School Stress, Creature Invasions & the Mullet (11-17 November)

Monday 11/11/85

Got the official letter of acceptance into the art course. Have decided to accept, however I’ll give them notice that I may reject it over the holidays. Had my haircut. Is nothing like how I wanted it. God, Annette’s docile. Now I look almost bald on top & my hair is long & thick at the bottom. [Hmm, that sounds suspiciously like a mullet? Every reason to be unhappy in that case.] And my survey-sheets (so many of them) were misprinted etc – that added to my anger so I had a good ole cry session. (and swearing & throwing things around.) IS BOILING we NEED fans. Can’t stand the heat. [Anyone who has lived in, or visited Cairns between October & March should have an idea of exactly how horrendous it would be to live without fans, let alone air conditioning. Aircon? Pfft, only pussies live in the Tropics with a fully air conditioned house. One of my friends put it perfectly many years ago when he said “What’s the point in living in the tropics if you go from your air conditioned house, to your air conditioned car, to your air conditioned workplace/gym/shopping centre & back again? You have to experience the climate in at least one of those environments!” But… fans would be nice.] Also need flyscreens for doors & windows cos’ toads galore & the usual bugs etc are getting in.A Life in Words [We had a beautifully designed (for the tropics) ground level house, with many french doors and floor to ceiling louvre windows. Brilliant natural ventilation (albeit without fans for those hot still times, that wasn’t useful) however at night with the emergence of insects seeking light and toads seeking insects, we had a literal menagerie of unwanted amphibians arthropods and reptiles in the form of geckos make their way into our abode. Now I’m not at all an animal hater, and I like camping but it can be quite annoying on a day-in-day-out basis.] Now have 7 assignments – 2 english, 2 History, 1 PES and 2 english exam ones (of course there’s another History exam one, too.) FUCKIN’ HELL

Tuesday 12/11/85

Went to presentation rehearsals from 9:15 to 1:15. For that time (except once) I remained seated, doing NOTHING. BORING! The acts were silly but tonite at the actual thing everything was so much better. Minor mishaps. Not many. Got home from skool & rushed into town at 4:20. Borrowed $50 off dad & tried to find a dress. Looked in the City Girl Boutiques. Tried on heaps of dresses & I mean heaps! Finally got a white (with whole floral print) drop waist with buttons up front, & V shaped low collar. BEATIFUL. My hair stayed in place too! Did no HW Is now 11:00. Am bugared – nite!!

Wednesday 13/11/85

A Life in Words
Miss Australia 1986

I gave Mr Roff my acception [er, acceptance] & he said (after my suggestion) that it would be good to let him know whether I will go or not, when I come back to school to get my Junior Certificate on Dec.6. I have now 10 assign’s 5 english (2 hand in – 3 exams) 3 Hist (2 hand in – 1 exam) 1 (exam) german 1 PES!! GREAT, HUH?!! I’m not going to get it done. TOO BAD, HUH??! NO!! NOT “too bad”. I MUST GET THEM DONE. Wasted tonite. Just rang up people to do my survey. Am so tired: just watched 1986 Miss Australia (Miss NSW won again.) They must have it rigged she couldn’t have won in a fit but she did. They always win. Is not too Hot tonite….. I hope! ….

Thursday 15/11/85

Tonight I broke down. Not a proper break-down. I just had a terrible anger-fit then I couldn’t stop crying. I can’t cope. I have 10 assignments (wel 9 now cos’ I finished one off crappily) & I have a (hard) extension test tomorrow which I didn’t get time to study for. I’ll have to work my arse off this weekend. NO SPARE TIME whatsoever. Got my T-shirt almost done in double lesson [art I assume] today will probly need only 2 more lessons at the most (Good cos’ we’ve only got 2 more left on them!) Looks alright, too. Think I will accept but won’t tell anyone but Mr Roff (have to) & probly Julie H if she can keep a secret. Nose is bleeding again. Late nite 10:15

Friday 16/11/85

O! Work, work, work – wonderful (?????) work!! That’s all I seem to be doing now. Is terribly hot. Watched movie – am tired. Mum & Geoff went to Lifestyle ’85. [I have no idea what this event was. Perhaps some kind of expo? These were rare in the 80’s] Julia & I stayed home & mucked around. Maths Extension test was pretty easy. Made 1 or 2 mistakes that I know of already. Have so much work for the weekend – if I do finish my assignments there’s heaps of study to begin. Neville plays the drums – heard him this arvy. I can’t remember correctly, but I think I had another dream about Tim last night (Good, of course!!)

Saturday 17/11/85

 A Life in Words
Part of the Dolly article “What Tribe is That?” which I ‘borrowed’ for my english assignment…

Is 11:10am Bugared. Almost finished my History assignment. Just 2 more (or so) pages left I s’pose + tonite, (that’s why I’m having such a late night.) I wrote out notes for my english report. Can’t do the survey cause there’s no point behind it. Am, Insted, doing the “what tribe is that?” article from Dolly. Mr Van won’t know. I’ll change it round cos’ some girls might. [Well, well, well… my first conscious and/or admitted plagiarism!] Also must do book review tomorrow + Shakespeare study + science study. I’ll be bugared!! I wanted to get this Hist. & Eng. report done today so could sunbake a little tomorrow. SHIT! went for a 10 min ride with Lucy around 5:30. Nin & Ruth came for lunch.

Sunday 18/11/85

Ate & Drank far too much today cos’ I had a very sore/irritated throat from sucking back mucus (there was no Sudafed) Plus my nose is running. YUK I feel terrible. [Hmm, catarrh and a runny nose. Sounds pretty much like a viral infection. Stress opening the door to let it in?] BUT I finished 2 essays!!! Got not study done, however. & still have 7 assignments left. THROAT IS KILLING ME. I am so tired. Mum’s going to let me have tuesday off, to study, do assignments. Don’t know if I will cos’ I have double History. Then again, I need the time…… Face is getting bad – more breakouts on my chin & forehead + I have really bad dermatitis on my toes. + there are still no new razors so I had to use a blunt one. YUK!!!!

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