Week Seven, 1983

Saturday 12 February

Went to K-Mart again with Petra & Mima. Mima & Polly ended up staying tonight. Went to the Rocks. Took Petra, me, Julia, Lysarne, Mim, Rebecca, Polly & Atrso (Dad took us)

Sunday 13 February

Stayed up late and I’m very tired. Julia went sailing with Petra so I went to Mim’s & spent the day there. Sent love notes to Philip and mathew.

Monday 14 February


Got hay fever (or something like it) yesterday. Didn’t get anything done over the weekend (HW I mean) today the Anti-Histereen [! histamine] tablet showed its effects. I was asleep on my feet all day except on the bus & the afternoon – I had a splitting head-ache. Sons & Daughters is coming on tonight! Just before “The US Hero”. Went to Rebecca’s. Natasha was there & she tried to help us on our project.

Tuesday 15 February

PS 14th: Didn’t get to give Shane a Valentine’s card!

Nothing much today. Got in sport houses 8ABC & 9A are Trinity [sport houses were named after local northern beaches] & we’re red. I’m not in one race at all. It’s not fair. Got project done, only just. Lost the info, so we had to write down some other garbage. Speech was okay. I was best behaved! Am going to show Mrs McI. my poem about the Hawk! Went to Rebecca’s after. Decided on a new instrument:

A Life in Words
Diagram of ‘The Instrument’
(we had to design a musical instrument)

Wednesday 16 February

PS 15th: Yesterday was quite crowded after all and Mr V.S. didn’t even look at our lovely, tinsel-covered project. After we rushed to finish it. Not one look!

Changed now! I’m first on the list of relay 1! Am happy! 9B, 8DEF (Fiona’s) Eliss [misspelled ‘Ellis’ as in Ellis Beach]. 9C GHJ Clifton – green. Elliss – gold. Kurrwurra [Kewarra] – 9DE 8KL – black & white! Young Frankenstein was fab! No HW due to the carnival tomorrow. Thank God!

Thursday 17 February

We won! Trinity won – 668! I didn’t win my relay though because Melissa and Cathy weren’t fast enough. Connie started beautifully, Melissa went second, fairly well, Cathy went third losing the race for us then I went last (not boasting) pretty good. Ellis were second, Clifton 3rd, Kewarra 4th. Almost forgot my bus money this morning but managed to get it in time. Today wasn’t a Day 1 unfortuneatly. Special Occasions like today are called Day 7’s. [From memory, at Smithfield High our class timetables didn’t follow a typical working-week calendar…we had 6 timetabled ‘Days’ which meant the timetable made a full rotation in 6 weeks…unless of course there was a Day 7 thrown in ‘for special occasions’. No idea why this system was adopted..to keep us on our toes?!]

Julia and I with our only female cousin, Jodie. Peregian Beach, early 1970's
Julia and I with our only female cousin, Jodie.
Peregian Beach, early 1970’s

Friday 18 February

Today Auntie Bev had a baby boy! They might call him Anthony or Timothy! One problem though, I wish it was a girl. I only have 1 female cousin – Jodie. Fi came over. Wanted her to sleep but I ended up staying at her place. Not much HW I need to take. In fact – none at all! Home Ec on Mon. Oh no! Not fussy Cassy! (Caswell) Started Geography today. We’re not doing History this semester now. Pooey!

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