INXS, Puff Paints & An Old Wives’ Tale (23-29 September)

Monday 23/9/85

Got to work late started labelling at 9:45. Worked most of day Earned $33.50. Getting the INXS ticket tomorrow!! will be great! Rang Jemima: We’re taking her (Oh! & Fiona after all) sorry, them in & they’re taking me home. Justine rang. I think she understood I hope. I feel bad in a way. Stayed up late to watch the good Monday night shows. Is 11:30 now. Am tired. Can’t think of anything else so Nite Nite!

Tuesday 24/9/85A Life in Words

INXS was great!! NOTOPS. Reels were stupid. But INXS were brilliant. Played all or most songs – minus “Original Sin” + new ones too. Got right up the front again. My ears are ringing now – they’re not so deaf anymore. My legs & back were so sore. Polly’s boyfriends friends Adam G (y’know him) & Benji & others. Benji was NICE! Think he liked me – probly me imagination. Today just wrote out ’84 diary between watching TV, fooling with Julia and (of course) eating. Is now 11:15 & I am tired. Got to line [queue for the concert] at 4:00! Got in a 5:40 But were very near front of cue (Mima was 3rd to get it!) Mmm, yes – Benji was nice. (Polly tried to set him up with – Anna likes him.) But he’s YR9 → I think.

Wednesday 25/9/85

My left ear is still ringing!!! Woke up & right one was clear but left was blocked & ringing. Has unblocked but is still ringing. Wonder how that happens? Scientifically, I mean. Will ask Mr Howard at school. [If I did ask him, I have forgotten what the answer was. But a quick Google search just now reveals that, basically, the ‘stereocilia’ (within the cochlea) become damaged and mistakenly continue sending sound information to auditory nerve cells.] Rang Jenny. there’s NO work for me, so I’m going to town on Friday (because) we’re going to mission beach on Mon, Tues & Wed & mum’s b’Day is on Tues.) & will walk to work & borrow some money off dad [for Mum’s birthday present]. Mima & Fi are coming (I think.) Rang them & they’re both quite sure. A Life in WordsMum’s at National Trust Meeting. Watched TV today & wrote out 1984 diary & ate & ate …. Mum got me some puff paints for Tshirts. Are terrific!! Also mum went for a job interview. Was turned down but the (nice) guy said she had all the talents & qualifications to do it. OH WELL!

Thursday 26/9/85

Mima’s not coming to town (But Fi still is.) she has to go to the block at Tinnaburra. Too bad. Anyhow, I asked her if (or mentioned that) she’d set up a date for a day to Green Is or something. Said that’d be fine. But now we’re not going to Mission Beach till Thurs cos’ geoff has to go away. Everything is so rushed. (Today I did like I normally do – ate, watched TV but didn’t continue rewriting my ’84 diary,and lazed around – getting fat. Mucked around with make up too. That was fun.) Played Trivial Pursuit. I got fed up with all the hard Q’s I got when Geoff, Mum & Julia got easy ones, so I left – Julia took  my place. [Sook!] Geoff won. I’m tired – hafta catch the 9:00 so nite, nite!

Friday 27/9/85

Am buggered! In town, I got $50 from dad [for mum’s birthday present] & he said to get something from him so in town I dragged Fi around – not knowing what to get at all. So I eventually got a $30 voucher from sussans, and a bread knife from me, &  a wooden bead necklace from Sportsgirl & a $7 voucher for Robyn’s. Hope she likes it.A Life in Words [The bread knife gift has an unpleasant parallel memory for me. It was only about four years ago Mum asked me, as she always did, what I wanted for my birthday or for christmas. The majority of the time I had no idea what to tell her, but this particular time I had in mind “a really good, sharp, proper kitchen knife”. When the gift giving time came, she just handed me some money, explaining an “old wives’ tale” about gifting knives: something along the lines of giving a knife can sever the relationship between the two people involved. I don’t recall her being overly superstitious but I think she grew ‘conscious’ of things such as this the older she got. She definitely ‘softened’ with age; she began to get teary when dropping me off at the airport.] At home (we caught a lift with mum) I lazed around. Suddenly overcome with fatigue. Watched TV. Made or have started to make a notice board from cardboard box. Went to Di & Kerry’s for drinks to give Trent his prezzy. Ate so much junk today too.

Saturday 28/9/85

Just been to a BBQ party. Was little boring & quite cold. Mum had a jumper lucky devil. Funny conversations! Some (one) spunky guy there – bit old for me tho’. Looked about 19 or 20. Smokes & drinks. Today, spent most finishing off the ’84 diary. Got it finished just as we were leaving for BBQ. Also made the notice board from cardboard (box). Painted it today – but I’ll need to put thin white card/paper over it cos you can see all the bend marks, etc. Woke early but made myself sleep in. Is about 12:20 now. Am not tired but I s’pose once the light goes out, I’ll go “out”!

Sunday 29/9/85

Guess what? My periods are due the day we leave for Mission beach – Wednesday. Great, uh? Finished totally my ’84 diary & burnt the original. Also, with my notice-board I stuck white (thin) cardboard over the top. Still want to put black (or some coloured) trimmings on it before hanging it up. ← Dunno how I’ll do that yet, either. Haven’t got any pins for it either. OH well… Watched a bit of TV. Am a little sick. Have sore throat, feel tight chested – thick mucus wall up my throat. Voice is affected. Mum thinks Larangitus. probably. worst in nite-time & mornings. I squeezed 4 or 5 oranges for my throat this morning. Ate quite little no snacks besides 3 choccy biccys & a frenzy cone for arvy tea. Is 10:30. I’ll go to sleep now.

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