Turning Over A New Leaf? (25 June-1 July)

Monday 25/6/84

Mima went to movies & Sandy Lee & Co came up so I packed for Dad’s. Poor Fi – not being able to spend the hol’s with us. Not fair for her (or mima or me). Went after a tantrum to Dad’s work. A Life in Words I’m gonna try my best to earn my own money from today. [Hence the ‘Turn Over A New Leaf” sticker] Tough steak for tea. Early nite will »hope« sleep like a log.

Tuesday 26/6/84

Sent “Home Hints” to the Women’s Weekly (5). Went to shop to buy icing sugar for my mini pavlovas. Saw Fi with Sandy Lee. Changed a lot from the photo & didn’t seem very nice. Anyway ate all day & had a late-ish nite.

Wednesday 27/6/84

Jules, mum & I went to town. Walked around. Met Carol & Jamie B. Had lunch at “Goodings” & browsed at novelty shop “Giggles’n’Gifts”. At home, finished off the pavs (umah!) Julia stayed at Melinda’s.

Thursday 28/6/84

Jemima rang & “told” me to come up. Went to town at 3.00 for mim’s haircut. so while Julia, Melinda & Co saw “Breakdance”, Pol, mim & I ran to catch (just!) the 12:00 Bus. Spent $10 but shouted mim’s lunch $5. Took last bus home. Julia & I are now going to stay the night at their house. BYE!

Friday 29/6/84

Actually slept in! (till 9) Had small brekky, got ready, smaller lunch & caught 12:00 Bus into town (AGAIN) Polly & Julia wanted to get Pol’s money but the flat was locked. [I’m assuming that mum was at work for the day, and certainly not expecting her daughters to need to come home for anything] The just got out from breaking in when the bus came! Ronnie waited for them. [Ah, the beauty of ‘community’ – knowing all the bus drivers by name!] Mrs Brewer met us at 2:30, took us to Westcourt where we saw Mark R. God what a spunk! At mim’s we packed & went home (Julia & Pol fed the cats)

Saturday 30/6/84 A Life in Words

Yesterday mima promised to come over in the arvy after work but didn’t. Cleaned the house, went to Mulleys. Leonie wouldn’t take us to drive in to see Star Wars Trilogy so Nana took us & not Amanda & Genelle. Gina came instead. OH WELL. Was good. Back at Geoff’s we caught mum just in time & went home FREEZING. Flopped into bed!

Scrawled across the top of the page, at the start of the new month, is this:

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE month Because it HAS MY BIRTHDAY, THE SHOW & is the middle of WINTER!

Sunday 1/7/84

Going to dad’s tonite. At lunch, Penwardens came. Walked along beach [dad lived at Holloways at that time] Icy cold wind. Got an ice block at the shop, walked back & they went home. Soup for tea. Is very cold.

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