Girlie Things & Noisy Birds (22-28 April)

Monday 22/4/85

Couldn’t wake up. Ran a little late. At school, didn’t see Anthony or Jaqui. Must have conned a day off, from Jenny. Today was cool & fine. Science was boring – german was boring. History was boring. Art was orright. (Worked on clay at big lunch. Dunno wotta do.) Maths boring & English, too. Boring, plain day today. I hate Mondays, Jeez!! Late nite – 10:00 now. Didn’t have much HW at all. Bluelight 27th. Wot the shit’ll I wear? Hafta make something. Chris (from National Trust) did [fashion] Designing Course ‘n’ said the first year (½) u hafta make 2 articles per week. I CAN’T SEW!!!

Tuesday 23/4/85

Today got in a shit cos’ (I wanted to go swimming &) mum’s tampon wouldn’t fit me – it hurt. Went to school in a bad mood. Boring day. Science more work. English – sick of hearing Rebecca P’s posh voice and stupid reading in the play. Double maths more work. History dictation and German BORING. Jaqui & Anthony were here today. Anthony talked to me, but Jaqui didn’t. Anna sprung her smoking in loo’s. Another shit this arvy, when after mum bought smaller type of tampons, wouldn’t go in again. Later, however got in quite far. Still can’t get it, though. Early nite – eyes stinging when they are open. Lost a lot of moisture ‘cos of all the crying this arvy. [Womanhood – it’s not all it’s cracked up to be? I’m sure I can’t have been the only girl to have this kind of brilliant menstruation experience.]

Wednesday 24/4/85

Today was – oh I can’t describe it as usual. Ran very late cos’ tried again to fit a tampon in. VERY UNSUCCESSFUL. Forgot money but Justine saved the day 4 me! Science – quickly, no HW:- pes hot, fun – no HW:- German – late (10mins) picked on me, boring – no HW:- History – boring, long – no HW. Checked pad before getting on bus. Appear to have finished today’s period. Went swimming. Had triffic fun. Beka didn’t – had her periods, too. RAGE! Speech was simply – boring EVERYONE ‘sides Mrs McI. was tired (me too)  Found out she’s been pregnant since ‘afore Xmas. Takeaway dins going to Geoff’s for National Trust meeting. Am tired. Is hot now.

Thursday 25/4/85 (Anzac Day)

Today I ‘guts’ed out. Ate ‘n’ ate. Umah! Woke early to next door’s galahs skwaking. Lazy – read through Dolly ‘workshops’ looking for sewing patterns. After cleaning my room & fussing around with materials & patterns (I gave up &) wrote out my ’84 diary again. Did that til Nana & Nancy (1 of her sisters) Had to show ’em my art & skool work. After they left ‘n’ Jules ‘n’ I mucked around, had a bath & am wotchin’ TV! Early nite I hope. ‘S’morning thort it was Sat & in the arvy & nite, kept thinkin’ it was Sun – BIG mistake!!!! [Another Anzac Day goes unacknowledged. While transcribing, I had no idea at first that this day was even a public holiday, let alone for what reason.]

Friday 26/4/85 A Life in Words

Today was (oh! I’m sick of starting off like this.) I didn’t like today. Cool wind so didn’t get too hot during hockey. I failed my maths test on surds, I’m sure. Bought my leather shoes today & didn’t even have science in the lab! Fiona bought my tin of Kool Fruits. Ended up eating them all today. Also got another english assignment. Just a letter. Want to get it done this weekend. BLUELIGHT tomorrow night! Petra F is going! Thought she wasn’t allowed ’till she was 16! Late nite wotched ½ of 1984 Logies & Dave Allen

Saturday 27/4/85

Fucking birds next door screeched & squawked all fucking morning, waking me up at 6:30 after going to sleep only 7 hours earlier. I wanted to sleep in. Went out this morning. Bought lace & tartan ribbon. Looked at materials, too. Came home & watched TV & lazed about all arvy. Rang mima (didn’t want to ring Mr D – (grumpy-bum)) Got ready 4 Bluelight. Couldn’t use blowdryer – exploded. The cord just ‘teared’ or ‘broke’ or ‘split’ Am now soooo nervous. [I often felt nervous prior to certain social events and indeed, still can.] Oh!! They’re here!!

Was terrfiic!! (Saw Sean 2 times briefly) Neville only stuck ’round ’bout an hour. I Didn’t sit down once – sore back. I think now that mima set Neville & me up in the beginning. Mainly danced with Fi, Beka, Justine & Greg K. John C was there, too.

Sunday 28/4/85

A Life in WordsSlept in to 8:30, cos got to bed 12:30. Today was very lazy day. Woke up to birds squawking at 6.00 or so, but managed to sleep in longer. Read old Dollys, did depilatories (creamed off the hair under my arms, & bikini line) Did most of my HW. When that was complete, showered’n’shaved etc, and went to Clarke’s for drinks. Took science books & english Didn’t do anything, tho. Watched TV – countdown’n’muppets left around 7:20. Early-ish night 2nite. I hope It’s about 8:45 now. I must learn for my science test tomorrow

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