Holiday Homework Procrastination (8-14 April)

Monday 8/4/85 (Easter Monday)

Today. Woke quite late. Ate last of my egg. After brekky had a ‘dip’, and proceeded to pack up. Finished at 12. Had our last swim and left, on the right track! Took us 4hrs to get back to the Walsh River. At 7:00, we were around Mareeba. Got home about 8:00. A Life in WordsMum told us what she did – I think she had a lonely weekend. Our whole trip saw about 20 kangas & wallabies, 2 dingoes, 2 ibis(es), a brolga, “major mitchell” cockatoos, 3 freshy crocs, a ded goanna. It was hot inland. I ended up only seeing Karen & Co on fri. Didn’t see Wade S. & Co or any one else. Was truly fabulous. I’m tired Goo’ nite.

Tuesday 9/4/85

Today was a big waste of time. Woke up tired. Ate, drank, watched TV, lay down, read “Dolly”s, mucked around with make-up and generally bored myself. Am sooo tired it’s not funny. Felt sick; headache. Am sure I’ll get the usual ‘wog’ after Easter like I do every year. Chocolate is my big obsession, but too much always makes me ill. Rained on & off. Felt like ringing fiona – but didn’t. Rang 4AM. [It would seem I was not mistaken the last time I mentioned commented on this (thinking I must have noted the wrong radio station in my diary). I cannot fathom why the Atherton Tableland radio station would be the one you would call for a Bluelight Disco in Cairns City. Why not 4CA?] Next Bluelight 19th April – but – that’s a Friday! (Wonder why?) Anyway I’m tired so nite, nite.

Wednesday 10/4/85

Boring day. Woke around 7:00 with a headache. Went to work while mum went to some appointments etc, then she picked us up & after lunch, Jules & I finally got our BACKPACKS. Except that Julia didn’t have to pay for hers. After some ooey, gooey food & look in the op-shops (unsuccessfully) went home and lazed about all arvy. Mainly read ’84 Summer Special Dolly. Early night. Julia’s at Melinda S’s surprise party. Is sleeping there. Wot am I going to wear to the Bluelight not this Friday but the next? I have to have something….

Thursday 11/4/85

Today was cool again. Mum went to work & I set out to do my English Essays but didn’t do a thing. Drew & watched TV most of the day, Julia came home about 11:30. Mucked around. Ate a lot. Mum came home for lunch. Felt sick after chocolate milk. Late arvy, mum & Julia went to Hayles, Fairweathers & McKenzies (Bill & Mandy) about tickets to the original production of “For the Term of His Natural Life”. Julie H came round. We talked. She knows (it’s obvious) (to her) that Jemima & Fiona are ‘neglecting’ me. She saw them, Polly, Liam & Cameron (Pol’s boyfriend) in town today. Invited me to town – might just go!

Friday 12/4/85

Woke up determined to get my essays done. Got out my gear, but didn’t even make a start. Watched TV while mum was at work. Julie H. came around. Talked and agreed to go to town in the arvy. After lunch, mum dropped me at Julies. After her completing getting ready, got to bus stop at 1:30. Talked 2:00 talked 2:30 The bus came at 2:40. We had just over an hour in town. Got some beads. Am going to make a bracelet like Jemima made fiona. (They were in town again today. Saw another movie. We didn’t see them. Late-ish nite. Went to nana’s 4 teaA Life in Words

Saturday 13/4/85

Julia stayed at Petra’s last night. I had 2 go to Geoff’s with mum. Watched movie there. Began animal farm essay. Began it again & again. Watched TV – Dad came at 1:30. At Dad’s drew, mucked about. Jenny & Anthony were there. Got ready for Leanne’s & Tony’s engagement after Countdown. Designed dad’s invitation for customers to new roof-wetting. Wrapped the engagement present. The party was boring. We stayed away from the crowd at beginning. Had a swim (Jules & me) then showered. Played cards. Mucked about. Anthony fell off the bonnett of a car. Big egg on his 4head.

Sunday 14/4/85

Got 6hrs sleep last night. Made everyone tea. Once awake, all went to work to photocopy those invitations then went to Far Nor AG where dad painted out his old sign. After that, went to Leanne’s to pick up Julia’s togs. Stayed a while. Anthony cracked a darkie, and on the way home (when we stopped to satisfy our sweet teeth) Jenny & Dad blew him up. At flat things were tense. Walked on the beach Anthony stayed behind. Watched Countdown. Had sausages for tea. Late-ish nite. Haf to write out essay yet. Couldn’t get other 1 done cos’ didn’t have my correct reading book to use for reference.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Homework Procrastination (8-14 April)

  1. Hi Liss

    I am so enjoy reading your blog every day.

    I get my lunch and while I am eating it I catch up with your blog before getting back into work mode.



    1. Aw, that’s lovely, thank you! I’m enjoying putting it out there, and pleased that it’s offering a little entertainment! 😉


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