Week Nine – The Family Split

Saturday 26 February

Am making a book about ‘the New Price is Right’ got up to the “(so & so) come on down” with an audience. [‘The New Price is Right’ was a TV game show I was enamoured with] Anyway did that all morning, then went to Freshy Creek with Pellings. Petra & Doug went too. David L. was there. Am sleeping at Petra’s tonight!

Sunday 27 February

Pazz-azed up my cover page in my book but spent most of the day shifting in, is surprisingly nice & comfy! Couldn’t reach Karen to tell her, so I got toni instead.

Monday 28 February

Didn’t sleep well last night. Kept waking up and cause of the full moon, the sky was so light that I kept thinking it was morning. Toni walked me to the bus stop. Met Joanne, Julie, Lyn and Sandra. Talked & I told them about it all as I did to everyone else during the day. [By ‘it’ I think I am referring to my parents’ separation & our resultant weekend move] Did cooking first lesson/time today. Made a salad of cheese, tomato & lettuce with crackers & Punch (orange cordial (rich yuk!) with diced up apple in it)

Tuesday 1 March

Quite boring today. Rebecca broke-up with Natasha. Got (finally) 1 textbook. (the one I wanted mostly) Maths! Fi came this afternoon. Had a drink and a snack, then went walking & talking. Showed her my New Price is Right Book and she (like everyone else thought it was good!) Julia went riding again (on bikes) today. Yesterday she went into Shane’s bedroom. He hasn’t hung up the fancy name I did for him last year. He said he would. [Aspiring entrepreneur in primary school, I did drawings and artsy-farsty name ‘signs’ for a small fee!]

Wednesday 2 March

Today the teacher/student debates started Team 1 (students) was Fran, then Justin then Angela. Team 2 (teachers) was Mr Stephens, Mr Tunley and Mr Wrench. Angela & Mr Wrench didn’t have time so they’re on tomorrow. I was timekeeper and I will be tomorrow ‘Figgles’ came for tea last night. Tried not to notice him. Got new lime green 4-door Centura Corolla! Good but – engine whirry and back doors stiff to open. Got it Mon!

Thursday 3 March

Speech – had heaps of HW! Nothing much in the way of HW for high school. Shane B. sat right next to me, just to see my book. Disappointing! Shane hasn’t paid much attention to me. I ♥ him! Not puppy-love either. I have since Grade 5. And I always will. Am still having trouble in the way of sleep. Am so tired. Before I had growing pains, Hayfever, Suffering from lack of sleep and Twisted Ankle in one go. Had that ankle twisted since Mon.!

the energy drink that helped me sleep…?!

Friday 4 March

Last night was pretty good. Hopped up at 2:00 to have some Ak-tavite to help me sleep. It worked! Tiresome day. At PE John was upset about all the mistakes in square-dancing everyone was making & he said “I want my Lissa back!” to me! Shane S. punched my leg and told me to move as I had it on his seat in the bus. I did, obediently! ‘Figgles’ again came to tea, with his new car. Mum & him went for a drive in the lovely rainstorm (finally!) & took ages to return…

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