Soggy Shoes & Socks Up Shit’s Creek (4-10 November)

Monday 4/11/85

Got  my BP assignment written out this morning and finished illustrations in History because Mr Van was away. Raining this morning Was lovely! I got drenched from mid-thigh down. I couldn’t stand my socks & shoes but they eventually dried out. [Ugh yep, wearing saturated socks & shoes – especially in a humid climate – is pretty bloody uncomfortable. Mind you, having same in a cold environment is pretty horrible too. When I visited Yosemite National Park in 2005, it was late November, it was wet, there was sleet, snow & my runners were drenched. Horrible.] Is raining now. It stopped around lunch time & only started again around 7:00. If it rains tomorrow morning I’ll take spare socks to the bus stop & I’ll wear a torn garbage bag over my skirt!!! NO JOKE! Lucy’s havin’ a party on the last day of school after we’ve been to Green Is. Dunno if it’ll be a success. We have to bring a ‘date’. Who’d have enough guts to go with me? Harry K was going to organise a gigantic party for YR 10’s elsewhere. I think that’d be better. Anyway…

Tuesday 5/11/85

Fran told me today on the way home that I was accepted [to the CAD art course at Cairns High] cos’ she asked Mr Roff. Fiona overheard and said, “now you’ve got to decide”. I looked away in thought and she said “well?” & I said “it’s not going to take me only that long to decide.” She’s anxious to know whether I’m going or not. Ha. Ha. Justine’s B’day. Planned to ‘forget’ on purpose, but she was shitty so we didn’t. So much HW mum came home late. We sat outside. I only got impatient when the phone started to ring cos’ I knew it’d be Lucy ringing to ask if I’d go for our typical ride. [For the younger generation, it must be explained that there were no such things as mobile phones. We only had landlines, so hearing a phone ringing off the hook inside when you were locked outs – and expecting a  call – was quite frustrating.] Ate a lot. Had cake & Kit Kat & yogurt.A Life in Words

Wednesday 6/11/85

My Homework is piling UP & UP & UP & UP all the time. I have 4 assignments to do, + study + outside work (otherwise I’ll have nothing to buy Chrissy presents out of.) I’m going nuts! Riding with Lucy this arvy, ran into Jemima. She congratulated me. I still don’t know whether to go or not. It looks as if I’m leaning towards leaving Smithfield but I must properly decide by writing out the pros & cons & seeing which outweighs which. Have to read now “The Pearl” by John Steinbeck. Only 100 or so pages. Hafta have it read by Friday so (it’s 8:30 now) I’ll read it all tonite. Mad Max II is on TV now. I’m not up to watching it – too tired. Only had 6½hrs sleep last night, cos slept at 11:00 automatically woke at 5:30 Another late nite I can’t hack!A Life in Words

Thursday 7/11/85

Is starting to get very hot and my work load grows higher by the minute. I can’t get myself to work on my assignments on week days. I have 4 assign’s. + the assign’s & studies I must do for exams. (I’m BOILING.I’m not gonna cope. Saw Neville at the park this arvy round 6:00 with a girl who looked like a boy from a distance. It’s his girlfriend. In a way I’m relieved but I’m mostly very curious. Riding again with Luc. We’re trying to get fit for the Green Island trip on the last day of school (there’s a rumour that CHS yr 10’s will be going same day too. Hope so! UNREAL!!) But’s not certain we are going yet. Late nite is 10:07

Friday 8/11/85

School – yuk. Sallie’s “party” (not many people were there) was great! (all the same.) Had fun at waterworks [the Waterworks was a water-based amusement park, virtually in the heart of  the Cairns CBD and apparently the first of its kind outside of the US. It had four ‘pipe’ slides were the main attraction, some of which apparently had razor blades in them if you believed the scaremongers! Eventually it was dismantled & relocated to what would then have been the southern outskirts of the city (Edmonton) & renamed Sugarworld. So far as I know, it’s still in existence.]  it was 5:50 to get in & I only had only $5 to start with. After dad picked me up (cos’ mum’s out somewhere) & went to Crown Hotel till 1:00. At dad’s watched end of movie & late movie the worst movie out “FJ Holden” Aust. of course. So stupid I coulda directed it better!! Anyway I crashed about 1:00 I’d say. Heat is becoming unbearable, almost. Rain has stopped & is hotter. Rode with Lucy & Sharon D. (cos’ she was at her shop) today. FUN!!!

A Life in Words

Saturday 9/11/85

Today was a big waste of time & energy. Got home around 10:30. Read my book & finished it up to 2:30, then watched TV. Yeah! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!! Ate a fair bit today, too but drank heapsa water. Was BOILING & I am soooo tired cos woke 8:00 and don’t feel good. Watched movie tonite, too. (Waterloo) Am absolutely stuffed but is my own fault went for a walk tonight cos’ we’re minding Auzzie while Dad & Jenny go camping. Saw Neville’s house. Is quite nice. MUST do work tomorrow is my only wekeend left before 4 of ’em are due. SHIT I gotta sleep now – can’t keep eyes open.

Sunday 10/11/85

Got my english survey written out & re-wrote my first history assignment. Wrote a crappy ending which I’ll get Mr Van to help me re-write. as for the other 2, they’re up shit’s creek. Like me. Lucy rang at 9:30. We rode to Stratford News Agent so she could buy a book. I bought milk at Freshy. Julia went to Green Is for Brendan S.’s Birthday Party. Aussie was bored, I could tell – Jenny & Dad came around 5:30. Dad’ll photocopy my survey tomorrow. I have sooo much work it’s unfair. [Hahaha, love that one. UNFAIR?] In a shitty mood. No good razors left so I cut myself & I haven’t done that for yonks. early nite

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