An Infected Ear & Dracula Spectacular (15-21 October)

Monday 15/10/84

A Life in Words
You can’t miss me, with the photo-stain-halo (top right)

Slow day. Did simple BP test. Also started on diet & extra exercises for Justine’s party (for Mark!) [haha, nothin’ like a ‘crash diet’] Got my school photo – will buy it. Didn’t get to talk to Justine about Mark. Am too embarrassed. Late nite

Tuesday 16/10/84

Another late nite. Left ear is infected again – really bad this time. There’s a GIGANTIC lump, the earring is tarnished and it hurts so much that I can’t even sleep on it. Really bad, huh? Did well on diet today – nana bought me a nice, fresh cream bun – I resisted!! [Probably because cream buns didn’t really do it for me. It’d’ve been more interesting to see how well-resolved I’d’ve been if she’d bought me a vanilla slice or a caramel tart.] Not much HW. House is coming along VERY slowly.

Wednesday 17/10/84

GEOFF’S BIRTHDAY TODAY. Reasonably good day today. Wore no earring to school today. Is BAD. Skipped speech – went to town & got 2 new bras & Kevin gave me a substitute earring (until I bring mine in to be swapped.) Had a small piece’o’cake. Told Justine about my ‘problem’. She doesn’t think I’m frigid …. I dunno. [Frigid was a ‘key term’ at that time – I think thanks to the movie Valley Girl – but what I was concerned about was merely my shyness – the inability to talk to boys, especially ones I liked. It certainly had nothing to do with sex because that was almost an unknown for me then. Only my mum and her boyfriend MIGHT’ve done that…]

Thursday 18/10/84

Very boring day. Went to school, came home, went to town – the Post Office, came home & played French cricket with Julia. Had a ½hr blackout. Diet is going well.

Friday 19/10/84

am: Almost missed the bus. BORINGGGG school day. At home, had a bath & rang Dunphy’s. Martin said Fi was at mima’s. Mima said Fi was at the shop. Mr D. said she’d just left for shopping. Decided not to go cos’ spent the whole arvy worrying about it; Martin had forgotten to buy me a ticket, therefore a seat! Waited for Dad to come but during tea, Fi rang so at the last moment I went to see “Dracula Spectacula” was FANTASTIC!! [Cairns State High School was renowned for their theatrical productions – this was yet another success.]

Saturday 20/10/84

Got home from Dad’s about 8:45. In town, got Amanda’s birthday prezzy. At home (after lunch) mum painted the house while Jules & I watched the movie & played cricket all arvy. Wrapped Manda’s present. Looks great! Now for the card & envelope!! Early nite 9:30

Sunday 21/10/84 A Life in Words

Did a little HW & watched TV. Had to do vacuuming so it was 1:30 by the time I could start to get ready. [oh so I DID do some chores? I have held the impression of myself as a lazy – unhelpful – child.] Had a bath earlier in the day so just dressed & packed for dad’s. Party was OK – just like an all-girls party would be. Ate 2 choccy billabongs, 1 choccy biscuit, 1 very small piece of cake, 1 chocolate crackle & a bout a handful of lollies. [Diet’s going well!] At dad’s watched movie “Getting of Wisdom”. Been on before cos’ I recognised lots of it. Good Aussie film!

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