Hello 1986, it’s HOT! (1-5 January)

Wednesday 1/1/86

Well Hi There ’86!! You’re gonna be a great year for me. My Resolution Is to Improve Myself – health, confidence, attitudes, personality etc. We went to 2 parties – the first for a very short time – Bonds next. Less people there!! Had Westcoast toast to the New Year!! [My father, while normally a pretty strict disciplinarian, would have allowed this alcoholic treat because it was a special occasion, and I was 15] Went to sleep about 2:30 after swimming, talking, eating (& having a shower) Woke at 9:00. Dad & Jenny went at 4:00. We had swims & brekky & left with Roger (& Nelly & Amanda) about 1:30. Watched TV & read magazines at dad’s & Roger (& the girls) took us home [to mum] around 4:45. (After a quick trip to Kewarra) Watched TV. Rang Fi – had HEAPS to say to each other. She had a grate [I can’t tell for sure but it looks like I tried to correct that spelling error here] time! Watched movie. another late nite (is 10:34 now)

Thursday 2/1/86

A Life in Words
While this is the region that Fi visited, and how the Gold Coast is usually identified, I have made my home on the much less built-up southern end of the city

Well today I woke quite late (8:30!) And I lazed around till 10:00, when I got dressed & waited for Fi to come (she arrived at 11:30 after all!) She gave me a writing set & a pen really cute!! Told me all about her holiday – sounded like unreeeal fun!! She stayed until about 3:30 & left as we put up our letterbox. We watched TV (Julia & I) the rest of the night. Is only 9:40. Having a pretty early night. Had heaps to talk about – the things, places, people & occurrences she (& sandy lee) experienced were unreal!! I’d love a holiday down there!! [Holiday indeed. The Gold Coast became a place of abode during Uni holidays some years later. Then from 2002 it actually became my Home.] Someday…! was HOT

Friday 3/1/86

GORD it’s Hot!! Today I woke around 7:30, then received a letter from Mima (in sydney) at 9:00. After doing some housework, I wrote back at 9:30. She had sent up some of the photos she took at our form (Justine’s) party. After that I messed around until we went out – GOT OUR WALKMANS!! [These weren’t literally Sony Walkmans. They were a cheaper version – probably Sanyo or the like. But, they did the job.] Also had a prang (that’s all mum needs – she’s really cranky lately. I think it’s cos of the financial problems & hidden influences from Geoff & how she has ‘no’ or little friends.) Also visited Nana. At home watched TV. Just watched the movie was good! Is 10:26 & I’m HOT!!!!

Saturday 4/1/86A Life in Words

I’m HOT! Summer – Ouch!! Wrote “thank you” notes today to friends & family for the Xmas prezzies, before Fi rang and asked me to the movies. Mrs D took us in to the shop & we walked to the Cinema Capri. “St. Elmo’s Fire” I thought was fantastic. I loved it! Saw Harry (in his car) He whistled & yelled “sexy” to get our attention. [That usually hasn’t worked for most of my life. I usually don’t look for whistlers because I don’t expect them to be targeting me. When I was younger (this age) I also believed it was extremely arrogant to think you would be the object of that kind of attention. Says a bit about my self worth, you think?]  Except at the movies, I’ve had my earphones (and the radio/cassette) in use all day! I listened to 2 cassettes + the rest radio. I find if I vary the stations, I pick up good songs often (more wham!). I  love their new song – I’m crazy over it: “I’m your Man”. Is 9:35

Sunday 5/5/86

Today I wrote out all my last “thank you” letters, including a 6 page one to Jodie & Mike. Otherwise I watched test cricket [ew, REALLY?] or other TV shows or listened to my walkman (radio) again. (tuning between stations to pick up good songs.) The one I really want to hear non-stop is “I’m Your Man”. I AM FLIPPED over that song. I LOVE IT! Petra came over with her friend Karen. Karen (nearly) always comes over with Petra now. I think she’s taking Petra from Jules. [Ah, the stealing of friends as if they were possessions. It’s amazing how long it can take in a lifetime to learn you won’t and can’t ever ‘own’ people.] And it’ll be hard for her to stop Karen because she & Petra are both at CHS. Poor Julia Was sticky today. Is 10:05 now

If you fancy, here’s the link to the original music video clip on YouTube. What a trip: I’m Your Man – Wham!

Portable Music, Leeches & Short Short Hair (23-29 December)

Scrawled across the top of the pages opening to Sun 22nd & Mon 23rd Dec: Have got to get a new (’86) Diary – look how fast 1985 is going!!

Monday 23/12/85A Life in Words

I only really ever start to feel hot at night when I come into my room – it is a very hot room. I need a fan or something like it. Went to Justine’s today (didn’t sleep in this morning) around 10:30. She came here (I gave her her choccys & at her place, she gave me my prezzy – pretty frost-colour nail polish.) At her place (we rode there) we talked, swam, watched videos (Inspector Gadgets & Countdowns) & also listened to Justine’s new walkman – it’s unreal! There’s no normal headphones – just ear-plug type things really groovy!! & it’s auto reverse! (You don’t have to turn the tape over – it plays the alternate side automatically.) ITS GREAT!! Hope I get a walkman – really want one now. [The birth of portable music! I still forget that most people younger than me have no idea what a cassette tape is. And auto-reverse? Pfft! It’s interesting that the large headphones are making a comeback, after I frothed here about the tiny ear bud ones.]  Went late night. Yes Monday late night for the late Xmas shoppers. Julia got some togs. Mum got the present Julia’s going to give me & we all looked at tapes. Can’t wait to buy them!! Early-ish nite.

Tuesday 24/12/85A Life in Words

Woke early – lazed around all morning (watched a bit of TV, etc) We’re minding the Fishers’ birds & Julia & I cleaned the cage today. Julia went to the movies (saw Teen Wolf with (hunky) Michael J. Fox – the one I wanna see.) Meanwhile mum & I went to take Nana to hospital – her arthritis is getting really bad lately (took her, for eg, over 1 hour to stand up out of bed this morning – Bad, huh?) [Rheumatoid arthritis is apparently hereditary. Mum began to get her symptoms around the age of 50 but her sister hasn’t suffered from it at all. I am wondering who of my sister & I will be the lucky recipient. I have had my rheumatoid factor checked by my GP and there’s nothing at the moment. Considering rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disease, I am hoping that my relatively strict healthy lifestyle defers any chance I have of contracting it.] Then we did miscellaneous shopping (the Bloodbank was shut – thank god – it woulda bin boring waiting for mum) Watched TV at home. Got a postcard from Fi she thought my letter was great!! She actually laughed!! AND she also got her hair cut SHORT!! Now, that’s impelled me to get mine short…like this. [See the photo of the original diary entry, below. This was clearly one of those times I’d run out of space on the original day and carried over to the next day’s pageA Life in Words (I want) Back: layered Is 9:50. Open prezzies 2morrow!! UNREAL!!

Wednesday  25/12/85

I can’t help feeling guilty about feeling “deprived” with (some) no, truthfully – most of my presents. Mainly the clothes, tho. All shirts 2 night shirts, 3 daywear. I hate them all. And I am terribly ashamed at the same time. IT IS THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS. But I HATE them. Yuk Yuk Yuk Yuk. I won’t use them – that’s a TERRIBLE waste. [Here it is again. The truth behind my apparent Ingratitude. I despise waste. Of any kind. But here, it’s the idea that my loved ones have wasted their money on things that I didn’t want.] (Today we watched TV – thrilling, huh?? Visited Nana – boring?? Yep. Then watched TV again thrilling, huh??) BORING XMAS DAY. I’m getting all worked up again, now. Sposed to be happy, merry etc …. I hear all people on the radio saying got heaps of clothes which they all love – it’s not fair. Why can’t people satisfy me?? [Fussy. I have always been ‘particular’. Clothes, food, men, routine…] NOT FAIR Late night (11:00 overcast day today

Thursday 26/12/85

Ate sooo much junk today. All I had that was “good” was 2 “Good Start” biscuit (brekky biscuits) + 1 piece ham + some home-made chips. All the rest (and there was heaps of it) was junk – pure junk (lollies, cashews, shortbread, chocolate, fruit cake etc) [Um yeah… with hindsight, I’d now say the only “good” was the cashews and home-made chips. Breakfast biscuits certainly aren’t good for you and I barely touch ham now because it’s full of nitrites] YUK. I watched TV all day. Mum made our shorts out of our material. They’re sooo cute (I like mine best, but) – Although mine need a few minor adjustments. Visited Nana later, too. Well, looks like BOXING DAY ’85 was more boring than my average weekend spent doing HW, during school. Great, huh? Oh, well. Tomorrow am gonna get haircut not the perm + togs & watchband (I’m gonna take my old white digital watch to Davies Creek [going camping with Dad] cos’ it’s water resistant to 30m (I think) which means I can swim with it) cos the old one’s broken + Hopefully our walkmans will be at Big W. And we’ll get all the tapes we want from Chandlers (CAN’T WAIT!!) Is 9:45 pretty early 2 nite, huh?!

Friday 27/12/85

FRIDAY DEC. 27. Y’know I still haven’t got a diary for ’86 yet. (Yes I did! I got it today – unfortunately it’s just like this – there are NO diaries anywhere. (that are bigger, that is.)) Got a red singlet & blue togs just like julia’s (but one size larger – 12) + white sunnies which I love!! + a stupid, cheap watchband for my old white watch. Nana came out of hospital. AND I GOT MY HAIR CUT SHORT!! Very short. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t hate it, but now I’m used to it I love it except: I’d like the sides, above the ears, cut short. At the moment it’s just a very short bob. Also got the 4 cassettesA Life in Words (Eurythmics, Thompson Twins, Elton John and the Eurogliders + 4 blank cassettes for recording other records e.g. Wham! Tears 4 Fears, Dire Straits etc. Early-ish nite. Gotta pack 2morrow. Also!! Returned the green singlet from Julia to Sportique & (paid an extra $4) got a blue sleeveless T-shirt with deep V back!! UNREEAL!!

Saturday 28/12/85

Dad came late (around 10:30) went shopping (saw Skinner & lotsa people who probably did see my hair) The only one to say anything was Jenny. After shopping, went to Neil M’s & dad helped him put up the out-of-ground pool. Then around 3:30, went to Holloways, Anthony packed for Melbourne (changed his booking to tomorrow instead of Jan 3., so not coming camping) Got here around 5:30. Is beautiful – shady & shallow pools (one deep part) Didn’t bring my plate – deliberately – I don’t think my teeth need it anymore. [Ha!] Pretty late now – had dinner at 9:15. Radio doesn’t work in the car – think it’s only cos’ the batteries are going flat. Wore this ADINA watch in the water – is working fine (water’s cold) Is 10:45 – Pretty cool, too. Nite!

Sunday 29/12/85

Cold last night! (I wasn’t but Julia was.) Woke up a lot, very squeaky every time we moved. [I am assuming this was the air bed we must have been sleeping on. Airbeds tend to be noisy, for those who don’t know.] Today was lazy. Did nothing till about 12:00 when we walked downstream (I got a beesting on my knee) to a giant waterfall (we were at the top of it) & stayed there lazing in the pools. Lotsa leeches (tiny ones) which liked me, but luckily got no chance to suck my blood. Came back around 4:30 – Abbo boys here – thought they might’ve nicked things cos’ they looked pretty sus, but nothing was missing. The Mattheson’s went home around 5:00. I just listened to the radio tonight. Is warmer 10:03 now I’ve swum with my watch & it’s fine – unreal!! I’ll continue wearing it I think!