Resolutions & A Brand New Home (1-6 January)

A Life in Words

This piece of handiwork actually appears in the final pages of my 1984 diary but I decided it would be a fitting introduction to this post.

Tuesday 1/1/85

Well, hello ’85! I’m afraid to admit I made a bad start to the year, but I intend to correct myself. Today, after writing yesterday’s diary, got ready to go to bed (it was about 12.30) when Peta & Marney came. They had been at someone’s house & were late cause their car was pranged. We walked down the road (all of us, parents too) & swam at these people’s pool. Got to sleep 4:30. At about 10.30 got to Barbra’s for brunch. Boring day. Made tea tonight. Am tired. A Life in Words

Wednesday 2/1/85

I had no room yesterday to mention my Resolutions. So here they are –

  1. Fit and healthy (exercise & healthy diet)
  2. Gain Confidence (rid of my shyness) and in smaller print: (mainly towards boys)
  3. Be Nice to Everyone (helpful & kind to mum & everyone)

Today woke up worrying about mum’s red, black & white bikinis. I lent them to Peta when we went to those people’s place. I rang dad (cause Robbo’s have left for New Z.) He said he’d drop in to those people’s place & get them for me. Today packed my clothes into my chest of drawers. We are moving about Saturday! Early nite; so tired.

Thursday 3/1/85

Yesterday in cricket, Aussies won the 5th Test against Windies! They broke the West Indies record of wins in 27 tests! Aussies strike again! We mustn’t be that bad a team after all! But today, got positive news about the house. Water is running & we will start moving out tomorrow. Tomorrow night will (unless there are sudden problems) be our last nite in the flat. This morning rang fi to ask her to come down & open her xmas prezzy. Said she’d ring back – she didn’t. Petra came over at lunch. House was a big mess while we tried to sort out bits’n’pieces.

Friday 4/1/85

I think I’ll tell you now – I love this day-to-a-page diary. It beats squeezing in the day’s happenings into a calendar planner!! Today was the hottest day ever!! I woke up & got brekky then felt wet under my arms. But, I didn’t feel it much later. I spent most of the day cleaning out & packing up things in Nana’s room (the coolest room), then when Petra came up after lunch, we went to tidy up the house. We swept it all up (the dust & dirt) & took out all the sawhorses, wood , & tools etc. Came home & had shower. Am now ready to go to Diane & Kerry’s for tea.

Saturday 5/1/85

Late night last night. I think I might have only gotten 8hrs at the most!! Was alright (the BBQ tea). Diane’s (& Geoff’s) sister, her husband & her son were there. I used her son (13) as practice on my confidence. I did well, I thought, but I was still not talking. We had to play doubles in a tennis game. I should have talked then. Today was hot. Last nite was not our last night in this flat. The electricity hasn’t been turned on so we can’t of course, move in. We think tomorrow night will be the last night. Today we just shifted 9/10 of our belongings & furniture up – was tired out. Diane & Kerry came for a drink (& everyone else) HOT!

Sunday 6/1/85

Gosh, this flat looks empty now. You can even hear an echo in the rooms when you speak. I’ve been thinking about Fiona & Jemima a lot lately, wondering if they like me at all. They must have enough patience to put up with me all this time. I wonder if they’re always deliberately trying to hurt me. I don’t think they like me at all. Why me?? What’s wrong with me that I can’t get them as best friends? It’s not fair. Nobody likes me. It’s around 7.45 now. I rang Fi to ask her again if she was going to collect her Xmas presents She hasn’t rung back yet. Today was boring. Just unpacked. The water pipe has a leak. Think tonite is our last night here.

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