Australian History, British Comedy & Breakdancing (15-21 April)

Monday 15/4/85 A Life in Words

First day back was long and boring. Fiona (& Tim) has a hair cut. Looks good (fiona’s I mean – I’ll have to get used to Tim’s. However, I don’t think I like him much anymore. Thinking about Sean again – dreamt about him last night!) Science was boring. Physics, I hate. [This attitude has changed, for sure.] English – Mr VS gave us till Wed to hand in extra work (got the book out at Big lunch) Maths was complicating. Doing surds again. HATE IT. History – started on WWI. German – more work & ‘picking’ Had to go to movie. National Trust thingo for Heritage Week. Saw 1st version of “The term of his natural life”, made 1927. Silent movie. Was alright.

Tuesday 16/4/85

Last night after movie, Beverly Hills Cop was screening. While tidying up, listened to it – sounds funny! Tonight was a late one. Rushed to get essay done & (unsuccessfully) got upset in the progress. Didn’t get it quite finished. Have part 4 to do & to write the essay out neatly! Science was boring!! PES was tiring, hot but fun. German got HW – picked on us again. History started WWI – dictation!! Art – watched video in library. BP – catchup lesson. While talking to Anna today, Matthew (that Yr 9 boy whose quite popular) told me (cos’ he was there last night) that his grandfather was the boy in the movie who was crying before jumping off the cliff.

Wednesday 17/4/85

Slept with mum last night. Needed comforting cos’ so upset about stupid essay questions. This morning was rushed. Got recreation (swimming at the beach) Was fun!! S’posed to do lifesaving etc, but Howy (our guide) says we can just laze ’round sunbake etc! [I wonder how this attitude would be received today? Blasé about sun care?] Shorter periods. Lucy caught bus – thought we had speech – we walked to mima’s. A Life in WordsAll went to shop – ate redskins – at home ready to go to another, smaller film night. Late nite, boring. Another spider

Thursday 18/4/85

Today was boring. Day 5 – had science; funny experiment, BP – new work. Actually got a break during double periods! (Never have, before with BP!) German – Westerweld was away!! Had big, fat relief teacher. Heapsa work – made a bracelet out of used staples!! Maths kinda understand & Eng – no essays left!! NO HW YIPPEE!! Don’t think I love Sean anymore. Nor Tim (not that I ever did.) I still they’re both hunks, but I don’t get too fidgety near Tim anymore. ‘Sarvy beat mum home. Nana came ’round. Went to Nin’s for tea – home early. Early-ish nite for once (last nite we all slept – very restlessly – in mum’s bed cos’ we made that gigantic spider sick ‘n’ Jules’n’I were scared it would drop on us in tha nite.

Friday 19/4/85

Today did nothing. Bag was very empty & light. No History HW, no art HW, learn for little maths test, no english HW, no pes HW, little BP ledger HW. Melissa Y’s last day at Smithfield today. Is going to live in Nambour. Got her hair permed. Looks terrific – s’posed to go to movies tonite, but didn’t. Went to Ben B’s Bday party at Balaclava Hotel. After, had cake at their house.

Saturday 20/4/85

A Life in WordsLater nite last nite. Sleep around 12:30. Woke to find mum away. Was at Rusty’s Bazaar. Got muchHW done as possible – nearly all of it. Cleaned chest of drawers when dad came. Frantically packed in a silly costume for Roger’s party – the theme was “Faulty Towers & Monty Python”. Went as Sybil – all jewelled ‘n’ dressed up. Was orright. Home at 2:30.AM bugared. Watched 3½ videos – 2 dad rented “Breakdance” & “Beat Street” [we really are in the thick of the breakdancing era here] & Roger’s “Various Faulty Towers” & ½ of “The Meaning of Life”. At work all day beforehand. A Life in Words

Sunday 21/4/85

Woke early (damn it) Sat down and did Last of German HW – then learnt for maths. By that time it was 1:00. Anthony & Jaqui are coming tonight. that meant that we had to go home to mum at 1:00 (cos’ it’d be too hard 2 fit 4 kids in the flat.) They are starting Smithfield High tomorrow. Got home – mum’s car is pranged – some bloke backed into the left front side. Not too bad – but the bloke has to pay 4 it. At home, had to dress 4 BBQ at Geoff’s. Was alright. Yummy cheesecakes. Am tired. Is 9:45


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