Surds, Ice Cream & Hey Hey It’s Saturday! (18-24 March)

Monday 18/3/85

Today I got in a shit. I don’t know exactly why. I s’pose it had a little to do with the fact that everyone was talking about the Bluelight, & that I was bored at Port, but mainly that they had all had perfect weekends and mine was a stuffed, shitty waste of time. Any way, dad got us to school around 8:00. Was empty!! (almost). Sarah came 15 mins later, then the buses. Boring school day. Not hot. Didn’t do anything but fool ’round with Jules & watch TV at home ‘sarvy. At dad’s – another late night. Shitty maths HW. So hard & confusing. Watching Mike Walsh now.

Tuesday 19/3/85

A Life in WordsToday I feel like running writing…[and I hear that cursive script is no longer to be taught in schools? What a shame. End of another ‘era’] Late for bus – had to get on at Fi’s stop! Double Science was boring. German was stupid. History; dull, art was fun. English made me fall asleep! (not really, but very close) and maths; complicated. Have to wear leather shoes into maths now, too. Shit! Mandy P. smiled at me today! Perhaps she does like me after all! at Penny’s did HW Dad finished run & all the HASH had tea (dinner) & drinks. Stayed till 9:00 Late nite 10:30

Wednesday 20/3/85

Today was okay. Science; boring no HW. English; boring no HW besides an essay. Maths; complicating, no HW, ach.[achievement] test on Mon. I’m gonna get Penny to teach me how to do these surds (cos’ she’s a maths teacher at Trinity Bay High). Mr Way doesn’t explain anything. [I had always thought my issues with advanced Maths began in my senior high school years – clearly not.] Went to art room at lunch time. History; more notes, No HW German she picked on me again, no HW. Exam on Mon I think. Got off at Fi’s. Forgot all speech books. After (fun) speech lesson, dad came. Late nite 10:30

Thursday 21/3/85 A Life in Words

Hi! I’m finishing off the choc-choc chip ice cream. I have a feeling tonight might be a little earlier than my previous nights! YIPEE! Sleep! Today: Science, boring, had to take out a Text book after school (TT#3) for HW. PE: shame! Did 2 items for assessment; Have 3 left + 1 routine. Forgot my mark sheet! Ger: stupid. Ms Westerweld picks on me again. Meanwhile, back at the ranch……! Little lunch I had some yogurt, double Hist finished notes on German Unification. Art fun! & BP lots HW & Exam mon. Right now, my BP has not worked out ‘n’ my ice cream’s melting. Fi told (lied to) Beka that we “weren’t allowed to go to the Disco”. A few dirty remarks about me, I think, but I’m used to it, now. Nite, nite!

Friday 22/3/85

Did not stop raining one second of the day. Fiona & Jemima ended up not coming to the movies. Jemima had a bad cold and Fiona’s mum said she needed an early nite. Rebekah was being mean again, today in maths. I wore a t-shirt, blouse & jumper today; warm! Saw Tim a lot too: in the library it appeared he was try’na find me or spot me (un-obviously of course). Have hardly any HW, just a lot of exams  to learn for & an essay. Sleep in tomorrow. Stinging, sore tired eyes at movie 2-nite. Petra did come! 

Saturday 23/3/85

Woke around 8:45. Lazed about until 10:15, when we had to rush and go shopping at Raintrees. Just got to the end (fresh fruit & veges) and a lady (old & baggy-looking) came up and said something like – “make haste, as we get in trouble if we use the cash registers after 12” (it was 12:05) [aah, the days of limited retail shopping hours] What bullshit!! Anyway, dad’s $70 for the groceries was in a $50 & a $20 note. A Life in WordsIt came to $46 or something, so I handed over the 50 & put away the $20. When we got to work – I found it was lost – not anywhere. So I had to work it off dis arvy. [Wow. Even as an adult I think that’s a bit unfair – give a kid a break. I’m shocked that I had to work to atone for an accident. It’s not as if I spent the money or stole it. Even though I respect my father for teaching us the value of money, this feels like it’s verging on child labour!] At the flat, late nite 1:30, I think it is. Am bugared. 

Sunday 24/3/85

Woke around same time as yesterday. Did some colouring to my sketch folder, then, when the flat was awake, we all began cleaning. Actually, I waz lazy – didn’t do much. Julia tried to ring mum again around 11:00, she got her! Mum came home around 10:15!! About 12:30, finished cleaning & roughly packing then (cos’ Mike – flat 5 – was having a party – BBQ lunch – his birthday) so Jules & I played handball while dad & jenny went out then Cheryl (also flat 5) put on a video recording of “Hey Hey it’s Saturday”. Got home at 6:00 watched Countdown. Latish nite. 9:30, now


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