7-13 May 1984

Monday 7/5/84

Went to Fi’s at 9:00. Went to mim’s at 10. Still asleep. Came back 9:30. [what the?!] Polly said she woke a minute after we left! Went to beach with Brewers. Rough & strong rip. Visited the beachside shop now & then. At home, hurriedly dressed to see Julia off on her Lizard Island Camp. Shane was going, too. I think he tried to make me notice him. Got an ice block on the way home. Fought over the house plans. Mum wants it her way; always her way. Did essay. Wrote about when I came back from Outward Bound Camp & Julia told me mum was leaving (Gr6). [Well THAT’s a surprise to me. It proves how irrelevant Time is to your consciousness, in the long run. Memories blur into each other. I ‘d could’ve sworn I wrote that essay in Grade 7 (1982), as I have said previously. Also, I know my father & mother’s relationship disintegration spanned some time but I’d never have guessed it was 2 years (1981-1983). How terribly painful for them both] After, cause of fatigue, got shitty when something got in my eye & still won’t come out. Tried everything. I’ll just go to bed & hope it’s gone tomorrow.

Tuesday 8/5/84

A Life in Words
That little black thing sticking out the right side of ‘my head’ is my sad little rat’s tail

Speck is still there, but I’m used to it. Wrote out essay neatly before school. Ants got into my lunch – starved in PES. I was also whacked in the jaw – PAIN! Fi & me stayed in at art at Big Lunch. Got my haircut. Short with a scungy ratstail. It’s too small – looks silly. Watched Last part of “Return to Eden”. Was good.

Wednesday 9/5/84

Woke late, feel tired. Wore Julia’s peach & white striped Tshirt in PES! Got a bad graze & bruise on my leg, when at little lunch a boy pushed his mate into us & as he fell, stood on my leg, [we were sitting on the ground] pinching it to the ground. Stayed in art again, before leaving for tennis – “I’ma gettin’ betta!” Lenny couldn’t start the bus this arvy – fooling around with a spanner when the problem was the handbrake was still on! Got home 3:55 LATE! Wore mainly Julia’s clothes to speech – UMAH! Was fun. After, Lucy, me, fi & mim rode playing “follow the leader”. Geoff staying for tea.

Thursday 10/5/84

Yesterday, I accidentally walked back into Kel M. – he put his arm around me & said “Orr, Sorry Darling!” I ignored him – a bit!! Slow day until Jules came back from camp. Slept 3hrs & was delirious saying things like, “Is dad home?” “I don’t wanna go back”, “everyone hated it”, “no water”, “salty baths”, “dry island” [which it is – there is no fresh water source on Lizard Island. I’m no doctor, but it sounds to me like she was pretty dehydrated]. DISCO was great but I was wierdest dressed. Michelle S. & Sandra E. & Shaun H. laughed at my shoes. Didn’t get BP updated UMAH!!

Friday 11/5/84

A Life in Words
Stained Glass Art

BP book was almost complete when handed in. Busy little lunch – ate ½ lunch, changed shoes, changed into blouse & handed in my maths folder! Big lunch, all sat under our tree & talked. Finished “stained glass window” in art. Looks TERRIFIC!! Lotsa stupid jokes in German got Miss Schmieman mad. This arvy rang mim 10 times & Fi 2. neither were home. I knew they were together. Upset that they didn’t get me. However, I cried…..(but what’s new?) Watched the movie “Smoky & the Bandit. TRIFF!!

Saturday 12/5/84

Tennis was okay. 1/3 games. I’m getting better. Went to mim’s after. Had a swim, all played a game. Was great! Now are all going to camp out in Mim’s Nanny’s Yard. Am so nervous – don’t know what to take! Will it be cold? Will we be alright? Hope mim’s nanny doesn’t mind.

Sunday 13/5/84

Was great! Mima & Fi wre uncomfortable so slept in the house – Beka & I didn’t. Packed up, went back to mim’s where had brekky and played games all day. Beka left around lunchtime. After, we had a swim, then made patty cakes for our mums. Was dark & all kept hearing things, like someone calling “mima!” Scared to death! When got home, mum got uptight about me being away all day on MOTHER’S DAY. Feel so guilty. Mum worked all day – on mothers day.


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