Hello 1986, it’s HOT! (1-5 January)

Wednesday 1/1/86

Well Hi There ’86!! You’re gonna be a great year for me. My Resolution Is to Improve Myself – health, confidence, attitudes, personality etc. We went to 2 parties – the first for a very short time – Bonds next. Less people there!! Had Westcoast toast to the New Year!! [My father, while normally a pretty strict disciplinarian, would have allowed this alcoholic treat because it was a special occasion, and I was 15] Went to sleep about 2:30 after swimming, talking, eating (& having a shower) Woke at 9:00. Dad & Jenny went at 4:00. We had swims & brekky & left with Roger (& Nelly & Amanda) about 1:30. Watched TV & read magazines at dad’s & Roger (& the girls) took us home [to mum] around 4:45. (After a quick trip to Kewarra) Watched TV. Rang Fi – had HEAPS to say to each other. She had a grate [I can’t tell for sure but it looks like I tried to correct that spelling error here] time! Watched movie. another late nite (is 10:34 now)

Thursday 2/1/86

A Life in Words
While this is the region that Fi visited, and how the Gold Coast is usually identified, I have made my home on the much less built-up southern end of the city

Well today I woke quite late (8:30!) And I lazed around till 10:00, when I got dressed & waited for Fi to come (she arrived at 11:30 after all!) She gave me a writing set & a pen really cute!! Told me all about her holiday – sounded like unreeeal fun!! She stayed until about 3:30 & left as we put up our letterbox. We watched TV (Julia & I) the rest of the night. Is only 9:40. Having a pretty early night. Had heaps to talk about – the things, places, people & occurrences she (& sandy lee) experienced were unreal!! I’d love a holiday down there!! [Holiday indeed. The Gold Coast became a place of abode during Uni holidays some years later. Then from 2002 it actually became my Home.] Someday…! was HOT

Friday 3/1/86

GORD it’s Hot!! Today I woke around 7:30, then received a letter from Mima (in sydney) at 9:00. After doing some housework, I wrote back at 9:30. She had sent up some of the photos she took at our form (Justine’s) party. After that I messed around until we went out – GOT OUR WALKMANS!! [These weren’t literally Sony Walkmans. They were a cheaper version – probably Sanyo or the like. But, they did the job.] Also had a prang (that’s all mum needs – she’s really cranky lately. I think it’s cos of the financial problems & hidden influences from Geoff & how she has ‘no’ or little friends.) Also visited Nana. At home watched TV. Just watched the movie was good! Is 10:26 & I’m HOT!!!!

Saturday 4/1/86A Life in Words

I’m HOT! Summer – Ouch!! Wrote “thank you” notes today to friends & family for the Xmas prezzies, before Fi rang and asked me to the movies. Mrs D took us in to the shop & we walked to the Cinema Capri. “St. Elmo’s Fire” I thought was fantastic. I loved it! Saw Harry (in his car) He whistled & yelled “sexy” to get our attention. [That usually hasn’t worked for most of my life. I usually don’t look for whistlers because I don’t expect them to be targeting me. When I was younger (this age) I also believed it was extremely arrogant to think you would be the object of that kind of attention. Says a bit about my self worth, you think?]  Except at the movies, I’ve had my earphones (and the radio/cassette) in use all day! I listened to 2 cassettes + the rest radio. I find if I vary the stations, I pick up good songs often (more wham!). I  love their new song – I’m crazy over it: “I’m your Man”. Is 9:35

Sunday 5/5/86

Today I wrote out all my last “thank you” letters, including a 6 page one to Jodie & Mike. Otherwise I watched test cricket [ew, REALLY?] or other TV shows or listened to my walkman (radio) again. (tuning between stations to pick up good songs.) The one I really want to hear non-stop is “I’m Your Man”. I AM FLIPPED over that song. I LOVE IT! Petra came over with her friend Karen. Karen (nearly) always comes over with Petra now. I think she’s taking Petra from Jules. [Ah, the stealing of friends as if they were possessions. It’s amazing how long it can take in a lifetime to learn you won’t and can’t ever ‘own’ people.] And it’ll be hard for her to stop Karen because she & Petra are both at CHS. Poor Julia Was sticky today. Is 10:05 now

If you fancy, here’s the link to the original music video clip on YouTube. What a trip: I’m Your Man – Wham!

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