Jigsaw Puzzle Panic (3-9 September)

Monday 3/9/84

Toni didn’t pick me up today thank god. She got ‘the message’. Karen is upset about our thinking they’re immature so now she gets on at our stop, before me, and gets the seats closest to the back (cos’ she knows I like to sit there)

Tuesday 4/9/84

Haven’t fought once with Julia since Friday! Good, huh?! Mum is going strong on the nicorettes. Am VERY PROUD of her! It took a lot of willpower & she’s done it, alright! [Hmmm, it’s only been a week Lissy…!] Am still very tired. Worked on the jigsaw puzzles again. Did no HW. Got a terrible headache – worse – I got a few more during the rest of the day.

Wednesday 5/9/84

In speech, we asked Mrs McI. if Fi could come to class (we weren’t doing work cos’ exams had finished) so Luc & I got Fi worked up – she was worried all day – thinking it was something bad! Had fun! In Double Science, we swapped rooms with 9B. We had B1 & they went to F1². PES mucked around Got some more headaches today.

Thursday 6/9/84

Woke ‘automatically’ early (6:00). Slow day. Started gymnastics puzzle & finished it this arvy. Fooling around, I bruised my arm – the bone. I was using my right arm for support on the floor, when Julia pushed me, I fell on it & so did she. I panicked – thinking at first it was broken but (un)fortunately it wasn’t. [I’d fractured my right wrist when I was about 10 years old – landing on it after a failed high jump attempt – so I knew the pain of a broken bone. UNfortunately meaning, time off school and/or the excuse that I’d be unable to write…] Early to bed – but I can’t sleep.

Friday 7/9/84

A Life in Words

Woke again ‘automatically’ around 6:00. Didn’t learn for maths & I think I’ve failed (or close to it) but – german was a SYNCH. Took $5 to school – $2.20 for German BBQ on Wednesday & 50c for pizza lunch. Watched movie “Can’t Stop the Music” & it’s now the 4th or 5th time I’ve seen it.

Saturday 8/9/84

Did go to tennis finals cos’ didn’t know where it was held/or what time etc. When I rang Fi she said she wasn’t going either cos’ she didn’t know enough about it either. Lazed around. Got words for songs, while listening to a tape. ATE UMAH After yummy salad sammy, went to help mum paint house but Jules & I ended up playing hopscotch, catchey & water fights. A Life in Words At flat – washed my bike for the 1st time EVER! BOY was it DIRTY! After tea watched the movies. Late one “No Sex Please, We’re British” was HILARIOUS!!

Sunday 9/9/84

Woke at 8:30. Had pancakes for brekky. Got dressed, sat down & did HW. Dad came at 10:00 and at his place (took him 2 GIANT pancakes) went to beach & did HW till Jill & Barry came. Looked over their house, then went for drinks to the ‘San Remo Hotel’ Pub. Watched movie and am pooped!

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