Tests, Exams, Assignments & Essays (25-31 March)

Monday 25/3/85

Dad told mum yesterday how good we were, ironing our own clothes, washing & drying up & making our school lunches. Guess what we have to do now?!!….. Ran late this morning. Woke at 7:00! Rushed around (at a leisurely pace) [kinda oxymoronic] and made it in time! (to the bus stop.) Science was boring, BP test was synch, German was easy too (but I muffed it up) Maths stupid & boring & english fun! (Bag was heavy 2day! Also still rainy’n’overcast!) First day home. Feels different, somehow not as nice as Dad’s… NO HW, really. Laughed at this set of excuses (a joke sheet which I got from Megan W.) that some people have given their Insurance Officers in their ‘crash’ reports. Talkabout funny…!

Tuesday 26/3/85 

Today was a little less wet & a little more hot. Got ready at a leisurely pace this morning. Got my History assignment. Bludged in double art cos’ I didn’t have a plastic bag (or an idea of what to make) for my clay. Maths boring, English 2 to 4 assignments, now. A Life in WordsDidn’t get my PES routine etc done so I might ‘hafta’ do it in a lunch hour! BP was fast! After school, read my Dolly – is packed with Fashion, this one! Watching academy awards (57th) Stupid! Never show any clips from the movies

Wednesday 27/3/85

Had a dream about Tim last night. Fiona was going with him & I was jealous, but he seemed to like me better, but wouldn’t drop fiona. It was good. I could see his face clearly too… Today; science test – I mucked it up. German listening test I mucked up, too. Got 28/35 for my reading/writing test. History assignment – I got started – will be easier than my english assignments. Art – I can’t shape a pavlova out of clay! English – 3 assignments. all hard. Maths so confusing! Speech was boring. Jemima seemed un-interested with me today. Brent (a new one) asked her today. Went straight home after speech – then to Geoff’s for National Trust Meeting. Did HW. Got some History assignment done. Very Late night. (‘Horse’ geoff’s cat, loves me! sat in my lap for ½hr) [Impressive…that I let the cat sit in my lap at all. Felines have given me hay fever many a time in the past.]

Thursday 28/3/85

Today was rainy – overcast & cool enough to wear a jumper all day. Science: had Mr McIntyre (Irish teecher) “Had to do wee questions!” [I think you mean Scottish, Liss?] English – comp. test – I’ve failed it! (Was hard) Other period did our reading aloud. Was shaky but got 5/5! Double maths – understand a little, now. History; struggling with assignment. German – went over our test paper. Lazy, gutsy afternoon. Started HW late (around 8:00) Another late nite I s’pose. Probly won’t get all me HW done either….

Friday 29/3/85

Today was cool enough to wear a jumper, too. Bought my new PES shirt today. Is big, but not big enough, I think. Science, marked HW sheet. PES – picked hockey as our new subject unit. German – got 12½/15 for Listening test. Extended little lunch. In form, picked our recreation topics for Wednesdays. I picked swimming at the beach, aerobics secondly, then craft. Sooooo many people picked skating – there’ll definitely be cut down. Art – started different thing. Pav. was too hard. BP – got 34½/40. History – Mr VS made me start again, but I’m on the right foot this time. After school watched TV. ABout 5:45 went to park. Mucked ’round with Julia on swings etc. Good place to think…..Early nite.

Saturday 30/3/85

A Life in WordsToday made myself sleep in till 8:00. I must have gotten around 11 hrs sleep cos’ I fell asleep about 9:00 Last night! Anyhow, changed my room around and had a MASS clean up. Then did vacuuming for mum. Finally began my History essay around 3:30 I think. Worked until 6:00 went to tape songs for Countdown but when turned on the TV it was just finished. Watched TV all nite. Movie just finished. Going to bed now

Sunday 31/3/85

A Life in WordsI am having a blue bedroom now. My room looks’n’feels just too hot in the arvy sun – so I need a cool colour. I’ve been thinking, too, that I don’t know if I like Sean that much. Tim is such a spunk, I think I’ve taken a liking to him. Anyway what’s new, I’m always dreaming.. Today I attempted (as soon as I woke – 6:30) to do my english essays. Can’t start the animal farm one, tho’ its a little easier & the Yentl one is too hard to continue. Lazed around. Painted my first 3 toenails on each foot & gave myself a quick manicure. Plucked my eyebrows & put some “hair stop” on them. [Again, wonderful examples of my power to procrastinate.] Lateish nite – haven’t learnt for my maths exam. I’ll fail it.

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