Week Eight, 1983

Saturday 19 February

Slept well. boring morning though the arvy was packed! Went to the Crystal Cascades (CC) just with Dunphys then made a cake. Mum came to pick me up, but Fiona asked me to stay again and I did of course!

Sunday 20 February

Went to CC again (Cake has almost gone) This time with Liam, Niree & Ryan. Came home around 5:15-5:00 Early night!

Monday 21 February

Got the news last night – mum’s going. My heart is stone for her sake. I vow never to be kind again. She really hurt me. Onto happier matters – Got another book today from Kylie called ‘Little Sister’ (Peta has it too!) I finished reading ‘Ten-boy Summer’ only a couple of days ago! The prickle I got in my foot at Fi’s on the weekend isn’t out yet! Lost 1/2 a pound. Am now seven stone and 1/2 a pound. Still am overweight. will have to do something.

Tuesday 22 February

Got our lockers today! I’m number 24 with a blue key tag. I’m not going to take a port to school anymore now, I’m going to take a shoulder bag – it’s easier. Started my third ‘Sweet Dreams’ Book, called Falling in Love Again. Not really interested because it’s the second book (Part II) of 2 books, the first one being ‘PS: I Love You’ & I can’t latch the story. One thing about lockers, the keys and locks are the same. People can easily break in.

A Life In Words

Wednesday 23 February

I now have a yellow keytag! I swapped with Fran! We took the key off and the number paper out and swapped tags! The book I’m (or should I say ‘was’ reading) is too complicating and misunderstandable, so I gave it back to Lucy. instead I got a ‘Footrot Flats’ Comic from Fran. Lost my map for Geography today! Oh what trouble! Also had English instead of Geo, so I bought the wrong books!

Thursday 24 February

23th: Swimming Carnival yesterday arvy/night. Hope we win (interschool!)

Today – Did we win? Nope came a tie fourth with TAS! Jemima’s got a boyfriend she won’t shut-up about and I told Fi the whole story about I.’s crime, N.C. going bust and us splitting up. Nin [what we sometimes called our Nana] came today. Went late night shopping right after Speech Got home 8.00. Dad wasn’t home. Still isn’t: 9:15! Hope he doesn’t die on the road – drunk.

Friday 25 February

Dad got home alright. Mum told me he was at the pub with D. drinking & telling her everything. Got home and dad was home. Wondered why until went inside. Talking about how to arrange transport to our flat! We actually got one finally! Better still, Karen’s close. Yes! In Simon St. oppo. Melinda S.’s house in Freshy. Moving in tomorrow arvy. Will ring Karen in morning and get her to meet me at Melinda’s place after lunch. Will tell her everything.

[My memory is actually quite clouded when it comes to the demise of my parents’ marriage – it seemed to take a few years. There must have been a period of indecision on both of their parts – all of which Julia and I were unaware – because I vividly recall being eleven (late ’81?) when there was the  first mention of a permanent split (I wrote an essay about it in Grade 7, which was so emotive my teacher read it aloud to the class). But clearly, according to this diary, we didn’t actually “leave Dad” until I was twelve…]

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