr – wasn’t great. Rushed home, changed, picked up Lucy & went. The Cairns High (CHS) fete was fantastic &  great. The Disco was unreal (or at least the breakdancers were) Got growing pains [aching legs] therefore I was tired & bored. Mima was with Glenn C. most of the night (y’know his sister Lynette – the one with all the fashionable clothes.) He is spunky!! (and year 8) Am sooo tired now.

Sunday 19/8/84

Woke up 8:30. Left for dad’s. Stayed at a park while dad had a trial run for triathlon. [It was his debut – and maiden – entry in the major local event , the “Coral Coast Triahtlon”. I am quite certain he was a part of a team, since I don’t recall him ever owning a bike. He was a (fun) runner.] Went to little Di’s place for lunch after & stayed till 7:30. Back at dad’s had soup for tea, got into bed at 8:50 & I hoped to be asleep before 9:30.

Days Missing & Earring Dramas (6-12 August)

Monday 6/8/84


Tuesday 7/8/84

I forgot to fill in. Must have been so boring I forgot to. Don’t think anything ‘notable’ occurred…

Wednesday 8/8/84

Woke at 4:30 & rushed a rough copy of my history assignment, only to find in History that Mr Van Slooten had extended it till Friday. Boring, slow day. Had an arvy tea without added sugar! Orange, banana & museli bar! [Oh dear, if I only knew then what I know now! Obviously did not read ingredients on packaging in those days] After shower & speech I dressed for school disco. Only 100 people went but rap dancing was tops! Disco was alright.

Thursday 9/8/84

Booooring – (but isn’t every school day??) Interhouse sports practise in periods 5,6 & 7. I got out of everything! (except being a reserve in high jump) [A vast change in attitude from 1983, when I complained about not being chosen to participate in anything] Mark (the new bus driver) beckoned us on the bus this arvy cos’ he thinks lining up is a waste of time (we all agree of course!) Also, went to block – framing is up & it does make the ‘house’ (area) look bigger.

Friday 10/8/84

A Life in Words

Test was a synch. Got a new speaking assignment & writing essay in English. Slow day. Had a bath & Ruth came for tea with her friend Pat. I wore my frangipani earrings (I gottem from Lucy for my birthday) cos’ I remembered last time Ruth said she didn’t like sleepers. I COULD NOT GET THE RIGHT ONE IN AGAIN. I tried & tried but it wouldn’t budge. Pat (had her ears pierced) tried unsuccessfully, I went to bed without it.

Saturday 11/8/84

Bad at tennis again – lost all games. Went to Esplanade – had lunch etc got home about 2:00. Stopped at Savina Park & had a water fight. At home, had a snack, then went to speech – drama practise. Early-ish nite

Sunday 12/8/84

Very lazy day mum was out, I watched Olympics & ateateate & Julia did her project. Am quite troubled lately. So much is going wrong. Kevin McK. has made changes in the framework without consulting Geoff – now that’s put more pressure on us (have to wait longer for the house) [As in 99% of cases, house-building takes double the expected time. This was the second house we were having built in a matter of 3 years. Why my mother chose to tread that path again, I can only guess. How she managed, I’ll never know, but I damned-well respect her for it. Even though the smoking-like-a-chimney eventually contributed to her premature death] I had an early-ish night.

Riding with Saints Boys (30 July-5 August)

Monday 30/7/84

Hectic morning. Different bus driver – has funny smile & beard & ‘mo’. Boring but fast day. Talked to Sandra F. on way home – told her I’d live next to her – she shrugged it off. Watched Olympic Games in History.

Tuesday 31/7/84

LUCY’S BIRTHDAY up at 7:00 watched Olympics. Took 80c for lunchtime party. Fi’s german class watched video – we couldn’t it was booked out. Got Dolly & read article ’bout a girl who lost heapsa weight made me more determined now. Today went so slow.

Wednesday 1/8/84

Watched Olympics in am again (as per usual). After a boring school I got off bus to meet mim a (she left CHS sports carnival at 1:00 & decided to meet me off the bus) MIRACLE!! Met Fi & went to shop. Two guys whistled at us & we sped off to our tree. They found us when we’d finished eating & chased us & we chased them all arvy (Even thru’ speech!) But after, they had to go to a BMX thingo. I didn’t do any HW xept BP.

Thursday 2/8/84

A Life in Words
My grandfather (Papa) with me & Julia at Peregian Beach (circa 1974)

PAPA HAD A HEART ATTACK THIS MORNING. THEY GOT THERE JUST IN TIME. I thought he was dead. He’s alright now. Toni has a racer Big Whoop! Watched Olympics in history & BIG Lunch. PM: my bag broke, i.e. 1 handle. Also, mim, Fi & elisia came round & we went to the shop & guess wot! We used tactics but Wayne & Bevan (YR 10 – Saints) cornered us. Asked mim & Fi to Space Skate (Elisia was translator between the 2 parties) but mim & Fi said they couldn’t skate. The guys said there were ‘other’ things they could do. Filth! But mim & Fi made up stories about big hunky boy friends!

Friday 3/8/84 pumpy__high_

Got up early (Luc rang to see what I was wearing) After little lunch received our assigned areas & ropes & began jumping at 12:00 till 3:00. Was great fun!! Had ‘showers’ under the hoses & drank 1 Litre water! Got burnt, too. Wrote to Jodie & Mike tonite & also to Papa, Uncle John & Co. Julie H. & her mum came round (late nite)

Saturday 4/8/84

Lost every game at tennis today. 1/4 -0, 2/3 -1, 3/3 -2 Bad!! Mr B. rode in with us – it was his turn on the parent roster. Beka didn’t go because her team had a ‘bye’. SO WHAT? Bitch. [I’m not sure why Beka deserved the name-calling here?] At home; prepared for Lucy’s party. Was fun (movie was slack). Toni, Karen & Rebecca P. & me rode to the shop on way home. Then went separate ways.

Sunday 5/8/84 

Very slack day. Watched TV until did english essay. Ate & Ate & Ate. Mum seriously thinks I have a tapeworm. (I’m FAT.) Bed at 9:00. Mim & Fi came up in the morning to see where on the slab was my bedroom. That’s all. They went home, & I didn’t see them for the rest of the day.

Show Fervour & Binge Guilts (16-22 July)

Monday 16/7/84

Sooo tired this morning! Did exercises & couldn’t take my eyes off the book! When were ready Dad drove us home where Toni was & packed lunch. When we pulled up at school, I finished “Lovers & Gamblers” ‘Happy’ ending but I didn’t like it cos’ too many good characters die. Mucked around today – it went fast. Surprising amount of HW. Did some title pages in Toni’s History & Science books & she paid me with a pkt of chips. Personally, I don’t think that’s enough!…

Tuesday 17/7/84

Woke early, got to bus stop early. Quite tired, in fact, VERY tired, have been all day. At School, Mr Howard was bashed up. (Not at school, dummy) He came with 2 black eyes, bruised nose & grazes. Musta bin in a fight. Went shopping & bought red tights & hair mousse. Hairdressers were booked out – couldn’t find shorts or scarves either.

Wednesday 18/7/84

Day went really quick – was so excited about tonight. Came home, had bath, dressed & went to speech. Fi rode me home coz mum forgot me & was late. Had dinner & went. Was UNNRREEEAL. Am so excited for Friday now! It’ll be Triffic

Thursday 19/7/84 A Life in Words

After a LONG, SLOW day, I gorged on the choccy’s from my Show bags. I’ll never get them again – waste of money. Watched TV & relaxed. Actually wrote a 6 page letter!!! (To Jodie & Mike) [our ‘closest’ cousins – mum’s sister’s offspring] Me? Yes! Have planned out tomorrow; Sleep in, have brekky….

Friday 20/7/84

LAST DAY OF THE SHOW – OHHH!!! Had the usual show day holiday. Planned out my morning – did everything perfectly. Got to mim’s at 1:30, Fi got there at 2:00 & we left at 2:45. Had the greatest time EVER! Went on the Orion: 2, Whizzer: 1, Paratrooper: 2, Ferris wheel: 1, Hurricane: 1 & Gravitron: 1 Truly, totally unreel! Met Justine etc & Jason P. & Mark!♥ But I don’t think he even sees me. Oh well – I don’t mind dreaming!

Saturday 21/7/84

Woke at 7:30. Rushed for tennis – Martin D. dropped us in. After, walked to Stereo World – drove mim & Fi to our place – ate lunch – went to mims & swam all arvy (till 3:00) Went to Fi’s & cooked custard and some patty cakes. At home, slept well.

Sunday 22/7/84

Woke at 8:00 & lazed around all day Umah! Feel guilty about eating between snacks & the HORRIBLE bulges of FAT on my stomach. I want to get rid of them but my will power isn’t strong enough. Anyhow watched TV all day – early or reasonably early night. Am not looking forward to school 2morrow.

Birthday Clothes Shopping (9-15 July)

Monday 9/7/84  Nana’s Birthday

2ND SEMESTER 1ST DAY BACK. Woke early. Made cards & almost missed bus. Boring day – Shane broke his arm – suck eggs! No one noticed my teeth – I had to tell them! Held a yummy dinner for Nana!

Tuesday 10/7/84 A Life in Words

Wasn’t excited in the least! Still aren’t Altogether I now hove $69 in my money box ($5 from working for dad + $14 mum, $5 julia, $20 Geoff, $10 Nana & $12 Jodie & Michael & Co. Extra $3 was my own. Luckily no one sang Happy Birthday, but almost did. Chook, pavlova & Nin & I cut our cake! Also got my black shoes. Fi gave me a black chain necklace & a Sportsgirl bag (to take my tennis things in) Lucy gave me beautiful coral earrings but STUPID me lost one.

Wednesday 11/7/84

Wore one earring to school. Boring day. Am now really stuck into a rudy book Lucy gave me – “Lovers & Gamblers” OK… Mim gave me (at speech) a basket of lollies (most of which she ate.)

Thursday 12/7/84

Dunno why but today I feel different. Went fast today. Practised skipping for the Jump Rope for Heart skipathon, fed the cats for the last time & went late nite with my $69. Bought red’n’black check blouse, red floppy sox, red belt, grey vest & black jumper 4 the show. Had $7 left UNBELIEVABLE! Bought everyone a drink. Crawled into bed

Friday 13/7/84

Papa has yet to give me $20 (I hope) I’ll keep that for summer fashions. Got my money from St C’s [the family whose cats I’d been feeding for the previous fortnight] $60! I’ll use $40 for the show ← I can’t wait. My terrific outfit is planned. Boring day. did more jump rope at school & almost finished book!

Saturday 14/7/84

Got to Beka’s & decided we didn’t want to ride so rang mum (we were running late anyway) Played exceptionally well considering we hadn’t played in 2 weeks. After walked from courts in Dalrymple St, Edge Hill, to Stereo World (PUFF! PUFF!) Chose movies & Mr B. dropped us to Beka’s. Had lunch & rode home. Grabbed me speech stuff for drama practise. While mim was in, Fi & I (word) fought with little cheeky kids next door. Mrs McI. helped me a lot. Staying at mim’s now. A Life in Words Watched (boring) Boy George concert & “American Werewolf in London” for the 6th time. Fell asleep around 12:00.

Sunday 15/7/84

Got 9½hrs sleep! (woke at 9:30) Dozed till 11:15. Brunch was chips, saveloys & fish fingers then at shop bought HEAPS & I mean HEAPS of lollies & went our own ways. Packed for Dad’s & started HW. At 6:00 took HW but didn’t do any. Watched movie. Read a lot too. Sleep well I hope.

Exam Results & Cross Country Asthma Attack (18-24 June)

Monday 18/6/84

NO MORE TESTS!! Science awful 50½/70 English awful 29/40, Maths good 61½/70 German ok 42/50. Mr Van hasn’t finished marking history & I didn’t have art or BP. Am quite upset about Lucy’s coffee table. Mum’s going on about paying for it etc. Bought bubble gum & ice block, rode around, talked to mum rode Petra and Lysarne home after speech. Julia had a bad migraine before.

Tuesday 19/6/84

Mim, Fi & Beka & I were gonna wag the last day of the semester but can’t cos that’s when we get our reports. Cross country tomorrow YUK. 67% History overall 32/50 Oh! BP 35½/40. (70/75 so far) Art 37/40 (9½%/10%!!) Definitely decided to wag tomorrow. Gonna ring Fi now to see if she’s allowed. Started girl drawing business again (at lunchtime). Watched TV this arv. Egg-flip for tea. Tired.

Wednesday 20/6//84

Woke early – decided to go to school cos’ Fi was. Was alright. FREEZING morning – wore gloves to bus stop! Not much work today. (I’m s’posed to go to bed now but my excuse is I’ve got filthy/cold feet. CROSS COUNTRY wasn’t bad but I now know I have asthma – Got 4/5 way back when started uncontrollable wheezing. At speech mim said we’re not going late night shopping 2morrow now.

Thursday 21/6/84

Ellis won cross country yesterday; overall. Toni told me she’s wagging it – naughty. Career Ed today can only call it BORING. Went late night shopping. Put a layby on black shoes – Julia got belts & chains etc. (She) Went to a disco last night. Mum & I walked her there  Was cold.

Friday 22/6/84

Huffy with mum. I was running late she didn’t get my brekky for me so I couldn’t have any. COLD AM again Didn’t do any work at all today. AM NOT HAPPY with my report card. Science, Hist & PES are not all highs. Took a gigantic ham bone to Max. Stayed watching Heath.

Saturday 23/6/84

Rained abit at tennis. Went to our tree & after bought a yummy lunch dawdled home (at 4.30) rang mum on the way so she knew. Decided to go to Bluelight (mim & Fi sleep over after.) Am SO excited!! Can’t wait. Gonna wear pinafore, white shoes, bangles, mima’s mum’s black esprit shirt, Jules new belt, white scarf, fingerless gloves & dog chains (Y’know the silver ones) – ≡ Was Unreal! Rebecca P came & went with us. A boy she didn’t even know & she ended up dancing close to him. Thought Mark R. looked at me strangely must be my imagination. Nothing good happened to me but mim was followed around by two guys, one ‘Gavin’ from TAS & ‘Liam’ from CHS – Also a ½ mongoloid guy (Mark) from TAS like Fi & kept asking her to dance. Poor girl – god I’m mean.

Sunday 24/6/84 A Life in Words

Played a game all morning, went to shop, ate, rode and decided to sleep at Fi’s in hammocks. Fed St Cloud’s cats – had a fag & 1st drag. Is REEEEVOLTING FOUL. Didn’t sleep in hammocks tho’ cos’ weren’t any. Stayed up late (1 fag & requested songs (3) only Fi’s – “Let’s Hear it for the Boy” was played.)

Vomit, Exams & a ‘Smashing’ Good Time (11-17 June)

Monday 11/6/84

Woke late. Are all very tired and lazy. Slept with mim cos’ mattress on the floor was sandy: Packed up and went to the old museum – boring. Driving home, stopped at Palmer River Station 4 lunch. Boring drive home. Dropped mim off. I watched Sons & Daughters and went to bed at 9:00. AM EXHAUSTED!!

Tuesday 12/6/84

Was SICK!! Luckily missed out on my science exam (which according to Rebecca P is very hard.) Soon as I woke, felt sick. No brekky – when Toni came, chucked up my orange juice. Felt better then so went to school on bus – felt sick again. Going to ring mum at office, chucked up under a bush. Mick took me home. Spewed 4 times today.

Wednesday 13/6/84

yesterday felt better around 3:00. Talked to Lysarne & Rebecca P. Had dry toast with honey & 2 grated apples! Kept ’em down! Today felt heaps better. Poured at bus stop – english was pretty easy – maths competition was hard and science was quite easy. Came home in pouring rain, after speech, updated BP – but didn’t study – and I have maths (OH NO) Art (okay) & History (Hell!) They could all be quite hard. Tell ya later

Thursday 14/6/84

Maths and Art – a synch BUT I just know I flunked History. It was liking giving a 2 Yr old a uni-test. Besides that, I’ve just been to Freshy School viewing films of Julia’s Lizard Is. Camp. Not many shots of Julia, but the one she was in the boys made finger shadow like pinching her bum!

Friday 15/6/84

Shane was there last night. I don’t know if I like him anymore /// BP was good, german was better, but the best thing is no more exams!! Rode to shop this arvy, met Karen and walked her home. Ms Chant said I could hand in my BP book on monday instead. Thank God! Julia’s staying at Dad’s. I’m having a pretty early night considering its Friday.

A Life in WordsSaturday 16/6/84

Rode to tennis – think I’m allowed now. Rang mum & told her I was going to town. Had ripper fun!! Got clothes 4 mima’s – had tacos for tea which was too hot 4 me to eat! Watched 3 movies. Really tired. Movies – Alligator, Class Reunion & Polyester which you can smell 2!! scratch’n’sniff card comes with it.

Sunday 17/6/84

Got to sleep ~ 2:00 worse – woke about 5:00 (3hrs sleep) Dozed til 9:45 Beka had been waiting outside for ½hr, we found out – umah! Anyhow watched Alligator again (3rd time) for Beka, cleaned up, went to Lucy’s about 11:30. Watched “Hostage” (true story) Had a ‘gala’ lunch & played a ruff-tuff game. I sat on the glass coffee table and it broke. I feel absolutely terrible (Had a smoke – they were “Drum” roll-your-own! UMAH!


28 May-3 June 1984

Monday 28/5/84

Woke this morning when I banged my leg on the bar above Julia’s bed. Huh? [My sister and I were sleeping on bunk beds where we lived at that time – I had the top bunk normally, but on this particular morning I have woken up ‘downstairs’ in Julia’s bed…] I was still in my jeans – I hadn’t  had dinner or a bath or cleaned my teeth. I slept from 3pm 27th to 6am 28th! 15 hrs  – a record for me! When I asked mum how she carried me in here, she said, “I didn’t. Don’t you remember, you walked in here?” I must have sleep-walked! Was tired (everyone was.) Shane & Martin just noticed I have braces. Bit late, huh?! Heapsa HW. A Chinese Fortune thing told me I have all Power, when it comes to Shane – WO!!! Mr Howard’s new haircut – REE-VOLTING! Late night – UMAH!!!!

Tuesday 29/5/84

An Un-Special day. Just got my english assignment done & handed in! Woe is me! I think Shane loves Jenny & she loves him & they’re going together. My luck!! Mrs Caswell asked me to bring my YR8 Home Ec articles for a display. Science Test (last no’) was so HARD!! Julia went to tennis. Rebecca P has a racer – she came down & asked me to teach her how to change gears etc.

A Life in Words

Wednesday 30/5/84

Woke early. Resolved to earn as much money as possible ($300 perhaps) At speech, Jemima didn’t even say hello. I still think she doesn’t like me, in fact I know it. On the way home, heard a rattling – my pedal reflector is coming off. “Any Which Way You Can” was the movie. Was good.

Thursday 31/5/84 [my sister’s birthday]

Woke early – Jules got “the Beat ’84”, “Footloose”, “Throbbin’ ’84”, “Colour by Numbers” (Culture Club), Alan Parsons Project, pink & green & white dress, pyjamas, cardigan, sweatshirt & skirt, cute pens, rubbers etc (from me!) & extra $30. Lucky dick!! Gave Julia Rebecca P’s punches. BIG dinner! Feel sick! Chips, cake chicken & pumpkin pie (Yuk) At 9pm mandy & Bill returned from their camping holiday in Tassy.

Friday 1/6/84

In english, didn’t have to hand in our “Dump Site’ project because Leanne wasn’t here 4 us to record it (have till Mon)!!! Mr Roff came to our german class yesterday & told all those in 9.7 art to go to the art room after school – 2 stanley knives disappeared. Roffy said if he didn’t get them back, we would only do theory until he got them. Not fair!! Ate like a hog, this arvy, then rode with Julia. Talked to Rebecca P, Adrienne M, Ross and Nat. Watched Barbra Streisand movie “the main event”. OKAY.

Saturday 2/6/84

Am riding to tennis again (can’t believe I’m allowed!!) Tennis was pretty good – my serving is great! Rode into town. Rang mum from phone booth with an excuse. Out till 3:00. Was great!! Mim acts better now, as if the “would-be” fight never happened. Time of my life – late nite – am buggared!!!

Sunday 3/6/84

Little HW, when Fi rang & all painted her house (pretty good!!!) About 1:30, got our $2 ea, spent it at shop, then went to mima’s where we played game (cos’ parents were out.) Mim owned a restaurant & I (a man) asked Fiona out to dinner. Made us lunch. “Wine?” she asked. “Yes” we answered. We took a sip and stared at each other. “Mima” I said, “have you altered this juice in anyway?” “A little” “Reisling?” “Something like that” she answered. We had 3 more glasses, each time the wine becoming stronger. Then we all tried some rum. Stewart came down (he almost vomited) Then gin & tonic. WHAT NEXT?! The B’s came home later & we all went home. Watched “James Bond” in “the Spy Who Loved Me”.