Stuck in the Mud & Love in the Air (9-15 June)

Monday 9/6/86

Woke at 7:15 (got 9hrs sleep) did my art, hung out the washing, made my bed, finished my art, cleaned my desk then 11:30 went to see mum. She had just gone into theatre [for the ‘curette’]. Geoff took us home, mucked around with Fiona & Christopher (F) & watched TV. Went to see mum again around 2:45. Boring! [This apparent ‘coldness’ towards my mother’s situation simply borne of a lack of understanding…which most children have. I completely empathise with my niece and nephew for their sometimes ‘naughty’ behaviour during the final weeks of my mum’s life: the poor kids were dragged to hospital EVERY day, so it would have been torturous for them, even though they knew ‘Nana’ was ‘very sick’…] Sat & read magazines etc. Went home, Geoff stayed. About 15 mins later mum rang and Geoff went to get her.A Life in Words Had pies for tea (after mucking around with Chris & Fiona again – playing stuck in the mud etc) [Old ‘Stuck in the Mud’! I’d forgotten about that game. Great physical exercise for kids…but I couldn’t remember the rules of the game, so Googled it for a reminder: Stuck in the Mud ] Is 9:11. I’m surprised at little amount I ate. School tomorrow Hip Hip Hooray! Dad came around to see how he’d set the Hash run (they’re gonna go through our yard & down the gully.) [In the Hash House Harriers, there’s a ‘fox’ who sets the ‘cross-country chase’ each time they run.] Dad & Sharon (when she rang) both asked about mum. I told them she was having an operation on her stomach. Hated lying to dad. [I’m sure he was told/found out in good time anyway and would certainly not have held anything against me for it.]

Tuesday 10/6/86

10:35. I’m not tired. Did no work today (except art.) Got test marks back. BIOLOGY I am so pleased I passed both  exams – theory 80/110!! and prac – 50½/80. HOORAY! But, gulp, maths. I failed. 28½/70. My overall % was 47% still SA [‘Sound’ Achievement]. but  still not good. I must do a lot more study for maths from now on. Art, I got 24/30, but sposed to add on 4 marks for something so I got 28/30. Got 20/30 for my problem – worst in the class. And 80% overall. Depressing – I could’ve got  a VHA [Very High Achievement] if I’d done my problem better. Spent lunch hour in art rushing to finish my mural but alas & alack not quite → she marked it before that. I gave myself 43/50, Dunno what she gave me. But I spent rest of double period tryn’ to finish it. NOT QUITE. Went straight to mima’s this arvy. Made a cake & made masks for the dance→ mines orright not finished. MARK WAS AWAY so was Cameron McK; probly baseball.

Wednesday 11/6/86

A Life in WordsMark was barely there for the day. Saw him in the morning up till art. After that who knows? But he was at the dance…. Got 25½/50 for ENGLISH. I AM ECSTATIC!!! And 19/20 for my assignment!! Unreeeeal! [English turned out to be my best subject overall in senior high, which is kind of funny considering I was doing the special Art Course (CAD). Meant to be better at Art, you’d think…] Chemistry 49½/80 Pass by 9½. Pretty fair overall mark for semester was 59%. Boring day, really. After school, rushed down to Dunphy’s shop, mum got me & went into town (rang Mrs McM & skipped speech) Denim Jackets too small.. got a white small skirt from Sportique. & Mink hairspray [oh yes, the 80’s were definitely a decade of hairspray…in the same-but-different way from the 60’s..]. Rush at home wasn’t ready in time→ mum had to take me instead. OH well. At first didn’t think Mark was coming. But (my imagination of course) later on it appeared when Sharon & I went for a walk, him & greg k were following → probably cos of Sharon, not me. 12:40. Steven hit it off with Erica S (she’s not too sure…) ♥Mark♥

[I had detailed the dance in another notebook:] … Sharon & I went for a walk around the back of Croswell hall, and sat on the stairs around the other (unpopulated) side, to talk. then, Mark and Greg appeared…they’d followed us, we were certain; though I thought it was most likely for Sharon, I didn’t say. Really, I was hoping Mark was following me. When they saw we’d stopped and sat, they sort of hesitated for a moment then coolly walked past and around to the front of the hall. At another moment, they appeared to be watching again, as well. We’d decided to try and get up to request a song, so took the back stairs into the Hall. We hesitated at the top, outside, for some reason… the door was locked? And I glanced down and who should be standing below, looking up?

Thursday 12/6/86

Woe is me. Y’know about last nite→ supposed following by greg & Mark, well today Greg said (in 3rd or 4th period) “I know someone whose got the biggest crush on you.” I instantly thought of Mark. My attitude was kind of “brushed off”. “Yeh, Yeh, Yeh….” He wouldn’t tell me. And it happened – I got my hopes up only to be let down. I pestered him in last period (in Biology, before, I was sure it was mark, he sat in front, but turned round to talk to Greg next to me) and he finally said… “Cameron K”. Shit. I mean I like Cameron a real lot→ my best male friend – but I said “bullshit.” Perhaps Greg was lying. Seemed like Mark was paying abit more attention (i.e. looking at me more!) to me today. Ha! Wish 9:35. Mark you spunk Don’t you like me too? Not really cold winter weather Damn! Quite warm actually

Friday 13/6/86

I felt sick when I left for school this morning. Had a feeling it’d be a bad day. But it wasn’t so much that → more “spectacular”.A Life in Words I felt very uncomfortable around Cameron (Mark came very late & I only saw him for a very little while all day) went to hall watched choral music practise (Mark played volleyball) then went to civic centre (got in free (lucky) fi didn’t) CHS got one 1st & a 2nd. Then back at school Sharon Monique & I watched volleyball (Mark must’ve gone→didn’t see him at all after that) sharon dragged Greg over to the trampolines (I’d told her my “prob.” on way back from Civic Centre) And she squeezed the truth out of him. Took me (& Monique) outside. “MARK HAS LIKED YOU EVER SINCE YOU CAME TO CAIRNS HIGH!!” I AM ELATED! He was too shy to ask me to dance at the dance in case I’d say no & too shy to talk in case I’d ignore him MARK LIKES ME!!!!! Said he couldn’t wait till Angie’s party to talk to me!! LOVE! Rang Beka this arvy too. Went to go to Croc. Dundee. Spent about 2hrs in town but movies were booked out – Julia & Cherie got in tho. also went to Coles but couldn’t see Mark anywhere. Also poor mima got shocked today. At civic centre Brent & Cameron wrote notes to each other mima read one & went hysterical, cried & left school caught town bus home. [I have no idea now what that was all about…]

Saturday 14/6/86

Well this morning I didn’t do much.. Jules & I had a lip sync competition [we loved our music!], then I attempted to wax myself. At first it didn’t work (too much bloody wax) then (I got cranky) it did (but not completely) I also sunbaked when mima rang. Then I packed and went to her place. Watched the end of a really “hacked” [hmmm, don’t recall using that descriptive much, so can only guess at it meaning something like “not good”!] movie (on video) then “mucked around”. A Life in WordsGot ready for the movies (Hoped Mark’d go…) Saw Youngblood and it was excellent. After walked to “Sly Cones”, where we waited (well we kinda went for a walk) till the B’s (Mr & Mrs) came.. After an ice cream, Polly, Monique, mima & I  went back to Brewers. (Are all – mima monique & I) gonna sleep in one double bed – Ha!!) Laughed a lot before going to sleep/ mima’s made up with Brent (kind of… still unsure) And I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT MARK!!

Sunday 15/6/86

That was the worst night’s sleep I’ve had in ages!! Barely any room at all!! Had to wake early for the door knock appeal – got in there early. First area was Manunda. Not too good. Mooroobool was a bit better but Bayview Heights was the same as Manunda. Went had so many encounters with dogs.. it was unbelievable!! [A great example of how they are great thief deterrents] Also heaps of people who pretended they weren’t home – when the house was open & unlocked etc. [I recall us doing that once or twice with mum but hiding from bible-bashers rather than charity door knockers] But overall, our team (car – Mr B., Polly, anna, fi, jay, brent, me, monique, mima, sharon) raised $450 overall. Not bad but not the best either. Oh well! After, we wanted to get back & have a shower before the BBQ but Mr & Mrs B were gonna stay so we got [a different] Mrs B to drop us back. Got ready & mum & Mrs W dropped us all back in (to a house in Richardson St) near kind of to mark’s street McManus. That was so bloody boring. Went home really early. Mr & Mrs B stopped at Banks’s for coffee so we took the house key and walked back. There (anna polly sharon monique mima & I) listened and mimiced sings on Take 40 Aust. Another late nite!! in the bloody double bed again

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