Slaving for Christmas & Party Fever (2-8 December)

Monday 2/12/85

A Life in Words
@ Justine’s party

Only Astia, Lucy & I went to the movies, but Shane, Wade, Ian & Karl came late. I just caught the 2:00 bus home (missed out on about 5 mins of Back to the Future ending) & Crabbe was on it. Got off at Stratty to go to Justine’s! Appointment with Mr McKenzie at CHS was alright – dragged on cos’ we were admitted late & he talked & talked & talked & talked….. Got to the party at about 4:35. Was alright. I like Crabbe, too!! He says nice things about me. [I recall him calling me something like a little Dutch girl because of my complexion: looking Scandinavian is complimentary in my books. I also remember him telling me that orange suited me, when I happened to be wearing an outfit of said colour.]  Mima & Ben (especially Ben) looked bored. But they ‘supposedly’ hit it off during the video ‘Revenge of the Nerds. I’m still not 100% sure he’s as flipped over her & she is over him but maybe That’s his way of showing it! Crabbe is nice Richard’s alright but no interest in me. won’t even answer a comment I might make. Actually, am a bit jealous of mima. Dunno why. GOTTA have more parties. [And the (social) butterfly begins to emerge from its cocoon…it is a very very slow unfurling however, thanks to a lack of confidence…that has spanned decades.]

Tuesday 3/12/85

IT IS HOT SOOOO BOILING. HOT. [This little rant here looked so impressive in my original diary that I had to take a photo so you could witness the temper. Hilarious!] A Life in WordsWasted day. Went into work.- did NOTHING. Couldn’t get motivated- didn’t feel like it. Just sat around listening to the radio. Came home around 3:00 Ate heaps today (am ashamed) Art course meeting was short only about 1hr. Many people weren’t there e.g.: Neville ←he’s the only boy in the course, too! Skinted!! Still, he’ll probably enjoy it. Elisia’s in. I met 2 other girls from TAS, too – both of whom I recognise. Early night tonight. Am going to work tomorrow. Need $40 $20 for mum & dad (payback) & $20 foundation for Xmas prezzy supplies. Typed a letter to mim (formal!) asking her help in holding a party at Waterworks. I’ll let her set the date & guests, cos’ I made it a party for her & Ben. Hope she does. I love parties. IS HOT. Will post it tomorrow. [Obvious example of ulterior motive here. Too shy/lacking in confidence to go out & get what I want for myself (a party), I created a reason to attract someone to ‘help’ me because it will appear to benefit her. Inadvertant reverse psychology?] 

Wednesday 4/12/85

Not too hot today. Mostly overcast. Worked well. Got 125 drums cleaned ($31.25) in 9:00-1:15 After lunch, did (1:45-5:30) 3hrs 45 mins labelling (easy stuff – done in the office – the air conditioning used the electric typewriter & made up all these labels for shampoo [I’m thinking that’s carpet shampoo. Can’t recall dad producing beauty products]. Also did other odd jobs. So total was $46.25, but I have to give dad $10 (I owe him that much) + $10 to mum (I owe her too). [Haha, cute. I – like most children in the world – owe my parents far more than a measly $10] Tomorrow, have to earn at least $45. Hope there’s enough work. I also want to work on Saturday. I hope there’s enough work!! Riding to Smithy on Friday. Hope Fi & mim haven’t forgotten I’m coming too. Sent that party letter to mim this morning. Early nite

Thursday 5/12/85

HOT! HOT! HOT! I hate tit!! [Yes, I had actually written ‘tit’. That is not a typo.] I earned $31.75 today. I have only $32 left to earn on Saturday now, before I get a round $100. Came home a few hours earlier today. GREAT NEWS!! There’s a party at Erica’s on Friday night! 7-12. See, mum’s going out & we’re supposed to stay at dad’s. Beka also wanted a lift so, at 1:30 we’ll ride to school, get our certificates, ride back & Beka’ll stay at my place the arvy (getting ready) & dad can take us to the party & drop Beek off after it. Also, mum said she found some pretty good clothes at that 2nd clothing shop, so I might get some rags ‘n’ fix ’em up for a party outfit!! [By ‘rags’ I mean decent pieces of clothing I could cut up and re-fashion, without sewing of course. Raw edges were in for awhile in the 80’s….lucky, lazy me.] Can’t wait. ‘S unreal. Pretty early nite. (Gonna need it)

Friday 6/12/85

Walked round abit with mum. (She had places to go.) She bought 2 dresses from a 2nd Hand shop (I couldn’t find anything worth cutting up) so whipped across and bought a yellow ‘n’ white striped shirt from Rockman’s. Is very bright. That letter I was typing to Fi, ended in a rush, just before Dad took Beka & me to the party. Prior to that, Beka, Lucy, Justine, me & Sharon rode to school & got our JUNIOR CERTIFICATES. Am happy with it …. is pretty good. I coulda done betta if I’d tried harder over the years. Took our bikes back on the bus (too tired to ride home) The party was…. ‘good’. It wasn’t as good as Lucy’s & our ‘form’ one. Remember David L? He was there and I think he likes me. Kept looking & following me (discreetly) around. Richard & Ben were there, too. Mim came late. At Dad’s now. Am tired. Forgot my plate! [This refers to my orthodontic plate, which I am assuming by this time I am only wearing at night, because I certainly was not still wearing it during daylight hours when I started at Cairns High…]

Saturday 7/12/85

A Life in Words
This is all that remains of the Mickey watch. I’d love to find a watchmaker who could make use of it again for me.

Got my periods, finally!! And also my very first period pains. Jeezus are they BAD. Agony!! Fi got her letter last nite. I wonder wot she thought of it. At work, earned $15. Not much, but I was cranky & lazy with those pains. Julia & Jenny did some cleaning out & found some old stuff. Jules picked up a pr. of floral, flanell PJ’s & I got Anthony’s old Mickey Mouse watch! Is good (ticks loud enough!) Left my (bloody) knickers, white singlet & beach towel at  dad’s. Oh well. Watched the movie. Am bugared now. Have a breakout along my hairline, on my forehead. Yukky!! Feels funny – the atmosphere. Doesn’t feel “Homely”.

Sunday 8/12/85A Life in Words

Am tired. Have decided to grow my hair shoulder-length, as long-hair is back in fashion. [Judging by the photo above – at Justine’s party – it’s pretty clear to me that shoulder length hair would not take very long to grow at all.]  I wish I could grow it really long & get it permed; but it wouldn’t stay in. [Ah the bloody 80’s obsession with perms!] Today we put up Chrissy decorations (& the tree) Wanted to make some, but ended up not. Got December Dolly & after doing some “word-find” puzzles, read it til Countdown (& watched the movie, too.) That’s why I’m tired: went in to Dunphy’s newsagency to buy more decorations. Mrs D didn’t seem too happy. No good ’86 diaries in their shop. That’s what I need one of them/these. [“Them/these” being a very small – say A8 sized – day to a page Collins diary.A Life in Words While I often spilled over onto successive days’ pages, I have learnt over the years that a bigger diary means more writing, means more time, means less enthusiasm for the act of journaling. I still find it hard to obtain diaries that suit my needs. I’ve just bought one online for the first time ever because I simply couldn’t find anything suitable in the shops. Sorry Retail Industry, but you’re making it hard for me to support you.] Gonna work tomorrow. Earn, at least, $27. Should be easy enough. Then I can buy prezzies

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