Subject Choices, Exams & Equal Pay (9-15 September)

Monday 9/9/85

Soooo tired today. Couldn’t stop yawning. 1st, 2nd & 3rd periods were spent with approximately 150 other YR10’s in L1 & 2 making subject choices, counting numbers etc, that was boring & uncomfortable since Justine wanted to share my chair with her big bum. Fiona left at Big Lunch for the Doctors. Beka missed ¾ maths at guidance officer & (Lucy was away) Anna went home with her mum so Julia sat next to me on the bus. Asked Mrs Stevensen about Accounting.A Life in Words She’s pleased I’m continuing. [That’s right! I’d totally forgotten I had considered becoming an Accountant. Oh how glad I am that that idea left me. I’d never have kept up with the most complex tax system in the world…or would have died of boredom first?] My final choice would have been 7 subjects: Maths I & II, English, Bio, Chem, Art & Accounting. Can’t have 7 tho. I’ll haft drop Maths II I think.

Tuesday 10/9/85

Didn’t get English done, so didn’t get it handed in…. not that it mattered cos’ Mr Van didn’t demand it. Got upset (very) this arvy trying to do it. English exam tomorrow, so won’t have to hand it in then either. German was quite easy. Think I’ve done well. Riding tomorrow – going to the beach for an hour in PES (lunch & 6th period.) 7 of us – Just, Beka, Fi, Sharon D. & Kim (& me) We’ll run late I reckon. Late night. Just watched last part of “princess Daisy”. Happy ending. Is 10:30 nite nite!

Wednesday 11/9/85

English test was hard. I am bugared. Mum went to National Trust Meeting. I felt like going, too. Stupid me! There was nowhere to go to sleep. Today at the beach was fun – but hardly long enough. Got a little pink on the face – full stop. Didn’t miss any History (pity) cos got back earlier than expected. Most of us had showers. I have a headache. The ride to school was good & so was it on the way home, however Justine & Kim were so slow. Along Lower Freshy I dropped from first to last. My knees were about to give way. I was quite pooped. Kim & Justine came in for a drink & to see the House. Mum likes Kim. [why wouldn’t she?!] Still haven’t done my English poem. He’ll kill me.

Thursday 12/9/85

Boy, was I dog-tired today. Mr Van didn’t say anything in english (thank God) but we read from poetry books instead. I actually did it this arvy!! [Assuming ‘it’ is the poem I’d hitherto been unable to verse] (I had to use a poem, y’know change the words [er, isn’t that called plagiarism Liss?]… will fix up grammar in the morning ‘n’ write it out at school. Is 9:30. Have just finished revising maths. I will be confident!! I hope! Got 28/30 for Ger. writing & 14/15 reading. Did listening test today. Am gonna dad’s Saturday night cos’ mum’s going to Townsville. Will work with dad stay the night & come home on Sunday.

Friday 13/9/85

Didn’t do too bad in maths test – but made careless errors. Know I don’t have full marks – prob’ly 26 /no! Won’t get my hopes up – say, hopefully around 22/30 more (I hope) but… in german got 11/15 for listening, so my total out of 60 is 53. Quite good! Have now (next week) only BP, Maths (anudda one) & practical art tests left. Must study a lot this weekend. Got a fair amount of HW done. Mr Howard said he thinks I’d cope with doing Chem & Bio (I forgot to bring my selection sheet back today – big trouble!!….) It’s now a toss up between Chem & Economics. – I dunno. Oh shit! Mum won’t be here in the morning – Hope we’re awake in time for dad.

Saturday 14/9/85

Mum left quite late this morning. I was too tired to wave goodbye. [This ‘waving goodbye’ is a family ‘tradition’ of ours. I think it was borne of an old courtesy, something like seeing someone to the door, but also – and especially within the family circle – being about sending love…as if there was the possibility that it could be the last time you’d ever see them again. It’s not a habit I have kept to the same extent as my father, mother & sister, who often stand right outside and wave until you pull away in your car (or sometimes until you are out of sight!). I’ll walk you to the door or the gate but I will turn and head back inside after the final wave or parting word.] I woke again at 7:00. Packed etc (made beds) Dad was late. At work did hardly anything but earned $20. Had to work with Jacki, see she worked when she felt like it & when she stopped I had to otherwise I would’ve done more than her and only been paid the same amount. [My sense of fairness has always been strong.] Ended up that she wasn’t (measuring the stuff out) properly. At flat, watched TV, scratched “BP” petrol cards 251 of them! A Life in WordsHad a late tea – late nite – we played Trivial pursuit. Julia shitty – she’s homesick. thinks dad’s ignoring her. I Ate too much. Jaqui went out. Anthony bombed out. Slept restlessly.

Sunday 15/9/85

Woke last night briefly when Jackie came home probably 3-4:00 in the morning. I dunno. Everyone slept in. I read (started to read) a book. Had 2 pieces toast & bacon for brekky at about 10:00 in the morning. Went home at 12:00. Stopped for a Frenzy met Gloria – Peta & Marney’s aunt. Still looks so young! Also saw P’s. They left as we came. Mrs P didn’t give me a 2nd look. Good. Stupid bitch (they all are.) [For those who haven’t been following these diaries for very long, the hostility expressed here derived from a ‘bullying’ incident in the past. See the post entitled “Bullying & a New Heart Throb”.] At home, didn’t study at all. Had a water fight with Jules then sunbaked (unsuccessfully) Nana came over. Watched TV. She was reluctant to leave us on our own. Wen she went – I had a bath – began shaving; power went off. Came back on just as I’d dragged out the lamp (& found it had no batteries anyway) Had tinned dinner. Mum came home 7:15. (Nana rang before that to check on us. Must admit I did get a little worried for awhile – but that’s just my Cancerian nature!) [My grandmother was also Cancerian, so her over-protectiveness stemmed from her ‘natural’ propensity to worry as well.] Late-ish nite 9:30. Last week this WEEK! YO!

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