Week Eleven, 1983

Saturday 12 March

Went to Lucy’s early. Adrienne M. came over & we played. Am going to sleep at Lucy’s and go to see ‘We of the Never-Never’ accompanied by a pizza. Also mum bought a 2ndhand washing machine

Sunday 13 March

Ended up not staying the night at Lucy’s cause I got sick and came home. AM – Went to look for a d. table [dining room, my guess] not lucky.  PM – Mum went with ‘Figgy’ to his Joshouse while I spent the whole arvy at Karen’s.

Monday 14 March

Boring school (As usual) Went without Toni. Thought she was sick or something but, it turned out she was waiting for her mum as she was going to go to work & said she’d drive toni to the bus stop. Julia is staying at dad’s tonight. We saw him today and I realized how much mum’s been seeing ‘Figgy’. Heaps more times than seeing dad.

Tuesday 15 March

For PE today we started the Aerobic Dancing Unit. Was treadly fun! [oooh! Maybe this is where my fitness passion germinated?!] Forgot to take a long T-shirt, so ran home (from bus-stop) and grabbed my blue & white striped big-shirt. (Found out it had yellow paint dots on it)!!! Later in the day, Quoggie (Grade 9) asked me where I got it! I said it was dad’s. Sound like she liked it! Boring School Day otherwise. Mum went to ring Nin at 6:45 came back at 7:30. Heart attack!

Wednesday 16 March

Thought I would fill in my diary before the disco, can’t waite! I haven’t told you about it yet, have I? Anyway this is just our school social these are the dates that were supposed to be the ‘big night‘ – 2nd then the 4th then the 9th. now 16th! Boring day again. Nothing seemed to go right. When I wore my Big T-shirt yest., I felt it comfy so I  wore my brown & white striped top today. Will report about disco after I get home. Page – 17th Mar.

Thursday 17 March

A Life In Words
This was the hairstyle of Mindy’s we emulated: centre-parted “half-pigtails”, pulling hair back from the face but leaving the bulk of it down.

Last night’s Disco – Was treadly deadly & broiling hot! Today had a double Home Ec. Made scones. Didn’t forget my apron this time. One thing – forgot to put my hair right up. So took out my mindy’s [a hairstyle – see pic – taken from the character Mindy in the TV show “Mork & Mindy” which starred Robin Williams as an alien visiting planet Earth] & roughly tied my hair back. Gave the other band to Karen – she forgot too! Anyhow, I ended up eating 3 of them at school – umah! Then mum & I scoffed some more: – so we gave 4 to dad with 2 left for us! I made 16!


Friday 18 March

PE again! This time in aerobic dancing, we have to get in groups And make up and ‘exercise’ number/show. ‘Figgy’ is taking us to see On Golden Pond and Man From Snowy River. That will be accompanied by Kentucky Fried (not BBQ) chicken before the movies. Boring Day of School  besides everything else. Oh! we did our conflict sketches ours would have to have been the worst! Rebecca blames us. – We couldn’t hear her.

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