Week Five, 1983

Saturday 29 January

Today we played with everyone (the gang our gang) Made toffee when Pellings went at 4 for a party. Watched TV cricket. Petra went – Robbo’s came for tea. Sleeping at Peta’s Now. Goodnight!

Sunday 30 January

Mum & Dad came to Robbo’s had lunch with a game of cricket. Then went to beach for BBQ tea. Girls are staying tonight (Again!)

Monday 31 January – Australia Day Holiday

Peta & I played dress-ups then Peta & Marney went home. We went down to Petra’s to make a cake. 1st time Petra misread the recipe so we had to start again. When we came home Robsons were here. Watched TV had a bath, watched it again while having dinner. Mum got uniforms – far too big. Aussies tying 2nd Eng 8 Aus – 8 NZ – 10. NZ’s in the finals.

Tuesday 1 February

A Life In Words
SSHS Student Card

Went to Speech with Mim & Elisia at 4:45. [‘Speech’ refers to ‘Speech & Drama’ lessons. I originally took them for elocution training for my nasality, read: I “talked through my nose” – which I still can fall back into nowadays. It was apparently due to a ‘lazy soft palate’ and I had to enunciate “Go – Ah – Egg – Ah – Get” repeatedly, for homework!]  Also got books. Mum hasn’t fixed dresses, oh no! Had to have Promite sandwiches instead of ham because there wasn’t any! Told Mima about Beka taking Fi off us. She doesn’t mind. From what I understood she hates both of them. [hate? such strong words used in our youth!] In her form she’s got Elisia, Jay & Anthony. Lucky! I wonder how Jason feels about being alone?

Wednesday 2 February

Got good pictures for History Project. Lucy was away yesterday but came & got sick again today. Changed forms again, though Karen & I were together. Rebecca is in 8A so we’ll be doing all our lessons with her. Went to her place to get pictures. Have History tomorrow – hope Karen brings everything! Lorelle & Shane fighting. See 3rd

Thursday 3 February

Now Lorrelle is going with “Gordon” and has dropped Shane. They’re fighting, see? I think Shane has a crush on me, at least I hope so. He seems to hang around. Instead of Maths in Period 7 today, we unpacked al the new Home Ec. Utensils & Things. Was fun! John L. thinks Carmen is a spunk. So does Shane B. I think. Scott does too! Doble Period History. Got more pictures for our project. Karen forgot everything again.

Friday 4 February

Am quite friendly with Natasha sat in front yesterday (going home) we talked and laughed (Inger, Rebecca, Me & Natasha) Shane sat in front of me! This day was packed! HW – Essay, Project, Instrument, Rules Poster. Had a swim at Petra’s then Lysarne stayed the night. Might have Lucy & Mim Saturday night, though Karen & I are going to Rebecca’s in the morning to do the Project. Have to do essay soon. Maybe tomorrow.

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