Sunburn, Countdown & the First Shower (18-24 February)

Monday 18/2/85

Today was BAD [in the original diary this word was written LARGE; taking up two lines] It was hot & I was burnt (very sore). Fi is quite burnt too, but my face is like a beetroot. Rained later in the arvy. Blackouts just the same 1hr off, ½hr on. Everyone asked us what we did on the weekend (Fi & me) Sunday was fun!! Don’t like Lucy. She thumped me on my (very sore) shoulder. Boring day. Julia found out about the bird. [Gone. Escaped from its damaged cage the day before – see previous entry] Took it well.

Tuesday 19/2/85

Today was hot. Had my bath this morning, covered in olive oil. (Remembered last time I was burnt mum told me to oil myself over before having a shower/bath.) Makes me feel like I won’t peel, but doesn’t help the sting! OUCH! [I had forgotten about this Old Wives Remedy mum had passed on to us. I don’t think it actually worked.] More fun in german. In English, had to start drawing up charts for our class (we have to read 6 novels per semester & we must record them on this chart) Anyhow, I started drawing it up today but found I’ll probably need another sheet (I’ve already got 2) to do 25 people! Saw a WHAM! magazine at Stratty the other day. Want to get it $3.50. Hand in text book scheme money tomorrow. [I can’t really remember well, but I think the ‘scheme’ was basically a hire-purchase arrangement. You paid an amount for your set texts at the start of the year & received most of it back if you chose to return them at the end of the year. Anyone from Smithfield recall exactly?] 

Wednesday 20/2/85

Got in another shit this morning when I couldn’t find the hair combs again, ..So mum bought me some from Woolies today. Just cheapies – but that’s all I want. Periods are still going: 7 days now. Double art was good. I think Tina really does like me. She’s so nice to me. I think Adrienne hates me – I just have a feeling, like Erica & the feeling I had that Fran hated me (which (I don’t think) she does anymore) Ms Bowles’s (PES Teacher’s) last day today. We all signed a card for her. 7th period was spent getting a new timetable (cos’ 5 teachers including Ms Bowles have been transferred) Jules is now in 8E – she also knows who Tim is now (the guy who looks like Sean.) A Life in WordsSpeech was or’right. Mima was in a good mood. After, went to Bankses to watch videod “Countdown” (old one). [For those who aren’t old enough or Australian enough to know, Countdown was THE music show of the 70’s & 80’s, the star of which was our iconic music journo, Molly Meldrum.] Late-ish nite → !!

A Life in Words
the (eventually) successful lino block print

Thursday 21/1/85

Bad day for me today, but good for everyone (as a whole) in QLD. The blackouts are over! Well, not quite. A few restrictions & some 1hr long blackouts may still occur, but nothing as bad as it was!! For me, I felt cranky & ugly & unhappy. In art, my lino prints all bugared up – too much paint; to little etc. Didn’t do any HW tonight – just not in the mood. Huffy during dinner & after. Bugs in my bath. Runny, itchy nose. Fi also told me what Beka said about me. She was on her way to German & Beka said, “I’ll bet you had fun on the weekend” “yup” said Fi. “But elissa would’ve wrecked it.” “What do you mean?” “Ohh.. you know how she is” Nice huh? Late-ish nite again. Am soooo tired.

Friday 22/2/85

HOT today. Boring, too. Got the rest of our proper timetable. Is exactly the same, but a few room changes. Walking down to bus line, this arvy, Tim walked behind me on the left side. I think he’s sooo cute – no, spunky. He’s just nice!! Mima dropped in this arvy,  We went to her place for a swim (Pol, Fi, Me, Mim & Nyree) after, just hung around Grossetti’s riding bikes, talking & shooting ballls! Mim told me Neville still likes me – YUK Lateish nite…

Saturday 23/2/85

Jim Clarke started tiling our bathroom, loo & laundry on Thursday & mum bought a new shower curtain yesterday TERRIFFIC!! Looks neat!! Dude-ish [there’s that word again…] So, tonite I was the first to have a shower in our bathroom (using the new curtain) Boring day today. Lazed around. Ate almost ½ a bun loaf. That’s disgusting. Listened to records & looked through “Better Homes” mags. Began peeling yesterday. Yes, I’m gonna go white, again. Mum & I had take-away pizza for tea & ice cream. Geoff has changed. Both mum & I agree – she thinks he has another girl….watching movie tonite. [I don’t ever recall talking to mum about her relationship. This was a surprise to me.]

Sunday 24//2/85 A Life in Words

Today was HOT again. Woke around 8:00. “Picnic at Hanging Rock” was good, but spooky. Did HW all day today, except in the morning, while looking through “Better Homes” magazines. Got lotsa HW done. Still; have done my english essay. [Methinks I meant to say I “have NOT done my english essay”] Didn’t eat much at all. Got more songs from Countdown [This was one of our rituals. Somehow we were lucky enough where we lived to be able to tune into ABC TV on the FM bandwidth, so we could record the songs as they aired on Countdown. The sound was superior to everyone else’s AM radio recorded compilation tapes. My sister & I had three or four cassettes that we circulated over time, re-recording over the top of older songs as newer music was released.] Wham!’s “Everything She Wants” is No°7 & “Last Xmas” is No°3! Great, huh?! ‘Tucky Fried for tea. Thought mima & fi would call me today; didn’t. Quite boring. Saw Shane S. HOORAY! (who gives a shit?)


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