Memories of Poo & Dead Pets (7-13 January)

Monday 7/1/85

Was our last nite. Tonight are staying in the house in the dark – bar 4 or so candles. Fiona did not call back last night. (I stayed up late to watch the movie) Neither did she call today. I think it was Mr D.’s fault. He has a poor memory (so Fi says.) Today was busy. What with carrying the last few loads to the house, then scouring out the flat, to make it shiny & clean (as possible). [One of my favourite stories relating to this exercise was mum’s experience of cleaning out the toilet; she discovered something that had hitherto been imperceptible to us all – that the result of my grandmother’s daily explosive bowel movements (with thanks to regular consumption of Epsom salts) – had somehow lightly spattered the walls. Mum, Julia and I were in absolute stitches!]  There are some boys who have moved in where Diane W. used to live. They whistled (well, one did, I think he’s 15 or so, not bad looking. I’m writing by candlelight.

Tuesday 8/1/85

Last night while having our Kentucky Fried Chicken the Skinners came to the Fishers. Skint!! Me in my frilly nightie!! I don’t think we are gonna get our bond money ($200) back – Today was hot, but quite a lot cooler in the house. In the morning FNQEB & Telecom came so we now have electricity & a ‘phone! Rang Fiona around 6:15. Had to ring back 15 mins later. When she answered, she was bright & chirpy and didn’t at all sound guilty about not ringing back Last Thurs. Are both coming tomorrow. Petra came up after lunch & is sleeping. She has given us 3 goldfish, from their pond. Hope they don’t die. [Our track record with smaller pets wasn’t too good. Mutliple fish had died in our care, most often jumping out of tanks when we weren’t around to put them back. One summer we accidentally killed a pet budgie by leaving its cage in the garage on a day that temperature soared. We came home to find it on the bottom of the cage with its eyes hanging out of its head. Terribly upsetting. We have had much more success with dogs as pets.]

Wednesday 9/1/85

Had a late night last night. Ate ice-cream as a midnight feast. Were sprung! This morning, playing cards with Jules & Petra when Fiona & Jemima came. Got a photo frame from Fiona (brass) & notebook, room card (vacant or home) & sticker from mima. Then went to mim’s for a swim. WAS STINKIN’ HOT TODAY! After a quick swim, danced to Madonna (great exercise) then we had to go home cause mim had to go to art classes at 1:30. Fi rang when I got home. We went to shop & looked at new railway [‘Freshwater Connection’] I came home & went to the dentist. A Life in WordsVery quick tightening. Came home & relaxed.

Thursday 10/1/85

Jemima & Fiona asked me if I’d like to see ‘Ghostbusters’ with them tomorrow. I think they do like me; they are trying to start afresh. Being as best, best friend to me as possible. Today, mainly waited for mima/fiona. Woke quite early after a late night, then went out to do some things before lunch (getting things for the house) then just read, played cards, ate & lazed around all afternoon. I rang mim & fi about 20 times, finally mim answered. She couldn’t stay tonight but I was to go to her house at 8:30, along with Fi & Beka to catch the 9:00 bus. A Life in Words

Friday 11/1/85

After a late night last night (10:30) woke at 7:00 & began the rigmarole of deciding what to wear to the movies. Actually it was easy. Got to mime’s a little early, but got going (Polly, Beka, Fi, Mim & Me) at 8:45 When got in to town, got off near Coles & bought our “supplies”. Got a seat in the theatre (by the look of the que, didn’t think there’d be any room). Glenn came.. Ghostbusters was terrific!  No other word to describe it. After, walked around town then took bus to mim’s at 2:00 Swam all arvy. Wanted to sleep somewhere but weren’t allowed. Had to go to Yacht Club for tea.

Saturday 12/1/85

Quite a late night last night as well (10:30). Have decided to sleep at Fi’s tonight, in the garden, under a tarp… Hope we’re allowed tonight..!! Got to Fi’s at 9:00, she only just got out of bed! When mima came, we played cards till Lucy came at 10:00. Then walked (after lunch) to mima’s got her stuff, walked to my place (stayed for lunch) walked back to fi’s. Set up the tent. Looked like it would rain but did not. Rebekah came late. Fiona told me what Beka was upset about before ‘ghostbusters’ – she didn’t know I was coming – she “can’t stand Elissa.” Stupid bitch. Lucy was bitchy too.

Sunday 13/1/85

Last night got to sleep around 2:00. Had 3 smokes only for fun, ate & played cards. Have a sore throat. Have had it since I woke at 8:00 this morning. [Not the ‘fun’ smoking the night before, poten After clearing up, we all decided to go Freshy for a swim. Was cool & overcast. Lotsa guys None spunky (x-ept one) who, from a distance, looked like Sean (my spunk) on our way back (Lucy was picked up) these “toughies” wanted us to come back & swim. We didn’t – who would. Then, came to my place. Lazed about, Beka left, lazed about, went to shop, picked up mim & fi’s gear. Late nite AGAIN!


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