A Mauve Outfit, a White Swimsuit & an Inferiority Complex (16-22 September)

Monday 16/9/85

NO tests. Mrs B drove us home today (Anna, Jay, me & Fi) cos’ she does voluntary work here (at skool) when Julia got home, we drove into town. Walked around.Worst luck imaginable. All the shews [me being deliberate in my misspelling here, sometimes for phonetic reasons] I liked (weren’t many) were either not in that (my) size or colour. Then, I couldn’t find  any shirts or anything. Didn’t do any Homework. Am just bugared. [Actually, I have only just realised how much I use this word, which has a much different meaning to the general public! In our family it was a standard term to describe being very, very tired or exhausted, not unlike the other ‘awkward’ expression some use; “rooted”. Is this Australian slang only?] Can’t wait for the holidays. A Life in WordsEventually (finally handed my selection sheet in) I chose chemistry out of that & economics. Someone told Fi it was just like history so I’m definitely not going to do it. Last nite I dreamed about Tim. I flirted with him. He liked my eyes. Was beautiful. [ ..the dream, the scenario or the guy?] Today Fi told us about her dream that she’d failed english test – said her dreams came true. Wished mine would. I have no chance really. [Great Liss, a lot of compassion shown there to your good friend, by lack of commiseration!]

Tuesday 17/9/85

Very late night. German dinner was fun. Got a new shirt from Ambition colourful almost exactly what I wanted and ($30) Diana Ferrari shoes leather ($40) Am happy. At German dinner went for a walk around Woree. Feet a bit sore but no blisters. Was quite fun – not excellent. Guess what! Adrienne & Erica want us to ride to school with them on Friday. I don’t believe it And we’re s’posed to go to the beach after school together. FUN! [Well I clearly felt a social hierarchy at school. My reaction to this invitation reminds me of the Hollywood teen flicks where the Geeks get sucked into nasty pranks by students of the ‘upper echelon’. Of course, this never existed in my time at Smithfield High – at least not to my knowledge or in my personal experience. Erica actually lived in Freshwater and had attended the same primary school as us anyway. I suppose in my eyes she ‘fell in’ with the ‘right people’ once we began high school.]

Wednesday 18/9/85

Quite boring today actually. Ate quite more than I used to (ie when I cut out snacks) In other words I had a big snack this arvy which was NOT NECESSARY. [passive-aggressive self reprimand?] What’ll I wear to the free dress day? I have no clue at all. Shorts? Wot? Went to art room at lunch & finished off my work there. Then went back to L Block & started ach.[achievement] test. Art test tomorrow & maths extension. (Wanna get a hair cut, too.) Got maths back yesterday & guess – 26½/30. I couldn’t BELIEVE IT! Still I deserved it cos I studied. English however 6½/10 & 5½/10 for english response. Umah. Today’s BP test (exam) was easy but I didn’t study enough theory, I don’t think. Am bugared. Nite!

Thursday 19/9/85

Got 61/65 for BP & Art I found stupid but once I started I felt quite pleased with the results. Maths extension test was easy, but I’ve made careless mistakes set. mark is 20-22/30. Went & got hair cut (is much better – keeps out of my eyes) and after went to KMart; found nothing so went to Earlville. Got a great new purple (mauve) skirt & top (earrings too) for $30. Almost lost $20. Almost lost suit to another woman – who picked it up after I tried it on – luckily she didn’t buy it. Went back to KMart to see Dad. (selling tickets) Went home. Have to have my camp menu in tomorrow. I quickly wrote out my choices 2nite but will probably change. A Life in WordsTeachers are only going to refrigerate our meat, so I might have to buy a mini eski for my salad, milk, cheese, butter, yogurt & poppers. Also Asked Mr Carter. if I could swap into group 2 said no. I don’t mind. Gotta go to sleep now.

Friday 20/9/85

Rode slowly (I thought) but still beat the buses. Did no work; was a total BLUDGE! Almost wagged german but sprung by Bancroft (lied & got out of it). Art exam 8½/10 Maths 28/30 Excellent! I freaked! Riding home, Erica & Adrienne went to Smithfield Heights to see a friend said they’d catch up to us. Didn’t tho’. I left Fi at Railway Stn, went to shop & bought lollies. Nana came round. She left & we went to Mandy’s. Heath talks a lot now & Matthew is so big. Night at home. Just watching TV. Going to town tomorrow.

Saturday 21/9/85

Doesn’t even feel like the holidays! Went to town with Justine & Kim (her braces are off – looks nice!!) when I got on bus, sat next to Erica and talked to her until Kim got on. In town walked around – I tried on togs & found a really nice pair of white ones which actually “strengthened” my figure. Didn’t look at the price. Pigged out at Sunny Oven Bakery – had a huge slice of Vanilla slice. [I always seemed to go the vanilla slice. I think it’s because I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for custard.] At home – quickly changed & rode to Justine’s. We sunbaked for a little while, then swam, had lunch (watched grandstand – they all taught me the rules etc.) [Not sure what that was, but have a feeling it was something to do with Australian Rules Football, which was foreign to most Queenslanders. Queensland was – and still is so far as I know – a ‘Rugby League state’ in terms of football codes] & swam again. Rode home. People here. Thought they’d stay for tea but didn’t. Is now 12:50. Just finished Trivial Pursuit I WON for once!! YAY!! Mima works in Kaffa – we saw her. She asked me if I was going to the INXS concert. told her I might & she said “well ring me cos no one else wants to go. THAT’S A CHANGE. huh?!! [I clearly held the perception that I wasn’t an important figure in her life, and that in a respect she was of an upper class socially as well – even though she attended a different school. I think I had always ‘idolised’ her, despite having been friends with her for almost a decade by this stage!] doesn’t even feel like the hol’s – YES it does!

Sunday 22/9/85

A Life in Words
Not me of course. Just an illustration of the heights to which swimwear legs were cut in the 80’s

Today I did nothing – mostly I read the play book nana gave me, watched a little TV & cont’d writing out my 1984 Diary. Dunno if I’ll fit it in the book. [I did!] Ate little, but quite frequently & it was choccy buscuits or smarties or ice cream etc which is terrible. Did I tell you when I was in town yesterday I tried on some white togs which really looked good? Forgot to look at price. There was a blue pair cut legs up to waist made my torso & stomach look lovely but not my legs. [Oh the 80’s! High, high cut gym and swimwear, but low-slung & drop-waisted clothing!] Gonna work tomorrow. Played Triv. Pursuit (T.P.) again. Not too late 2night. Every time I write in this diary (or any) I feel it my duty to fill each page up. I do alright huh?!! In fact, I need more room – [Not wrong there. Almost every entry spills over onto the next day’s space, which in turn pushes the next day’s on, and so on. This transcription involves a fair bit of page-turning.]

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