Fun in the Sun (8-14 October)

Monday 8/10/84 

The thong I wore today kept rubbing against the cuts. Not many people asked me what happened, surprisingly! Mr Howard let me in the lab, even tho’ I only had 1 leather shoe on. Religion so only 1 period of science. [Wow, I don’t remember any religion lessons at high school? Interesting that it was Science that had to take the back seat…] Chilly wind & overcast but I love it, House is coming along nicely. Louvres in bedroom & front door is on. Pretty good day at school!!!

Tuesday 9/10/84

Nothing much happened today – Pretty “straight”. Wore a non-stick pad over me cut. Is not gonna heal, I know. Got on bus early again (love doing that!) Toni & Natasha are away. Think Natatsha has Toni’s fever. Can’t wait for the Bluelight!

Wednesday 10/10/84

Don’t think I’ll need a thong tomorrow. Last nite did wonders! Left the bandage off and HEY PRESTO! My foot’s almost healed! I can walk on it but from limping the last 3 days, I’m in the habit. Even the cut is now a scab! Lucy bought her dog to speech – after speech went to shop. mum saw a car crash today. An old man (78yrs) died at Aeroglen Drive T-Junction of the Highway near BBC Hardware & Food Barn.. Poor bloke. I feel so sorry…

Thursday 11/10/84

Got a shirt from a different op-shop was $4.50 whereas the one I wanted at the other shop was $1. Got my white shoes too (Like my black flatties) Breakdancing finals was tops!! xcept sometimes couldn’t see a thing cos’ people would stand up in front. Mim found Glenn – they had a good time. He kissed her on the cheek several times but that was all – it was UNREAL!! [I’m fairly sure that I’m referring to the Breakdance Comp here and not the kissing action]

Friday 12/10/84 A Life in Words

Alright today. Got on bus early still; I had shoes on & was walking properly! Have a splitting headache cos I’m excited ’bout the Bluelight. Can’t wait!! BAD false alarm today. Got a really bad pain down near my kidneys. Thought it was my you-know-whats. [Uh-huh. Clearly had no ideas where exactly my kidneys were situated in my body…] HEART ATTACK!! Had laughing fits in History. It has been rumoured that Mr Howard was the other driver in the fatal crash which mum saw. He was at school (but officialy still on sick-leave) & was alright. Had a fire alarm. Have gone crazy over Inspector Gadget now!! A Life in WordsSLOWEST week I have ever known! Bluelight was alright. Toni, Karen & Lucy went for 1st time but we ignored them. Remember 1st Bluelight you went to?? & Mark gave you the funny, sincere look? Well he did it again!! So I can’t wait for Justine’s!! (Party) Met Julie H. & Ngaree went (very unsuccessfully) spunk-hunting.

Saturday 13/10/84

Went to the [Fun in the Sun street] parade today. met mim & Fi, Before it. Julia’s float went past – I saw her – so did Mark & Jason. (they rode) &  came back a little later. (I was thrilled to the bone!) When they had to go, Mark said “scusem wa” & I quickly moved. God I love him. John’s nice too! OH HELL!!

Sunday 14/10/84

Just did HW. Then went to see finish of Fun Run. After leaving the beer tent, went to Dianne & Kerry’s for dinner. Watched “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (My 6½th time!!!!)

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