THE Party & Dad’s New Girlfriend (29 October-4 November)

Monday 29/10/84

Very slow day. Got official invit. to Justine’s, party. Dunno what to wear or take…. Boiling hot 2nite.

Tuesday 30/10/84

Another slow, BOILING Day. Didn’t learn 4 science test but think I did quite well. Thunderstorm has passed – is cooler now. (we didn’t get it, tho) Just. still doesn’t know if Mark’s going or not. She’s got no reply. Hope he can come. Hope he does like me (the way I think he does)

Wednesday 31/10/84

Boring, slow day. Did bad in science but BP was consellation – 15/15 for old practical test! the 1st full mark I have ever received while at high school!! [It was said that our class/year at Freshwater primary school was well above average academically, so my standards were set quite high. Prime for my inherent perfectionism.] Did little HW. Still dunno wot to wear! Wrote a list of what to take. If only I had a double breasted jacket…

Thursday 1/11/84

Sooo excited!! 2 days left! Fast day. Can’t understand maths work. Is hard. At home bathed, dressed & went to Earlville. New layout is beautiful! “Ambition” Clothing Co. is tops – so cheap! Love everything! Got a $5 double breasted jacket!! & a white straight skirt (from splendif.) Jacket needs shortening cos if done up – looks like a lab jacket! Broke my diet UMAH!

Friday 2/11/84

Sooo tired. Got about 5hrs sleep last night. Very Excited. Have a list of all the things I must do take & wear. I CAN’T  W A I T ! !

Saturday 3/11/84

A Life in Words
I have no idea what relevance these two stickers had for this day. Perhaps: “Don’t forget” the party at which you’ll be eating Birthday “Cake”?

Planned out the day but started running late about 1:00. Jumpy, all day. Took Fi. Was FAB!! Mark knows I love him, but Fi got hints that he loves Jemima. Kept calling her “Jamaica-farewell” some kinda code I s’pose. Always asked about her. Otherwise, I think he likes me. Got a bad leg cramp in the pool – had to sit out ½hr alone. Boys didn’t want to leave but finally did. Other Smithy boys – Shane, Gordon were jealous that they got all the attention.

Sunday 4/11/84

Dad picked me up from Justine’s. Met Jenny (dad’s new girlfriend) very nice, but not very pretty or young. [After all, my dad and mum were the Best Looking People in the World, so they deserved supermodel partners, right? Rose-coloured glasses are acceptable at age 14 aren’t they? Jenny proves to be The One for my dad…]  Lazed around – did HW. Penwardens came round. Walked to the shop for an ice block, via the beach. Drove to San Remo. Had a large dinner (2 croissants as well) Jenny left around 9:30. Late nite.

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