Week Six, 1983

Saturday 5 February

Karen came to Rebecca’s & we all did the project. Had a swim and played and ate all afternoon untill we went home to get ready to go to the movies with Pellings. Raiders of the Lost Ark & Rocky 3 [aaah, those were the days… of ‘double-billings’ at the cinemas!] indiana-jones-and-the-raiders-of-the-lost-ark-1981

Sunday 6 February

Went last night with Petra, Droog, Cameron, Lysarne, Rebecca, Mr & Mrs P. Jules & me. Today stayed all day with Petra. Made cakes looked at Playboys. [uh-huh! That IS what you’re thinking!]

Monday 7 February

Another boring day. On Saturday Dad had a rusty nail in his foot. I was scared but it ended up okay. It went into his vein cause: the mower blade bent it and sent it flying into a vein on the top of his foot. Anyhow, tonight Julia fell on it & Dad let out a yelp but it was alright. Thinking of sending Shane a Valentine Card or sewing a small cushion in the shape of a heart (stuffed) So much HW!

Tuesday 8 February

This afternoon was packed! Got home, rushed out to ‘Sherez’ lady’s place to try on a size 12 because 14’s were far, far too big. Rushed home, had a quick bath and went to Speech. After that, came home and Amanda, Janelle & Leonie came for tea. I didn’t play. Cause I had all my books and was busy transferring all my work into them. finished just when they went home! Justine said Shane still loves Lorelle. Hope not!

Wednesday 9 February

Had to start project again because my books in my port [‘olden day’ term for schoolbag!] squashed it. Better luck though, because we’re allowed to have untill Mon! Pretty much a boring day with heaps of homework. Rebecca came this afternoon to help me start the 3rd piece of cardboard got the border, 1 man & 2 ladies done though I did more when she left. Hope we get it done. Looks good now! Thinking of sewing another heart for mum!

Thursday 10 February

Stayed up and watched “Blazing Saddles” a “Mel Brooks” movie in the February festival of Movies. Last week, saw High Anxiety. Both movies so far have been hilarious. After school, got home only to find we’re going to get our hair cut. I got my fringe done only + a little bit off the back. Also went to Allure Lingerie and was measured for a bra. I am size 8A. Got 1 bra. Doesn’t quite fit me. Need to grow a bit more.

Friday 11 February

This arvy was packed again! I got home, had 1 second shower, got something light on, then we (Petra, Julia, Mum & I) rushed into (& Lysarne) KMart. Pretty good, I reckon. Have afternoon tea there, dounut, thick shake and an ice-cream. Came home, Played on the street with Matthew. Lysarne left. Petra is sleeping. Played with dogs, after. Now have had shower & it’s dusk.

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