A Dinner, a Fete & a Crook Neck (22-28 October)

Monday 22/10/84

After yesterday, have to go strict on diet. Boring day. Mr Van Slooten picked on me (ALOT) today in History.

Tuesday 23/10/84

We’re all sooo tired: Hafta get used to summer again. Told Luc my idea of bringing alcohol to Justine’s party. She wants something exciting to happen too. Boring, plain ‘nothing’ kinda day. Fi went to sick room at little lunch & was sick all day. Hope she feels better in the morning.

Wednesday 24/10/84

Very boring day. still didn’t know what to wear until I had my bath. After speech, Fi, Lucy & I walked to the Freshy shops. Had fun at the German Dinner. Ate yummy tea & dessert UMAH! Walked up & down the street. On the bus on the way home the kids lit up a smoke & SHANE, WADE, IAN & EVERYONE ← (almost) smoked it. I couldn’t believe it. & still can’t. Anyway am tired so nite nite!

Thursday 25/10/84

Woke with a sore neck. Went to bus stop (in a shit). Decided to go back & kiss mum. Went back to bus stop, grabbed port & went to chiropractor. Made an appointment for this arvy. At school – BORING. Mum was late to pick me up from school so I got on the bus with Fi told bus driver & saw mum. Flashed headlights & I waved crazily. Dropped me off at Smithfield shops. Soon mum came. Lucky Julia saw me or she would have driven right past me & left me there. Got a little relief from chiropractor. Hafta go back tomorrow morning. At K-Mart, bought Justine’s prezzy – fluoro beads & Bangle (yellow.) A Life in WordsHad a big row – no dinner. Am not hungry now.

Friday 26/10/84

At chiropractors, a few twists & cracks made me feel 99% relieved. Feel HEAPS better. Got back to school at 9:40. Am going to fete with mim & Fi. We’re taking them & Mrs D.’ll take us home. Matthew C. loves Fi. It started last Tues when him & Clayton peashot us. Then on ‘Matt’ has written MC 4 FD on blackboards, desks & winked & blown kisses at her. Poor girl. Tonite Clayton rang to ask Fi if she’d go with Chappo. [To ‘go with’ someone was the 80’s teen terminology for ‘date’ or ‘go out with’] Don’t blame her for saying NO!!! Melinda’s staying tonight.

Saturday 27/10/84

Good day. Woke 7:15 lazed around. Began vacuuming but mum finished it. After a small lunch, had a bath, dressed & went to Smithfield Fete. Boring this year but Justine, Angela & us made laughter & shared food & drink. Before mim had been at her school carwash. Met 2 boys who’d suit Fi & me. Stuart (for Fi) from Trinity Bay (rest unknown) & Peter (for me) from CHS, Gr 11, blonde spiky hair & funny laugh. Great to meet him, huh?! [Of course that didn’t happen, so to this day I have no idea who Peter is/was] Will 10hrs sleep 2night hopefully.

Sunday 28/10/84

Did sleep 10hrs! Great! Woke, had brekky, did ex’s, had shower & packed for dad’s. Went to Mulleys today instead. Roger is shifting. Moo & Nellie didn’t want to come, so Julia stayed there. Went to Roger’s & sunbaked (had no suncream – got a little burnt) Picked up Jules after went back to Roger’s (old) place. Stayed for tea. Broke diet (UMAH) Penwardens & many more came too. VERY LATE NITE!


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