Womanhood & Power Cuts (11-17 February)

Monday 11/2/85

Today was boring, I s’pose. Just normal, Day 5 lessons (YUK!). Quite hot, too. Sarah H hung around us at big lunch. God it’s hot right now! I’m sweating – boiled!!!!! Mrs Westerwald picked on me in German, again. I couldn’t help being cheeky!! Raiders of the Lost Ark is on TV, now. Yes, the movie. What a surprise!! I’m sooo hot – Can’t think. If I remember anything else that happened today, I’ll write it in later!!

Tuesday 12/2/85

Mima dropped Glenn. Power strikes (I mean power cuts) all day today. Stupid electricity board. It’s not FNQEB this time, but SEQEB. Yes, they’re rationing our electricity! BUGARS! [All Queenslanders will remember the stoush between the Unions and The Bjelke-Petersen government at this time. There were state-wide electricity disruptions for many weeks. I didn’t – and honestly still don’t – know the gory details behind it all. I simply mimicked my parents’ attitudes. Oh, and hated being without power….as you do.] Didn’t do much work today. Was tired. Got Thursday’s history notes from Kel. Still don’t know how to get started in my english. Wrote a poem this arvy – don’t really like it, but can’t get an essay started. Will just show him (Mr VS) the poem tomorrow…….. Not too exciting – yes!! In art, have tables now & Tina & Erica sit opposite Fi & me – talkabout LAUGH!! So funny is Tina!!!!! [Bit of a girl-crush on the popular girl!] Early-ish nite to-nite!

Wednesday 13/2/85

A Life in Words
Imagine these handlebars (but with front & rear brake lines) on men’s racer bikes & you have the trendiest bike in 1984/5

This was no ordinary day. I got my periods. Yes, finally. I never thought I’d see the day!! As “mother” said to me, “Welcome to womanhood, Liss”. S’pose!! Mrs Westerwald picked on me AGAIN! I think I’m her guinea pig, now (me  & Lucy & Lisa F) Mr Van Slooten was away in history – in art Tina, Erica, me & fi had more fits of laughter over smiles, sinus & Kyrene’s (Erica’s sister’s) habits! Got seats on the bus, thank God! Lucy got off with me & after arvy tea, I walked her to music (she goes to a lady in Cassowary St.) She came back later & we both walked to speech. Mima’s got butterfly handles on her bike now! [I’m not talking your modern racing handlebars, I’m talking the high bars that roadster bikes used to have. See pic→] 

Thursday 14/2/85

VALENTINE’S DAY. Power cuts continue – last nite, tonite (& days) – probably go on for weeks!! Getting worse – could end up with a complete black out. Today was cool & wet (overcast). Was boring in school, again. Nothing exciting ever really happens. A Life in WordsTook home Fiona U.’s “Smash Hits Yearbook”. By the time I’d finished ready thru’ it, it was on dusk. Did little HW, didn’t really have much. Late night again, due to HW & blackouts. 1hr on, 1hr off now…… Geoff took mum to lunch; no choccy’s (DAMN!) Hate stupid electricians. Think they’re so cool. Well, Joh’s gonna show ’em!

Friday 15/2/85

Today was boring again. Power strikes are getting worse. Boring science; pes actually did a handstand (with Justine’s & Sarah H’s) help! Ms Westerwald didn’t actually pick on me today! HIP HIP HOORAY!! Behind in Hist. notes…. At lunchtime, walked ’round & then mucked about with Julia & Jodie. Jodie T. (not Jules’ friend) hates Fi or so Fi thinks. This arvy looked thru’ magazines. Petra is staying. Late nite….. with my radio, I went through AM trying to pick up all the stations – some Japanese!!

Saturday 16/2/85

Today, made “Barbie doll” clothes. My 2 ‘barbies’, I want to keep for my kids when I grow up, and until then, I’ve decided to make clothes for them & keep them fashionable & on display!! [Hmm well, two spanners in the works there: those dollies are long gone and I have had no kids to which I could give them, should they still be in my possession] Made 2 tube dress/skirts today, 1 boob tube & a pair of ski pants / Otherwise, I read magazines, till Mim & Fi came round about 4:30. Rode to Stratty (on flat tyres) & all pumped them up while the electricity was still on… rode around till 6:00, was fun! Late night tonight (hoping to be so tired that I sleep in) Boring.. Jules is at Dad’s. Wet & rainy today. Periods still!

Sunday 17/2/85

A Life in Words
diagram of pontoon

Woke early-ish DAMN! & sat making more barby clothes (a shirt from a sock, a  glove & tog bottoms) Then mima rang. Went to Tinaburra! Not the actual block, but where there was a pontoon like on the old Coke ads $2.50 for ¼hr – Rip off! But Nyree, Liam, Ryan & Rebecca I. were on it & had been for 2hrs! (Just from the $2.50!) So we went on it (Yes, I swam – didn’t bleed much at all!) TREADLY FUN!! (except that we only got 40 mins) Stupid old man – Jock! [I’m not sure if this was his name or an insult. Most likely the latter.] Anyway sunbaked & read. (Got quite burnt) At lunch, the man went away so we swam out to it – & swam under the floats. We were under the tramp. part. Man came back & we were severely skinted!! After had a go on the water toboggan – TREADLIER!! At home, mum had an accident – forgot the car was in 1st – drove straight thru’ to back yard – broke the table & the bird got away (cage severely bent) Lateish nite – strikes are worse.

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