Week Four – Starting High School

Saturday 22 January

Went to town for school & other things. Went to see if uniforms were ready, met Lucy. She’s going to Smithy! Went to her place (& Julia), stayed the rest of the day – had chocolates for lunch (um-ah!)

Sunday 23 January

Went to Peta & Marney’s for lunch then came home to find Petra come up 5 mins after. She left & Mulleys came for tea. Everyone goes back to school tomorrow except Smithy kids! [Smithfield State High was a new school, catering to the population of the northern beaches and only started Years 8 & 9 at its inception, so we were ‘pioneer pupils’]

Monday 24 January

Poor Jules – really upset about school, Year 6 & not having me there anymore. Wouldn’t stop crying. But she came home with her mind on homework – project & story. Went to town. Got contact [brand of self-adhesive plastic we covered all our books in]. Leonie had lots of trouble using it & told mum not to get it but I insisted that I could do it, so she bought some & I did it! I’m smarter than Leonie! School tomorrow. Couldn’t get socks – have to wear old ones. Wonder what I’ll take everything in? Ring Justine.

Tuesday 25 January

Started off by going to the toilet, washing my face, weighing myself, getting dressed, cleaning up & finally making my bed. High school – scary at first but ended up being very good. In my form (8B) is (that I know) Karen & Kent. Not bad, eh! Like a boy called Andrew – reminds me of Nick K. (went to Machans Beach) Had English homework. Not sure whether I did it right or not. Forgot my ‘Prima’ drink.

Wednesday 26 January AUSTRALIA DAY

Today we got a temporary timetable. Did German, Maths, History, English, Art & Science. Was broiling hot & still is. I can fell the sweat running slowly down my head & through my hair. Had a late bath & a big, big dinner! Never new hard-boiled eggs were so filling! Still a little, little bit nervous but I’m beginning to get used to it. I wish we had our lockers. Didn’t forget drink today!!

Thursday 27 January

Today mum got socks, new undies & another pair of bummies (which are dicky). [‘Bummies’ were a kind of special ‘over-pants’ – as opposed to underpants – girls used to wear for sports/phys.ed. classes. Made of a super-thick synthetic material, they were worn for ‘modesty’ under your sports skirt, unless you were body-confident enough to go without your skirt altogether!]  When I came home mum smelled me & so now I’m using deodourant & Femfresh! [Let’s not go into ‘Femfresh’…! You can research that one yourself if you really care to know] Got heaps of homework – History, English & Music. Have to do English & Music tomorrow morning. Started raining this arvy (pouring) when we saw the bus, we all ran to it but it had to turn! So we got soaked & Natasha slipped in the mud! Mad scramble onto the bus when it parked!

Friday 28 January

Another boring day. Starting to notice Beka is taking Fi off me. Rebecca came over, ended up going back to her place, then back to ours again because she was going to sleep the night. Went (after dinner) to Smith’s & had a swim. Stay a very long time. Talked & talked for ages. HW – posters for Science & English if you want to. Julia slept at Lysarne’s and Jordi did too. Rebecca stayed here!


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