Basic Raw (Dark) Chocolate


½ cup coconut oil

½ cup+ powdered cacao

Your choice of sweetener – fine dry ingredient, e.g. caster sugar or liquid, e.g. maple syrup, to taste. (I’ve used dextrose & manuka honey & had varying degrees of success with both!)

A Life in Words
Here the mixture has been poured onto a plain porcelain dish, lined with baking paper just prior to refrigeration. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing method of chocolate production but, it all tastes the same. One bonus is, provided the mixture doesn’t spill over on its journey to the freezer, this dish won’t even need washing afterwards!


Place oil in a saucepan on the lowest possible heat, and when liquefied, stir in cacao, then your sweetener. If a dry ingredient (eg caster sugar), stir until it has dissolved, but be careful not to spend too much time over heat or it will begin to thicken, and become too syrupy.

Place baking paper in a flat dish and pour the mixture in. Set in the freezer anywhere from 3-15 minutes, depending how thick the ‘block’ is. Remove and ‘smash’ into bit sized pieces!

My Notes:

SO many ideas! I have played around with this basic recipe so much – had some amazing wins and some still-edible-losses.

If the mixture seems too runny (as I have thought in the past) I simply add more cacao (richer taste again) or almond meal, or dessicated coconut….some dry ingredient. I even added soaked dates once and made a thick fudge-type chocolate (which didn’t hold its shape so well). Natural peppermint flavour or vanilla essence work well too.

If you want it to look better you can also use moulds. I haven’t bought any specific chocolate moulds, but my old heart-shaped silicone ice cube trays I got from Ikea years ago worked at treat…and because the coconut oil melts quite quickly, there’s no need to ‘grease’ the moulds: the chocolate will slide out quite easily after a few minutes out of the freezer (unless it’s winter).

The ‘deeper’ the mould, the more time required to set, but you could also try popping something in …the ‘middle’. For example, while I haven’t yet tried it, I’m thinking (coz I LOVE Lindt Blueberry Dark Chocolate) of immersing a blueberry into each of those heart-shaped moulds one day. I’ll let you know how that goes….

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