14-20 May 1984

Monday 14/5/84

Didn’t want to go to school. Long boring morning. Rebecca P. sprained her ankle in PES. Lunchtime was lively – pushed each other around. Was fun. Long, boring (noisy) german lesson. Got home 3:45. Rebecca used our phone to call her mum to pick her up. She was out so her dad’s apprentice came instead. Mum showed me the plans. A few changes & I love it now! Also the new $1 coin was released today. It’s GRAND!! 92% Cu, 6% Al & 2% Nickel! A Life in Words

Tuesday 15/5/84

I got a new $1 coin (for Thursday’s pocket money) Neat! Lucy was away, getting her braces put on. Yep! Luc!! Boring day. Got another english assignment, this time on our set reader. Lunchtime went to art room. Mucked up!! Mum bought a whole new outfit.

Wednesday 16/5/84

Hectic day. Toni, Rebecca & Lucy were away. Got to bus stop – was empty!! Thought I’d missed the bus until Karen came down 3mins later. Late to tennis. All wingeing about cost 45 mins for $1.50. Rip-off!!!! Bus was strangely empty. Rode to speech. Mim & elisia were all dressed up. Was good! Late night!

Thursday 17/5/84

A Life in Words
hand drawn copy of sticker originally used in my calendar planner

NO!! Miss Woods extended it until Monday, now!!! Everyone who was away yesterday are here today (Lucy, braces’n’all.) She says they hurt. Went late night. Bought tracksuits and gloves & beanies for Irvinbank. Nice’n’warm’n’cosy!! Froze in the airconditioning at Earlville!! Had tea there. Battered fish & scallops – GREASY!! Must write a list of things to take tomorrow at school.

Friday 18/5/84

Pretty rushed day. Panicked when got home (cause I forgot to write a list). Can’t wait to get there. Am pretty stisfied with what I’ve packed – am still worried about pastimes. Bought lunch today. PES – played another basketball/netball game. Mrs Connors says I’m good (Ha! Ha!) We’re about to go now – bye!!

Saturday 19/5/84

Last night was cold – breathing vapour! Woke 6:30. Had big brekky, did some HW, then went for a walk to the old Vulcan mine. Was so deep! After some fossicking, had lunch, then went to the School of the Arts, where began a tour of the town & new mine. At camp, had shower. Read until went to dance. SLACK!! All country’n’western music. Girls about my age were smoking, hanging around men. Bed at 11:00.

Sunday 20/5/84

Woke 7:30 & read, until went (in 4WD’s) on the outer town tour. Went to the cementry, then Ghost Town (Ghost town alright – no buildings left at all!!) Fossiked & looked around the remains of the old tin smelter. Had lunch at the School of the Arts. After, packed up  & left around 3pm. At Herberton, I was ready to chuck up, but after a long stop at the Joss House, gained strength & made it to Yungaburra Hotel where ate chips’n’nuts galore. Slept on the way home. Missed out on the movie “Superman”. Was too tired.

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