Silver Hoops, Gold Lotto & Reincarnation (6-12 January)

Monday 6/1/86

Today I watched TV until Beka rang. She had some letters from Lucy for me to read. She walked over. We watched TV & went on the swings, then when mum had to go to Stratford, we picked [up] her gear [to ‘sleep over’]. Back at home, we watched TV, went for a walk (long) & then on the swings again. We visited fi in our walk but she wasn’t there so we got a phone call from her. She’s gonna try to come to town (try – she’s a bit sick) tomorrow with us. Is pretty hot (10:00) Petra’s staying tonight too. I dunno  what else to say but I think boarding school’s gonna change Lucy a lot.

Tuesday 7/1/86

I’m sooo tired its not funny. I got 6hrs sleep last night. [Hmm, 6hrs is almost standard for me nowadays, though I prefer 7-8] Just couldn’t sleep in. Went to town (Fi did come, too) Was quite boring. All we did was walk around, Fi looked for & tried on togs & we saw “ST ELMO’S FIRE” Again (me & Fi) for Beka. I didn’t have near enough money so I borrowed. Was great – love that movie (so did Beka!!) (‘I’m Your Man’s on NOW!! LOVE IT!!) Just watched a 2hrs special about reincarnation. Terrific, scary, eerie, weird, incredible. [No doubt one of the many contributors to the formation of my spiritual belief system] (God I love this song!) I wanna work – I need some money. BADLY. Is 10:34. NITE NITE.!!!!!

Wednesday 8/1/86

Dead boring. That’s what today was. (Hey, I’m overdue on my periods, again)…(they were due on the 3rd)…(Uh oh) [It’s pretty entertaining to think I expected a natural body function to follow a man-made calendar.] We (should I say I) woke early & tried my darndest to sleep in. Got ready to go grocery shopping with mum. Ended up bored shitless, waiting for Nana & her blood test. Finally (after having to search for nighties for her too, (and I got a pair of silver hoop ear-rings!) Mum & Nana hate them) [I have previously mentioned how ‘traditional’ my grandmother was, and part of that was naturally ‘instilled’ by her in my mother. Nana hated pierced ears, so mum wasn’t a big fan either. It took a lot of whinging over many years by me and my sister to finally be allowed to get them, but when we did the proviso was that we never wore ‘dangly’ earrings. Ever so slowly this stipulation eased over time but clearly at this stage, a mere pair of hoops were still enough to piss my elders off] mum dropped us home before the shopping. I watched TV & ate. Also, today bought more shorts material – cute tiny dots. Watched movie. Is 10:33. Didn’t win Lotto (never do)

Thursday 9/1/86

A Life in Words
Now that’s a very young Peter Sellers

Another HOT day. Very lazy: just watched TV & ATE & ATE & ATE. Amanda came over to play with Julia & she kept saying the earrings (my new hoops) looked nice & my hair & my face….. I went slightly red!! [Never been good at accepting compliments. Again, speaks volumes about my self image.] Watched the TV movie. Had Peter Sellers in it (he was very young) so it wasn’t funny after all – it was “stupid” comedy. Wierd film.  Fi & Beka rang me today. I’m going to ride with Fi & Anna to the Rocks tomorrow (will have to ring her to find out definite details tomorrow) then tonight Beka asked me to town & the movies with her & Juz (Justine) But I’m broke. Tonite I cooked dinner!!  Tropical shish kebabs were Nice!!

Friday 10/1/86

Today’s max was 34! I made myself a pink miniskirt (from one of Jackie’s old dresses) after watching a bit of TV & before leaving for Fi’s. Got there about 11:45. But we went to the Rocks at 3:30, because it was too hot to leave near noon. So we bored ourselves talking, playing cards, watching TV, listening to tapes and feeding Stuart’s pet birds. Once we got there (the pools were crowded) we lay in hot, shallow rapids, downstream. The Rocks, for as far as I can remember has always been ice cold even in the hottest of summers. Anyway, got back around 6:00 after a soft drink from Redlynch. I cooked tea again (good girl, huh?!) meaty casserole

Saturday 11/1/86

Boring day. We shifted (some) of the furniture in the lounge room around – just the washstand, the bookshelf & the white table & port sea chair. Looks different, tho! Also wrote (began writing) a letter to Lucy which (I decided) will be a continuous one, stretching over the rest of the Hol’s. Went to the Clarke’s tonight. A Life in WordsI’m reading CATCHER IN THE RYE terrific book. Julia’s at Petra’s (has been all day too) I made a barby doll skirt (outa scraps from my panda bear print shorts.) Is cute! [Really? I was really still into Barbies at 15? Nah, I think it was more about the ‘fashion designer’ in me. Surely?!] Also mum & I went & bought some fruit from Coles today. Wasn’t too hot (max 31° I think) Is 12:42 now. Anyone wakes me early tomorrow gets a punch on the nose!!

Sunday 12/1/86

Cor, today was hot. AND, we found out that we won DIVISION 3 in the Gold Lotto!! We’re in ½ shares with Geoff, though. But that’s unreal! It means about total $1000 so $500 for us! Unreeeeeal!! [Um, $500 isn’t really that much to get excited about. But then, this is 1986 and $500 could buy one helluva lot more back then so that could justify my glee.] I just wrote to Lucy. Finished Catcher in the rye before I got out of bed this morning. Also read the Bird Smugglers by Joan Phipson. A Life in WordsWas good: AND AUSTRALIA actually WON in cricket!! Beat the Indians by 2 runs, with 4 wickets in hand, and about 5 overs left, too. The last hit was a 4!! It’s unbelievable!! We haven’t won in cricket for years! [Uh-huh. Cricket talk. That’s not something you’ll see in any of my more recent diaries] Is 10:10.

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