25 April, 1984 – Anzac Day Unnoticed?

Wednesday 25/4/84

Nana didn’t sleep last night. She fussed around, checking on us almost every minute!! [aha! So ‘helicopter parenting’ DID exist in the 80’s…or rather, ‘helicopter GRAND-parenting’] Brekky was bacon & eggs. YUM!! Couldn’t go to tennis (at Sportsworld) this time, because it was closed. [duh! Anzac Day] Instead we all went to Crystal Cascades. Was cold, but FUN!! At Fi’s Rode to shop to buy bread (& lollies!) Stu, Fi & me played ‘follow the leader’ on bikes, when met Karen & Sandra. Talked for a long time before I rode Fi home.

It’s quite amazing to me NOW that I seemed unaware of it being Anzac Day. It didn’t even rate a mention. I’m not sure if it’s a regional thing, or was simply the era, or just MY family, but Dawn Service was unheard of. Where I live now, it’s HUGE. Everyone knows about it, so many hundreds of people attend it (the Service at Currumbin Surf Life Saving Club is televised nationally by Channel 7’s ‘Sunrise’ and has been so for some years) and best of all, younger generations seem interested in participating. This is of course a great thing. Sadly, respect for the past, for our forebears, seems to have been otherwise lost in Australian society.

A Life in Words
Barely a portion of the true crowd size is visible in this pic of Dawn Service at Currumbin SLSC
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18 April 1984

Wednesday 18/4/84

Fi’s mum went to Sportsworld to play tennis with some friends so we went. Learnt to play receives! Went to town after, met mum for lunch. Had piled-up sandwiches. Kevin Shorey said “Not so Good!!” UM-AH!! Grocery shopping at Coles, then back to Fi’s. Fi got her hair cut at Freshy Hairdressers. She’s staying tonight! Late night.

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