Kuranda, Mission Beach & a Kick Up the Bum (30 September-6 October)

Monday 30/9/85

A Life in Words
Tourist train to Kuranda

My sore throat is still present. I have a little mucus problem, too. Also when I rode with Fi today I got some headaches. When I rang Jenny (dad didn’t answer first) she said what I have sounds a lot like wot dad’s got & he’s not feeling even 90% Watched TV today. Fi rang about 12:30. Beka, Julia, her & I are going to Kuranda tomorrow. Yes, I still will get mum brekky in the morning. She has to work tomorrow, anyway. So Fi & I rode to Freshy Connection & got details, then to Beka’s to give her the details (stayed there over 1½hrs! Had a frenzy too) Will wake around 5:30 tomorrow (before mum) to prepare her meal. Train comes back (last train) at 3:00, so I’ll have time to make her birthday cake, dinner &/or dessert! (Hopefully!) It’s a pity Geoff won’t be there tomorrow. She’s quite (she will be) upset about that.

Tuesday 1/10/85


Boy, do I feel terrible. SPLITTING headache – no sore throat – but a cough – when I breathe in, it “tickles” me & I must cough. No GOOD for my headache…WOE!! Woke at 5:30 to get mum her tea & toast and breakfast but she was already awake so went sent her back to bed. We also made our beds & hers, & unstacked the dishwasher only to find that it wasn’t a clean load! Orr! At Kuranda, it was boring (things to do) but was fun (we laughed & joked all the time.) Fairly neat weather – most of us got pink on the shoulders (Anna came too). Am sooo tired – just been to Pizza Hut for mum’s B.day tea. Feel even sicker now

Wednesday 2/10/85

A Life in Words
Me @ Mission Beach

Didn’t leave til 5:45pm for Mission Beach. Lucky that we got here at all. Mum went to work – we watched TV most of the day. Julia doesn’t want to be here. I’m starting to regret it, too. Just little things which annoy me. But tonight I “got wat was coming to me” according to Geoff. He blew ME up for making noise, being inconsiderate etc & gave me a hefty, hard kick up the bum (arse) it hurt. [Wow, in this day and age that’d be almost criminal. Any wonder I never grew fond of him.] He thinks he’s so cool, well he’s a shithead. Anyway got here thru rainstorms etc. Hope weather fines up. Stupid package Ian only sent yesterday no wonder it’s not here. But the ship is only leaving on Sunday now! [I have absolutely NO idea what this is about. No idea who Ian was, what the package may have been, and how there is a ship connected to it all. That’s pretty ‘funny’.]

Thursday 3/10/85

Windy & overcast today. Went to beach – came (almost) straight back cos’ was very windy & not sunny. Had a few showers, but nothing heavy. Slept terribly last night. Woke coughing. Have now got my sore throat again as well as the cough. But woke & couldn’t get back to sleep (hysterical coughing fits) Finally did, only to wake around 6:00. TOO BAD. Went for a walk to Tam O Shanter. [At that time, Tam O’Shanter was THE resort in Mission Beach – the only one. So we went to check out the Luxury.] (Long) Got a big (intense) headache. Lazed around arvy. Went to pub for tea. Geoff got shitty – tough with me again. Even mum told him to “Lay off”. [I actually remember this moment. She wasn’t  confrontational, so this reaction is a great example of her maternal protective instinct. Maybe it was moments like this that led to my belief that their relationship failed because mum always put us – my sister & I – first?] OH well. Early nite. I hope the air mattress doesn’t go flat again. Julia’s sleeping on it too now.

Friday 4/10/85

↑ It did. [That is, the air mattress. Did deflate!] Woke up, had brekky & left. No last goodbyes, no visit to the beach; just packed up & left around 10:45. Took awhile to get to Whiterock. Stopped in at the Dunstan’s & spent about 3hrs there. Then at home had takeaway tea. Justine rang & I missed her so I rang her back at 7:05 She asked me to go to the movies (to get to her place no later than 7:40) Got there around 7:35. Saw BACK TO THE FUTURE unreal & (believe-it-or-not) at the odeon cinema we actually got another movie with it. [The Odeon Cinema and Cinema Capri were the only movie theatres in Cairns at that stage, and the Odeon was the larger of the two. It had been the first cinema to drop the ‘double-billing’, the Cinema Capri maintained it for longer in order to continue attracting patrons.] FLETCH. A Life in WordsThe one “State Affair” [unsure if that actually was ‘state’ – couldn’t decipher my handwriting, and it seems strange because I don’t ever recall a programme or anything by that name. But that doesn’t mean anything either – my memory isn’t brilliant] has been raving about. Both TOP movies. Excellent. Loved ’em! UNREAL!! 1 problem today: haven’t got my periods yet they were due Wed. Hope I don’t get ’em on the camp

Saturday 5/10/85

Woke early – rang dad. Spent morning cleaning my room, doing leftover HW & fixing up my noticeboard. (looks good, I think!) Then, around 1:30, 2:00 had a bath & packed for dad’s. Went to the 1st inaugral Boat Show. (dad was selling raffle – “art union” – tickets for the King Quest.) at around 4:30. [The local annual festival in Cairns, then called “Fun in the Sun”, used to crown a ‘King’ each year. I can’t remember whether you self-nominated or not, nor whether the winner was literally “people’s choice’ or chosen by a ‘committee’.] Was boring – but fun! Saw Tim’s friend gary S. Stayed till about 9:30 Drizzly, windy ‘n’ cold. At Dad’s watched the late movie & Anthony, Jacki, Julia & I talked till about 1:30. Fun Day. 1 GLORIOUS DAY LEFT [of holidays]

Sunday 6/10/85

Woke around 8:00, I think, but dozed untill I ‘awoke’ to the sounds of the James Hardie 1000 on TV. [Now called simply the ‘Bathurst 1000’, Dad watched this ritualistically every year. But then, I suppose the majority of Aussie blokes do.] A Life in WordsJust watched that all morning up untill about 2:30-3:00 when we finally went back in to the Boat Show. This year’s Fun Run was so Stupid. [The ‘Fun in the Sun” Fun Run, that is] Such pooR organisation (dad was commentator.) I saw David S (he did well) & his brother & father & Glen C & John C. I think he might find me “attractive” (believe it or NOT) when I looked at him, he’d often be looking at me. And not only today. All other times in the past, too. he’s nice! After, got a hot dog. Sat for awhile, then left. Got home around 7:15. Watching movie (shouldn’t) umah

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