Exam Results & Cross Country Asthma Attack (18-24 June)

Monday 18/6/84

NO MORE TESTS!! Science awful 50½/70 English awful 29/40, Maths good 61½/70 German ok 42/50. Mr Van hasn’t finished marking history & I didn’t have art or BP. Am quite upset about Lucy’s coffee table. Mum’s going on about paying for it etc. Bought bubble gum & ice block, rode around, talked to mum rode Petra and Lysarne home after speech. Julia had a bad migraine before.

Tuesday 19/6/84

Mim, Fi & Beka & I were gonna wag the last day of the semester but can’t cos that’s when we get our reports. Cross country tomorrow YUK. 67% History overall 32/50 Oh! BP 35½/40. (70/75 so far) Art 37/40 (9½%/10%!!) Definitely decided to wag tomorrow. Gonna ring Fi now to see if she’s allowed. Started girl drawing business again (at lunchtime). Watched TV this arv. Egg-flip for tea. Tired.

Wednesday 20/6//84

Woke early – decided to go to school cos’ Fi was. Was alright. FREEZING morning – wore gloves to bus stop! Not much work today. (I’m s’posed to go to bed now but my excuse is I’ve got filthy/cold feet. CROSS COUNTRY wasn’t bad but I now know I have asthma – Got 4/5 way back when started uncontrollable wheezing. At speech mim said we’re not going late night shopping 2morrow now.

Thursday 21/6/84

Ellis won cross country yesterday; overall. Toni told me she’s wagging it – naughty. Career Ed today can only call it BORING. Went late night shopping. Put a layby on black shoes – Julia got belts & chains etc. (She) Went to a disco last night. Mum & I walked her there  Was cold.

Friday 22/6/84

Huffy with mum. I was running late she didn’t get my brekky for me so I couldn’t have any. COLD AM again Didn’t do any work at all today. AM NOT HAPPY with my report card. Science, Hist & PES are not all highs. Took a gigantic ham bone to Max. Stayed watching Heath.

Saturday 23/6/84

Rained abit at tennis. Went to our tree & after bought a yummy lunch dawdled home (at 4.30) rang mum on the way so she knew. Decided to go to Bluelight (mim & Fi sleep over after.) Am SO excited!! Can’t wait. Gonna wear pinafore, white shoes, bangles, mima’s mum’s black esprit shirt, Jules new belt, white scarf, fingerless gloves & dog chains (Y’know the silver ones) – ≡ Was Unreal! Rebecca P came & went with us. A boy she didn’t even know & she ended up dancing close to him. Thought Mark R. looked at me strangely must be my imagination. Nothing good happened to me but mim was followed around by two guys, one ‘Gavin’ from TAS & ‘Liam’ from CHS – Also a ½ mongoloid guy (Mark) from TAS like Fi & kept asking her to dance. Poor girl – god I’m mean.

Sunday 24/6/84 A Life in Words

Played a game all morning, went to shop, ate, rode and decided to sleep at Fi’s in hammocks. Fed St Cloud’s cats – had a fag & 1st drag. Is REEEEVOLTING FOUL. Didn’t sleep in hammocks tho’ cos’ weren’t any. Stayed up late (1 fag & requested songs (3) only Fi’s – “Let’s Hear it for the Boy” was played.)

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